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Red Crisis: Chapter Three

“Oh, girls!” Cecilia and Lisa turned to see Timothy the janitor jogging towards them. It was Friday afternoon, and they were on their way to the cafeteria for lunch break. “Hi Tim, what’s up?” Cecilia greeted. Tim’s face was red as a beat. He held a pile of envelopes in his right hand. Running his fingers through his hair, he leaned back to stretch. “Oww, I’m too old for this,” he groaned. He straightened and pointed at the mail in his hand. “Sorry to interrupt your break, but I need someone to bring these letters to Mr. Dover. I’d bring them to him myself, but the water pipe in the heater room is leaking and I’m going to have a flood on my hands if I don’t get back right now.”

A Day in the Life of Bowdie Bow Bar

You have probably heard a lot about me from Emily. Well, not everything she says is true about me. I am actually very smart and quite handsome. Did I mention drop-dead good lookin'? Yeah, that's me. And everyone loves me. Believe me, I know. Even when the mares kick and bite me I know that actually means they're fighting over who gets to be with me. I'm just that cool.
The name's Bodie. Bowdie Bow Bar is my full name but you can call me Bodie. And today I'm going to tell you the real story of what my pet, Emily, and I do. Yeah you got that right- Emily is not my owner. We're partners, but the truth is she's my pet and I've trained her to do all kinds of cool things. She comes when I don't come to her, she scratches my tummy in the places I can't reach whenever I show her how to do a trick, she brings me cookies whenever I tell her to, and I even showed her how to clean my stall for me by throwing all my food out. Eventually she gets driven …

Assignment 7: Write this Piece!

Wowy wow wow wow, I can't believe I'm finally ready to host another "Write this Piece!" music assignment. Sorry I haven't done one of these in so long. I think I have a bit of time before NaNoWriMo begins next month to judge one assignment. :)

Alrighty, for you who are familiar with this assignment, just listen to the song and send in your pieces via my email (if you have it) or the blogger contact form. Otherwise, here are the rules for newbies and to refresh everyone's memory:

Red Crisis: Chapter Two

Lisa stared at the steps that lead into the school building. All around her, kids her age streamed from the yellow school buses and into the red brick schoolhouse. The last time she’d been in a group this big was when she’d gone with the a church group to the zoo in Portland. This was just as exciting, perhaps even more so, than that event. Except there was the new development in the teacher problem. Apparently she had a “Mr. Dover” to be worried about. “What should I say to him when he asks what school I’m from?” Lisa asked. “If I tell him I’m the home educated girl, then he’s going to get mad!” “Well…” Cecelia scratched her head. They continued to stare at the front door to the schoolhouse. “How about… oh, I know! Tell him you go to a private school!” “What?” “It’s true!” Cecelia insisted. “You go to a private school. Because you’re home educated, that’s private. And it is school, so therefore--”

A Stickery Situation- Part Two

To read part one, click HERE.

SUMMARY OF LAST POST (for those of you who don't want to read it) ;DI found a porcupine after my boss's dog got into a "disagreement" with it and I had to put the porcupine under a box to be dealt with later. I left work that night sad about the porcupine's fate, only to come in the next morning...

The next morning I was at work at nine, a nice change from the usual seven o'clock start times. I was getting tired of those.

I came down the driveway and greeted my boss, the younger Mr. Hansen, and got a list of the things I was to do that day.

"What happened to the porcupine?" I asked. I was a bit afraid to find out.

My boss got a funny look on his face. He scratched his beard and began to chuckle. "Well, the thing is, I actually haven't been out there to see if he's still there or not," he admitted. "I forgot last night because we had a rush of customers, so I went straight home and left it out there…

The Ushanka: A Winter Gift From the Slavics

Greetings, readers! It's time for our very first Our World post! Hope you enjoy as I give you a little background history and story of a hat that many of you are probably familiar with...

Chances are, you've either worn or have seen an ushanka before.

It sounds like a strange word, but in reality we use lots of ushankas, all over the world. Pronounced "Ooo-shank-ah", most of us who have ever spent time in the cold have worn one.

Red Crisis: Chapter One

May 26, 1967

Lisa sat on the fence, swinging her legs back and forth as she watched her friend canter the flashy brown paint mare around the arena. “A little less rein there, Cecelia!” the instructor called out. “Got it!” Cecelia loosened the reins and used her legs to urge the mare, Topeka, towards a two foot jump. Topeka lengthened her stride, gathered her legs beneath her and leapt into the air. In unison her rider leaned forward and they cleared the jump in perfect form. “Excellent! Wonderful job, Cecelia!” Miss Trudy praised.

A Stickery Situation- Part One

I noticed the barking long before I discovered the source.

My boss and I were chopping fire blight out of the trees in the orchard. We both noticed the dog about the same moment. It had been barking for some time, but neither of us had given it much thought.

Until now. It had started to get annoying.

"Gosh, what on earth is wrong with that dog?" my boss muttered under his breath.

"I have no idea," I replied. "I'm not familiar with it's bark, either."

"I don't know it." He shrugged. "Maybe someone got a new dog. Sure sounds mad, though."

We continued to work, every ten minutes or so commenting on how the dog hadn't stopped barking. By the time forty-five minutes had passed, the dog was still at it and we were done with the tree. My boss send me out into the orchard to go and dump the load of infected branches, then to head back up and get to work on another tree.

Back Again!

So I've been gone from this for a long while...

Hi readers! Let me re-introduce myself- I'm Emily and I haven't blogged here for a while, so in case you forgot me it's nice to meet you all again. ;)

No really, sorry I haven't posted in a month. Life has been... shall we say hard, crazy, stressful but full of small little God things?

My little sister R. is going through some pretty hefty chemo. She's been very sick the last month and has lost all her hair. She is tired of treatment and is pretty grumpy, often taking out her frustration on my parents, who are exhausted from the little sleep they've gotten. So that's been pretty hard. Prayers still appreciated for R. and my parents especially.

On the bright side, I had a wonderful month of work and we are now done with apple season! We made apple sauce with caramel, caramel apples, apple cider, apple cake, celebrated Johnny Appleseed's birthday, picked apples, sold apples, ate apples, gave the goats ba…