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That was the word that kept coming to my mind this New Year as I looked to what 2019 holds for me.

Devoted and Dedication.

The words are almost interchangeable. Almost being the keyword. Dedication tends to relate to a task or a job or a goal, which is something I also want to be this year.

But devoted...

Devoted means to walk forward no matter what in a relationship. Devotion takes dedication, but it takes more than that.

It takes faith.

And that's what I truly want this year, to be devoted. Devoted to Christ my Lord and building my ongoing, ever-lasting relationship with him, and devoted to my soon-to-be husband.

2019 holds a lot of change for me, readers, and I am so excited (and also pretty nervous) for all of it.

In 3 1/2 weeks my best friend and I are getting married. It's starting to sink in how close we are as I begin doing laundry this week so I can start moving my things into his tiny house. 

In less than a month, or to be exact, 25 days, I will no longer be Emily McC…

Engagement Photos :)

Not much to say about this post, other than I thought you blog readers might like to see some photos from Lucas and my's engagement photo shoot, done by my wonderful sister Amy. (She's an incredible photographer!)

Enjoy and let me know which one is your favorite picture!


How does one go about writing something of this importance?

How does one announce such a life-changing event?

At first, I thought perhaps I would just post pictures and leave it at that, but as I began to think some more, I realized I couldn't just "leave it at that". I had a story to tell.

And is it a story of encouragement, excitement, and growth in the Lord, let me tell you!

This story begins on a Fall day in October of 2016, the fifth of October, to be exact. Jesseca Wheaton was visiting me from Kansas, and I had taken her to work with me at the Greenbluff orchard I'm so fond of, Hansen's.

We had spent the day preparing for cider making the following Thursday, and we chattered and talked and sorted apples and made labels, we visited with Mr. Hansen and ran the store. A blessed day all and all. I received a text from my friend Rose, who announced her and her boyfriend and her boyfriend's brother were all coming up to get apples.

I didn't realize how much tha…

Reading My Old Journals! (And First Vlog Post)

I am actually doing it.

I am going to read my old journals on video and create my first ever vlog post.

So sit back and enjoy, and let me know what you think as I read my crazy old journals, some dating back to fourteen years ago!

Enjoy, readers, and thanks for being patient through this very longggg vlog entry. (I seriously cut out half an hour's worth of video to shorten it to this length. Emowee is not good at keeping things short.)

Let me know what you think in the comments below, and please, if you decide to do this tag, let me know so I can watch your videos!

The Danish Invasion of the McConnell Home

On July fifth, around eight-thirty in the evening, the McConnell home was invaded by a foreigner of viking origins. A Dane. Or, in other words, Louise came all the way from Denmark to visit me for a week! This blog post is way, way, wayyy overdue, but better late than never, right? I first met Louise on a penpal site about two years ago, and we’ve been good penpals ever since. She taught me so much about Denmark and even did a special on the blog a couple years ago about her country. (See Country Spotlight: Denmark) This spring we were discussing our respective churches and I made the joke she could come visit my church but it might be a long commute. Her response? “Oh, I’d love to visit your church. And you.” “That would be so much fun,”I replied, thinking of it as another “someday” thing of many someday things. “I would love to meet you too! We could go on grand adventures while you are here.” “That would be great!” She then paused, and said, “I’m not busy this summer…” And thus, her trip w…