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I-6: Legend of the Mornellys- Chapter Two

Chapter Two In which we learn of a mysterious phenomenon

If only life could wind back in time. Back to the days when he’d play all day by the seaside. Back in the past when Papa was still around to watch over the family. Back when he still believed that Breandan was real.

Creative Scribbles of a History Detective

Hallloooo readers! Well, Friday is almost upon us *does a happy dance* and with Friday comes a new chapter of the Mornellys. YAY! :D

But today I want to share something else with you. Today I would like to tell you about a new blog that I think you will enjoy, owned by my very good friend. Together, we do writing, horses, talk history and politics, discuss numerous Biblical prophecies and passages, commit crime together and enjoy the life God's given us.

Please welcome Emily Miller to the blogging world, everyone! *Lots of clapping*
The Creative Scribbles of a History Detective
Emily Miller is a Christian young adult with a love for all things horses, writing and history. Currently studying at college to become a historian, she's well learned in our nation's history and government. You Civil War fans are going to love getting to know her- she knows a ton about the Civil War!

She's also a fabulous writer, with plans to share stories, great writing tips and inspiration fo…

Another Catch-up Post

I have spent the last two weeks getting the Mornellys up and running on the blog, and I am pleased to see you guys are enjoying them! But writing isn't all I have been up to the last couple weeks. Oh no, I've been doing much, much more.

So here's another fun catch-up post on the life of Emily and Bodie! :D WARNING- there are a ton of pictures. I literally have been snapping photos of everything lately for this blog post. :)

I-6: Legend of the Mornellys- Chapter One

I-6: Legend of the Mornellys by Emily McConnell

Chapter One In which we meet a strange family

I-6: The Mornellys- Meet the Characters 2

To read about the oldest Mornelly boys- Aichear, Bran and Breandan- click here: 
I-6: The Mornellys- Meet the Characters

To read the basic summary of the series, click here:
I-6: The Mornellys

Welcome back. You have stuck through thus far and I am pleased to have you return for the next part of these... character spotlights, as our friend Emily calls them. I am confused as to why she refers to them in such a manner, but no matter. I will continue where I left off.

Once more, my name is Aichear Mornelly, in case you didn't read the previous post. I would recommend you read that one first to get more of a background, if you're interested in knowing anything about me at all. I understand if you're not, I prefer to keep most things to myself, anyways.

To continue, let's begin with CiarĂ¡n.

I-6: The Mornellys- Meet The Characters

It had been debated, argued and fought over as to who would be the one to do the post regarding us Mornellys. Our friend, Emily McConnell, insisted it had to be one of us that should do the post, as the stories are about us and she really has no control what happens. In all honesty I do not see why she couldn't do it herself, but I respect the fact that she is the owner of this blog and therefore I respect her wishes. Amongst the siblings, after much lost sleep over the matter, it was elected I would be the one to explain who we are. I was given over twenty reasons as to why I should have to take care of the details, including the fact that yes, I am the oldest. So I am now stuck with the responsibility and plan to fulfill my role dutifully.

"Hijacked!" - The Counter Attack.

12:45 AM
*Crickets chirping*
*Emily is snoring*
A figure stealthily creeps across the room. Pauses as Emily roles over and says something about a pop tart and how her brother is being mean. The shadow creeps forward and stops in front of the laptop. Slowly opening it, he checks to make sure Emily is still asleep. 
She is. Nothing can wake her up. Not even an explosion.
He chuckles to himself. Putting his fingers to the keyboard, he begins to type.

Writer's Gift

Writer's Gift by Emily McConnell

The Foreboding Villain: Sometimes He Doesn't Exist...

We're back! Yay! A/N: (When you realize you refer to yourself like there's multiple versions of you... Scary. ;D)

Ahem, back to the subject.

I took  lot longer to get to this post than I was planning. My job has been a bit more time consuming lately (thinning apples takes  a lot of time) and I have been writing other things. But I'm back now, so let's wrap this series up!

So we've now covered why villains are important, why making a good villain character is important and what villain is best for what type of story. But here's a question that someone raised up and one I was going to address, anyways- what if I don't have a villain?

Red Crisis: The Backstory

Sooo... I know I promised to post a ton on Red Crisis this month... and guess who forgot about editing/posting/working on it?

I kid you not, I actually forgot to work on it. I just remembered today when I picked up Free and was doing some paper editing on it. I realized I hadn't done anything more on Red Crisis. I felt very bad! So, today I am going to give you the backstory of Red Crisis, because I'm on the phone with the medical health insurance people and they take forever to answer and I have a ton of free time on my hands out of the goodness of my heart. I think you may have a bit of fun with the previous little-known-facts about the story.