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So a while ago I mentioned I was going to show off my coin collection to you wonderful blog readers.

Today has come to be that day. B-)

So here we go! I will show you the coins I've managed to collect from around the world, courtesy of friends and family! I labeled each country according to what we call it and what they call themselves, but I didn't write it in their original languages and used the English equivalent, because I figured you wouldn't be able to read it. Hope you learn a bit about coins and other countries. :)

AMERICA (United States of America)

American coins, and some random squished coins I have that are American... along with a Olympic archery entrance token, some token to a game place and a quarter with a hole in it. ;) These came from my Mom, Uncle(s) and older brother.

CANADA (Canada)

Canada! I have a ton of Canadian coins, seeing how Canada is two hours away from where I live. ;) News for the coin collectors- the Canadians no longer make pennies, so hang onto your pennies because in several years they'll be collectors items. I think these came from accidentally getting Canadian coins as change back at the stores.

MEXICO (Mexico)

Mexico! One of my native countries! ;) I don't remember who gave me these, but I really like them! I think my Mexican uncle gave these to me. :)

BELIZE (Belize)
Belize, a country in the Caribbean. Someone gave this to me but I don't remember who...

NEW ZEALAND (New Zealand)

New Zealand. I met a gal who came into my work and almost paid with this coin. I traded twenty cents with her to get the coin for my collection.

AUSTRALIA (Australia)

Australia! The land of kangaroos, as is evidenced by this coin. My sister was working for someone and found this coin and asked if she could have it, and she gave it to me. <3

EUROPE (Europe)

European euros! For all the European nations that are part of the European Union, which is quite a few. (You can read about that HERE) I think these came from my brothers who went to France when I was little.

NORWAY (Norge)

Norway! This one was given to me by my Scottish Dance teacher when I was seven or so. I don't remember how old. To this day I can't remember if he was from Wales or Norway. I'm going to assume it was Wales, but I don't remember... Don't ask me how he got the Norwegian coin if he was from Wales. ;) Perhaps he was Norwegian, I don't know.

FRANCE (Republique Francaise)

France! Which I understand is a little hard to get. I think I traded some euros for this coin with my sister.

JAPAN (Nihon)

Japan! I got these from my older brother, who while in the Marines was stationed in Japan. He gave these to me for my coin collection on my eighteenth birthday. <3

RUSSIA (Rossiya)
 Russia! I got these from my Marine brother as well. He was stationed in Russia for a time at the port of Vladivostok, Russia. He has some interesting stories to tell from that time. ;) These are some of my favorite coins in my collection- because I can actually read what they say!

INDIA (Bharat Ganarajya)
India! This one was given to me by a friend at church who got it from his sister, who had gone to India on a missions trip.

INDONESIA (Republik Indonesia)
Indonesia! I think this one came from a good friend of my brother's.

HONG KONG (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong! I have no idea where this one came from. Brother? Friend? I don't know. I like it, though. :)

ITALY (Italia)
Italy! *Starts singing very strange song for a friend in Japanese about Italy* ;) This is one came from... I don't know. I think it was my late Grandpa. <3

MALAYSIA (Melesjie)
Malaysia! Another gift from a friend of my brother's.

CUBA (Republica de Cuba
Cuba! I know exactly where this one came from- my Grandpa gave his coin collection to my sister and I the last time I saw him. He knew we liked coins. <3

ALBANIA (Shqipnia)
Albania! This one came from a very good friend's grandparents- my friend went on a mission trip there and her grandparents gave her a coin to give to me.

VIETNAM (Viet Nam)
Vietnam! This came from my Marine brother. I think he may have gotten to visit Vietnam and got this one.

NAZI GERMANY (Nazi Deutschland)
This is going to sound really strange, but the only coins I have from Germany are from WWII. The first one, the big one on the left, I don't think is real. The penny though is from 1938 and is a real Nazi penny, given to me by my Uncle who is also a coin collector. The big coin was given to me by my wonderful friend for my birthday.

Alrighty, so that's my coin collection! You can see it in this box:

Which also is a secret book box to keep my collection safe. B-)

All my coins have a story behind them and I love having things from all over the world, places I've never even set foot in. Coins are so cool and a great way to learn about other countries. :) Hope you enjoyed!

Do you have any foreign coins? If so, where did they come from and how did you get them? I would love to hear your comments below! Thanks for reading/looking!


  1. Wow! You have a lot of coins from a LOT of different places! They all look so cool! :) Which coin is your favourite? I think my favourite coin (next to the Canadian ones of course, duh :P) is the one from Norway. I just love the shape of the Celtic crosses. Sooo cool! :D

    Thanks for sharing, Emily! This was such fun to read and look at!! =)

    1. I love the coin from Norway, too! But the rubles from Russia are my favorite. <3 ;) So glad you enjoyed! Thanks for reading!

  2. Wowwie! Such cool coins!! :D
    We have quite a few coins from different countries too,
    but I don't think we have quite as many as you do. ;)
    I think most of them came from our Grandpa. He went to lots of different places. :)
    One of my favorites is a big coin from New Zealand.
    It has a big pirate-looking ship on it. It's really cool! :)
    I'll have to send you pics of some of our coins, and send you the "list" of all the countries we have. :)
    Thanks for sharing pics of your collection! It's really neat! :D

    1. Yes, send me pictures of your coins! I'd love to see them! My coins came from so many nice people who gave them to me. I love my coins. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

  3. Anonymous11/16/2015

    Wow, you have an impressive collection! I only have three: One from the United Arab Emirates (from a missionary), one from Jamaica (from a neighbor), and one from Thailand (from the same neighbor). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Wow, those are some cool sounding coins, JT! :) Thanks for reading!

  4. How cool! I don't think I have any though...but I really enjoyed this! Thank you!

  5. Very interesting Emily! I think I like the one from Albania best. The ship and dolphin are neat!
    I think I have a French 5 cent piece and I know I have a Canadian dollar (paper). I think foreign coins are neat but I've only collected American ones--all of the state quarters, a Kennedy half dollar, several gold dollars, a couple of buffalo nickles, etc. Just the usual things a dabbling American collects. Oh, and I have a $2 bill, that one is pretty interesting!

    1. I like the Albanian leke, too. It's so cool. I love that one, and I'm so glad my friend brought that to me! Oh, your coin collection sounds great! My older sister collects American coins, too. I know I have a half dollar, and a $2 bill as well, but not sure where... ;) Thanks so much for reading!

  6. Wow!! That's such a cool collection of coins, Emily. :) I have a few old US coins, but my brother has lots more. My favorite of yours is probably the ones from Nazi Germany (no brainer!) and the Vietnamese dong. :)

    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks for reading, Faith! I keep my Nazi penny in a special place because it's so cool. ;) Thanks for commenting!

  7. Wow! You have a lot of cool coins! : )
    I really like the one from Australia.
    Have you been to any of those countries before?

    1. Hi Rebekah A! Welcome to the blog and thanks for commenting! :) I have never actually left the USA before, but I hope to travel someday. I got all those coins from friends and family who gave them to me. Thanks so much for commenting and welcome to the blog!

  8. Emily, I just tagged you for The Bedtime Book Tag--if you want to do it.

    1. I'll check it out! Thanks for tagging me! :)


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