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Okay, here are some of the pictures from the Thunderstorms we had Friday and Saturday night. It was an awesome sight, there was lightning every two seconds for at least four hours. It was pretty incredible and I was glad I stayed awake for most of it! :)

 Special thanks go to my sister Marie. I ended up picking my favorite fourteen photos out of a hundred and seventy-three pictures. Thanks so much Marie for the awesome photos!
Coming soon: Peach Picking Photos! (If we remember to bring the camera to the orchard! ;D)

Pasture Run!

Today my sister and I took Bodie and Rylee to the pasture to run and graze a bit. One of my neighbors graciously donated his pasture for the use of the horses from the barn I volunteer at, the I Can! Horse Co-op. Seeing how we've had a couple of thunderstorms these last few nights (post to follow sometime this week with pictures from the storms.) we knew the grass would be green and a couple inches higher today. So after church and canning some raspberry and blackberry syrup, we headed down to Bodie's barn, threw on the halters and rode off bareback down to the pasture.
Upon arrival my sister promptly galloped Bodie up the hill, and much to my chagrin he tried to buck her off. He wasn't really being naughty, he was just so excited he wanted to buck. Luckily my sister is a very experienced rider and had no trouble staying on him bareback. She calmly turned him in some circles, cantered him up and down the hill until he calmed down and cantered nicely. I, on the other hand, …

Horsing Around...

So as of late I have been riding Bodie and Rylee six times a week and giving them a rest on Sunday. (Today would be an exception, it's raining and I'm not a fan of riding in the mud. Not the best combination with silly horses.) Both Bodie and Rylee are progressing tremendously in their training, and I'm happy to say that Rylee no longer refuses to go across wet black pavement and Bodie is no longer terrified of wagon wheels. Why these things upset them, I have no idea. But after enough reassuring and desensitizing the boys have really settled down into the groove of things. It's been really nice having my mom and my siblings go riding with me, as now that I have access to two horses all the time someone can ride with me. Don't get me wrong, I like riding by myself sometimes, but for the most part I enjoy having a riding partner. It makes things more interesting and safe. When I go out with my siblings or my mom I always ride Bodie (as he's not ready for anyone …