Wind Storm

Good morning everyone. I hope you fared better than us last night...

The non-canopied chair got knocked over.

 A branch hit our car.
 Our newspaper box is... gone? I have no idea where it is now. I went looking for it this morning and couldn't find it. ;)
 The mailbox is plastered with mud from the storm last night. ;)
 Trashcans knocked over...
 Mud on the cars.
 Our neighbor's fence is down.
 In more places than one.
 Tree came down on our neighbor's house and cars. :( They're okay, by the way. They made it out alright last night. 
 Tree hit our neighbor's fence and trailer. He literally had walked inside when the tree hit the fence.
 Tree fell across the road last night.
 It's a big tree, too. My brother drove his car under it. :P
 We had fun walking underneath it, which was dumb but fun. ;)
 Same tree from a different angle.
 Neighbor's fence was blown over.
 It's hard to see but a giant pine tree snapped in half on that hill.
 Trees down next to the road.
 Alllll over the place.
 Big trees, too!
 They were moved off the road, though, or at least didn't fall across it.
 Tree fell on another neighbor's house.
 Tree fell through the neighbor's lean-to next to the barn and managed to completely miss the barn, praise the Lord! 
 Same tree, different angle.
 Neighbor standing on the tree to show how big it is. It's huge!
 Same tree.
 Here you can see the damage a bit better.
Where it snapped.

So yeah, we had an interesting day yesterday. We lost power from six until four this morning. Thank goodness it wasn't really cold outside. We didn't lose any trees (praise the Lord!) and none of our neighbors were hurt, though there were close calls. (One family was sitting in their living room when the tree came through the roof where they were sitting. They were okay!)

Guess what we're doing this week? ;) A LOT of clean up...


  1. Wow, this is what it looks like here after a tornado comes through. :P
    I'm so glad no one was hurt and that everyone is alright!! Thanks for taking the pictures to share. :)

    1. We got a gust of 77 miles an hour last night. Yeah. It was crazy. We had fun, though, and everyone was safe. ;) We are way too crazy sometimes, we laughed when the power went out and got into the balloons and made helium voices. :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Wow! Glad to hear that no one was hurt! That looked like one massive windstorm!

    1. It was! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Oh man! That's awful! I'm so glad nobody got hurt!
    It was REALLY windy here last night too. But it looks like we barely got any wind compared to ya'll... :O
    Glad you all are safe!

    1. I'm sure you all got a ton of wind as well. We just had steady fifty mile an hour winds for a couple hours last night. It was pretty darn crazy. My brother is a volunteer firefighter and was pretty much on call all last night. It was crazy, but fun. ;) Glad you're safe as well! Did you lose power?

    2. Whoa, 50?! We only got gusts of wind that fast. Not steady wind. Wow! :O
      Nope. Our power only flickered once. And that was it.
      I'm just glad the LORD protected us all! :)

    3. Glad your power didn't go out, and yes, praise the Lord that he protected all of us!

  4. Wow. I'm glad everyones ok.
    It was windy at our place too, but nothing like you guys had.

    1. You're in the Idaho area, right? I heard it was crazy down there as well! Did you get any of the thunderstorms? We literally had wind all day yesterday and through the night, it was so strong and scary. We hid in the basement because our eighty foot pine tree was swinging around, but it didn't come down. Thanks for your comment!

    2. Yes, I live in Idaho. We didn't have any thunderstorms though.
      Some of our relatives live in Washington too. They are also without power.
      Wow, that's scary that your pine tree was swinging around. I'm so glad it didn't come down.

    3. There are still people without power here. It won't be on for another couple of days. I kinda feel guilty our power is back...

  5. Anonymous11/18/2015

    We had a strong wind all day yesterday. I love windy days,.... but maybe not THAT windy.
    Praise God no one got hurt!

    1. Thanks for commenting, R, and we're all glad we didn't get hurt, either. There were two casualties last night in the area due to trees and one injury that I know of, which is sad. Praying for those families. Eighty percent of us in this area are without power tonight, our area in the twenty percent who got the power back on. I'm so glad we did!

  6. I just had time to read this post now. Wow! I agree with Jesseca. It looks like our area when tornadoes come through. That was a strong wind! Very thankful your family was all safe.

  7. We lost power for almost 12 hours, and I've seen a couple big trees down nearby, but none on houses so far, thankfully.

    1. Same here. ;) Glad you are all ok! Praise God for no lost lives!

    2. Thank you all, girls! I knew you Eddys were hit hard as well. How is the power overall in your area? Still a lot of people without power here. The damage is bad, it's the worst power outage in over a 125 years. There have been loss of life in our area. :( Not in my neighborhood, but in our town at least four people died because of the storm. Two because of trees and two because the power made it so their breathing machines didn't work. Praying for those families who were affected. It's in the teens here at night right now so a lot of people are cold. Pray the power comes back on in town!

  8. Crazy! Some of the fastest wind I've ever experienced was 60 mph when my family was camping in a tent in Yellowstone!

    I'm so glad that no one was hurt! God had his angels all over the place pushing up trees! Oh and my Dad is a volunteer firefighter too!

    1. Thanks for commenting and reading! Yes, it was pretty crazy. And for sure God was protecting us. That pine tree... sheesh, it was scary.

  9. Wow! That's a lot of destruction!! :-O So glad everyone is okay! Praise The Lord!! Over here across the country (LOL) we had heavy rain and strong winds yesterday, but nothing THAT bad! Yikes!
    Our creek was up really high and out of the banks when we got home last night. My kayak, which my brother had took down there to float around in the beaver-pond, *sigh* got pulled into the raging waters. It was pushed sideways against the culverts that go under the road and Dad had to pull it out with the truck because the water force was so strong. :-3

    Thanks for posting, Emily! I enjoyed the pictures, but so sorry for all the destruction and downed trees. Glad y'all and all your neighbors are okay! :)

    1. Thanks for commenting, Faith, and we're glad everyone in our neighborhood is safe, too! I went riding today and it was kinda strange to ride under fallen trees across the road... O_o Still don't have the trees off the road in our neighborhood.


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