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I like to reflect and think about what happened in the past year. To be honest with you all, it's been one of those really hard, amazing and tough years for me. I got my first horse. I have gone through some health things that were not fun at all. I graduated from Highschool. I had my first E.R. accident and visit. I couldn't find a regular part-time job, but I got to work at a seasonal job with some of the best employees you could ever wish to meet. I've accomplished far more with Bodie than I imagined we could go. I've had some of my worst moments with Bodie this year.
To everything that had a bad side to it, God has also blessed me with the good side. There is always a good side to every bad thing, believe me, there is. I've gone through so much more than what I mention in the above paragraph. I can only marvel at what God's accomplished in my life.

Another thing I like to do is evaluate my goals from the last year and see how I did. This is what I posted Janu…

Assignment 2: Write this Piece!

We're back from popular demand!
Okay, not really. But most of you said you'd like to do another Write This Piece! Where I give you a piece of music to listen to and you write a scene from it. Well, we're ready to start again! :)


1) Listen to the music that I provide in the video box below

2) Write a paragraph or two of what you think is going on in the story. (Please do not make it any longer than a page if you decide to write more than a paragraph)

3) Submit it through the Blogger Contact Form provided on the sidebar of this blog with your name and the title of your clip. Please don't leave it in the comment section, so that every writer has a chance to be creative on their own without being influenced by other's ideas.

4) Entries must be received by Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 to be entered into the contest.

I will go through and read all the entries, then decide which one I think best portrays the music. All entries will be posted on the blog in order of …

Merry Christmas!

Today is the day we look forward to all year, the day that we anticipate through the snow and the drear. For some it's the thought of the presents under the tree, For others its about what God did for you and me.
It's a day that is blessed by generations untold, A day that is full of joys to unfold. Though perhaps it's not the true day of birth, it's the day we've chosen to celebrate with mirth.
Everywhere we go we feel happiness and love, What a blessing we've received from the Great God above. It's the time of year we show others our care, with gifts to say, "Hey, I know you're there."
Throughout the day I hope you remember the reason, That today's God's day, the whole purpose of the season. Enjoy your families, your presents, the day, And don't forget we celebrate because Jesus paid the way.

I am not a poetry writer, but I wanted to do this for everyone. :) Merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have such a blessed and great da…

The Finished Masterpieces...

...not. They aren't exactly masterpieces, but they were so much fun to draw!

Introducing the ponies that were commissioned from you wonderful readers!

Write This Piece: Entries

I got three entries and I must say, I liked them all! But I have to admit my favorite one was Jesseca Dawn's scene. Congratulations, Jesseca, you came in first place!

Seeing how none of these had titles, I titled them for the authors. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I'm posting them all together.
Jesseca Dawn: Into the Dark Cathedral

Officer Gavrill crept through the dark room. This cathedral is so big you'd get lost without trying. he thought to himself. Keeping one hand on the pistol in his belt, he fumbled around for the door handle. Finding it, he slowly opened the door. The creaking seemed, to his ears, louder than a gunshot in the resounding stillness. He jerked the pistol from the holster and quickly entered the adjoining room. Nothing. He relaxed and lowered the firearm. Moving slowly forward, he kept his hand securely against the wall as a guide through the pitch-black room. His footsteps echoed eerily and the floor creaked and groaned a he walked through the old, …

A Couple of Updates...

Thanks everyone for their story submissions. I got some really good ones that I can't wait to share with the rest of you! Also, I will be posting all of the My Little Pony Commissions I drew for the last week. Both of these posts will be coming out either Friday/Saturday(ish). I'm going to be really busy this week, as well as taking some time off from the internet. I have a lot of things to get done. :)

Can't wait to share the great story submissions we got for the Elias soundtrack. They are so good! :D

Take care and see you around on Friday...


Writing Assignment: Write This Piece!

Music is very inspiring. You can listen to something and it may create an image in your mind that you have to draw. If you're a writer like me, music helps you write scenes for your stories.

I really enjoy Movie Soundtrack. Soundtrack is the music that plays in the back of a movie or a TV show. If the music is exceptional, odds are you're not even going to hear it playing while the movie is going on. That means it did it's job- it's so subtle and fits the scene so well you didn't even hear the music!
My favorite soundtracks are done by my favorite composers. I love Heritage of the Wolfby James Horner, from the movie Balto. We've Both Changedcomposed by Patrick Doyle from the movie Brave, is one soundtrack that I get chills from every time I hear. Both of these compositions inspired me to create a scene/story off of them.

Now I thought up a challenge for all my writing blog readers. Most, if not ninety percent of you, are writers. You all like to create storie…

Pony Commissions!

I have been doodling some more again. (Grins sheepishly) Mostly drawing some more My Little Ponies, seeing how that's all I'm really good at. Though as of late I may get back into Kung Fu Panda animals, as well as some more Cossacks and other related art.

Actually, I have a couple of new photos I wanted to share with you that I'm so proud of. I did these over the last three months, but when they were finished I was delighted! I was so happy to see how they turned out. Most of the time my drawings don't even come close to what I imagine, but these came out pretty good.

I am pretty proud of these! Monty Bear I drew a couple days ago. Kovanyy was drawn in August at camp, and was my very first attempt at a dragon. Sky fight was drawn about two or three months ago. The other one, Sound of Wings, was something I whipped up about a month ago. I was so happy with how these came out!

But that wasn't what I was making this post about. As you have probably noticed, the post t…

The Magic Penny Story: Scene Five

To read the first scene from this series of one shots, clickHERE.

To read the scene that accompanies this one, clickHERE.

Okay, I promised you I would give you the rest of this scene. Well, here it is! I hope I'm not boring you with all of these, I know they're really random.

Here's the rest of the one-shot.

"It seems I come as a surprise," Dzherri said. “Not really. I knew if Nicolai was around you must be somewhere nearby.” I replied. Dzherri gave me a sideways glance as he said, “From what I’ve learned this day, it seems that none of us,” he gestured towards everyone, “are actually real.” he turned to me and gave a slight smile. “Except, for you.” “Yes, I’m the writer.” I said uneasily. “And none of us can actually be killed,” he continued, “except, for you.” At this, Jake stood in front of me and glared at Dzherri. “Back off.” “Australian?” Dzherri said, raising an eyebrow. “Ah, I know who you are. You’re Jacob Craig.” “Yes.” Jake said, a little surprised. “And you’re-” …