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WHY are you reading this?? I just told you not to!

Well, since you're here I might as well let you read the rest. But I warned you, so if you click that "Read More" button it's not my fault of what you may or may not read. And you may or may not know what this post is about.

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A Mornelly Thanksgiving: Part Five

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Bran woke up early that morning. Something important is supposed to happen today. What was it? He tried to remember. It was strange to wake up with such a thought. His first thought in the morning was usually about coffee, but today was different. Something was supposed to happen, and it meant a lot to everyone… Oh bother, why can’t I remember? He slid out of his bed and headed for the kitchen, coffee taking over his thinking. I’ll figure it out later. If there was one thing that had changed drastically since they’d left Asieopia, it was his need of coffee. He loved coffee. He had to have coffee in the morning. Thus, Bran was the official coffee maker of the Mornelly family. He was up every morning before anyone else just so he could get the first cup.

A Mornelly Thanksgiving: Part Four

To read the previous parts, you can click the links below: PART ONE PART TWO PART THREE “Okay, so here are the lists of things I want to make.” Aileen spread the paper out on the table. “Aichear said you would know best as to which ones we can and cannot do. So he told me to let you decide.” Breandan looked over her shoulder to look- then let out a slow whistle. He scratched the back of his head and frowned. “Hmmm, Aileen this could take a while. Are you sure we want to make all of these?” “Well, however much we can make, I guess,” she said wistfully. “I was hoping we could try to make a little bit of each.”

A Mornelly Thanksgiving: Part Three

To read part one and two, click these links: PART ONE PART TWO
Damhán sighed, pulled out ten bucks, and set it on top of the turkey he’d put in the man’s cart. “There, I’m paying him to take that turkey. You happy now?” The little boy nodded, satisfied at last. He looked up at the turkey-thief. “You shouldn’t take things from people, it isn’t nice. At least he’s giving you money to pay for your turkey.” Turkey-thief looked like he was considering calling a mental ward for the child. At last he put on a strained smile, stepped forward, patted the boy on the head and said, “Go and play imaginary friends with your mother, kid. I’m sure she’s looking for you.”

A Mornelly Thanksgiving: Part Two

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There was little opposition (in fact none at all) to the idea of celebrating Thanksgiving, and preparations were underway within minutes. “Oh, I’ll buy the turkey!” Damhán volunteered. “I’ll get the biggest turkey ever! It’s gonna be monstrous!” “Buy being the key word, Damhán,” Bran reminded him. “Don’t you dare swipe a turkey without paying for it.” “I’ll put money in the register this time, sheesh. I forget once and everyone thinks I’m a thief. It’s not like they care, anyways. Even when we do put money in the registers or on the counters to pay for something, they still claim someone stole whatever we bought simply because they can’t see us.” Damhán rolled his eyes. “Stupid people.”
“Stupid or not it’s how it’s done and we will continue to pay for our items.” Aichear crossed his arms.

A Mornelly Thanksgiving: Part One

This week, I was consulting with the Mornellys on if I should write this story down or not. After much tossing back and forth, it was agreed that it was time for you to get to know the Mornellys a bit more- and some of their friends that you may not know. 

NOTE: Red Crisis is postponed this week in observance of Thanksgiving and to make room for this special Thanksgiving story.

So without further ado, our special story of the week!

A Mornelly Thanksgiving as told by the Mornellys to Emily McConnell
“I’ve been thinking,” ten-year-old Aileen Mornelly began. She paused from eating her breakfast, her hazel blue eyes deep in thought. “That’s deadly,” Ciarán mumbled under his breath. He picked at his pancake suspiciously. “Breandan, what did you put in this?” “You’re so mean!” Aileen retorted. She glared at her dark-haired gloomy brother, then turned to her two oldest brothers, Bran and Aichear. “It’s almost Thanksgiving.”
“So it is,” Bran responded, absentmindedly. He continued to read his book, e…

Red Crisis: Chapter Six

Quick note: Sorry I forgot to post this until now! I had a longggg week... ;)

“We can’t kill her. We can’t. Besides, that’ll alert the FBI all over the country.” Lisa stirred. The darkness enveloped her like a blanket. She was tired. Cecelia must have left the TV on. She thought about getting up to turn it off, but she was too exhausted. “Oh, do you have a better idea then, Andrew?” “I don’t want murder on my record. Spying isn’t against the law. Worst comes to worst we’ll get deported back to the motherland. I can live with that. Kidnapping is another matter, they’ll charge us for that. Who cares? Someone in Russia will get us out of it. But murder? Top that with espionage and kidnapping and it’s the frying pan for us!” “Shut up, Slobozhanin!” Lisa didn’t like whatever show was airing right now. It was too creepy. Maybe I should go and turn it off.

Wind Storm

Good morning everyone. I hope you fared better than us last night...

Coin Collection

So a while ago I mentioned I was going to show off my coin collection to you wonderful blog readers.

Today has come to be that day. B-)

So here we go! I will show you the coins I've managed to collect from around the world, courtesy of friends and family! I labeled each country according to what we call it and what they call themselves, but I didn't write it in their original languages and used the English equivalent, because I figured you wouldn't be able to read it. Hope you learn a bit about coins and other countries. :)

AMERICA (United States of America)

American coins, and some random squished coins I have that are American... along with a Olympic archery entrance token, some token to a game place and a quarter with a hole in it. ;) These came from my Mom, Uncle(s) and older brother.

Red Crisis: Chapter Five

“Mr. Dover!” Cecelia gasped. “What are you doing here in the middle of the night?” Mr. Dover scowled at them, the pistol cocked and ready to fire. “Snoops,” he grunted as he removed his wire-brimmed glasses. “It’s by sheer luck we had a meeting tonight, otherwise I wouldn’t have caught you.” He glared at them. “I’m curious as to know how you figured it out.” Cecelia was flabbergasted. Figured out? What had they figured out? They were on the brink of finding proof he was some sort of criminal and he’d shown up.  At eleven o’clock at night for a meeting?  What kind of meeting took place between teachers at this hour? “Uhh, I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” Lisa stammered, voicing out the confusion they both felt.

Veterans Day

Today is a special day. As you all know, today is the day we honor our veterans and say thank you for serving our country and protecting us. There are so many wonderful people out there who have served our country that we don't even know have done so, because they keep it quiet and don't ask for honor.

Well, today I'd like to honor three very special veterans in my family. I know there are several more in my family, including cousins, uncles and the like, but there are three that I felt need special honoring today. I'd like to introduce you to them.

The Great "West Side" Adventure.

Soooo as most of you already know....
I went to visit this really fun girl and her family:

And we had a lot of fun!
To give you on a background on how this all came about, my big brother was heading to the West Side for a wedding, and it occurred to me that if I came along I could go and visit Rebekah Eddy. Rebekah and I have been penpals for a year or so now, so I asked my brother if I could go on the trip with him. He said yes, so I got in contact with the Eddys and asked if I could come visit them.

Red Crisis: Chapter Four

If someone were to tell me I’m really dumb right now for trying this, I’d agree with them, Lisa thought. Because, in all honesty, it is dumb. The girls were sitting at the table, eating dinner with the rest of Cecelia’s family. Aurora, Cecilia’s sister, was talking about her trip down to the beach with some friends. Lisa and Cecilia listened quietly, every once in a while glancing at each other, as if to confirm they were actually going to do what they’d planned that afternoon. “You girls are quiet tonight,” Mr. Crane remarked. Lisa snapped her head up from her train of thought and gave a small smile. “Tired, that’s all. We had a long day today.” “Oh, tell us about it,” Mrs. Crane encouraged. “Well,” Cecilia began, “Lisa and I went riding after school and did some jumping practice. Lisa’s getting the hang of it real well!” Lisa blushed. “Well, not really well, but pretty good for a back-country cowgirl.” “Honest, she did a great job. Then we did some roping practice. That was fun!” “Believe m…

The Most Excellent Food Award!

So guess who got nominated by Lauren Stoner and Blessing Counter to do the awesome (or, as my friend Gerhard likes to say, MOST EXCELLENT!) food award? *Crowd cheers* I did! ;) Hehehe that was conceited of me…

Thank you Blessing and Lauren for the tag, I am really excited to do this! So here are the rules!

The rules:1). Thank the person who nominated you, as well as link to their blog. 2). Answer the 10 questions provided. 3). Come up with 10 more questions that relate to food. 4). Nominate at least 5 people. 5). Let those people know they've been nominated.
I’m going to break the rules because everyone I would have nominated- has been nominated. ;) So I am just going to leave it be and let those who want to answer the questions answer the questions. So here we go! :D

Polyushko Polye: A Song With a History

I promised you all I would let you hear the real Russian song, Polyushko Polye, so here it is! in Crylic it's Полюшкo Поле. Earlier I got a request from one of the readers for the sheet music because she couldn't find it online, so it you would like to find the sheet music you have to write in Russianполюшко поле ноты для пианино, which literally translates as "Field my field (or meadowland) notes to piano". You won't find the sheet music in English, but the notes are the same no matter what language you speak. ;D 

I'd like it to be noted that this song has been around for a long time now (1933) and since then it has gone through several spelling and name changes changes. So here are the lists of known names for this song.

Assignment 7, "Write this Piece!" Entries

I got several wonderful entries for this one, and I must say I’m so pleased with them all! Great job everyone who submitted an entry, I really enjoyed all of them. And I’m so glad all of you enjoyed the song I chose! Originally Polyushko Polie was spelled Polyushko Polye (Russian Cyrillic is Полюшкo Поле, and I would like to say in my proudness I wrote that in Cyrillic myself. B-) Part of the reason I had to explain the song so I could brag about that, hehe… guess who just learned the Russian alphabet? ;D) and actually it was originally a Communist song. Today, though, it is still sung and the words were changed from Red Army to Russian Army. It’s still a beautiful and very sad song. I thought you might all enjoy to know that the title translates from Russian as Field My Field or Meadowland. What surprised me is that without the translation of what the title meant, most of you wrote something with a field in it! I was amazed!

So here are the wonderful entries I received, ordered in how…