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All the little X's are the people I've talked to or am friends with currently! There are so many amazing people around the world!

The languages I used above to say that sentence are Svenska (Swedish), Gaeilge (Irish-Gaelic), EspaƱol (Spanish), Norsk (Norwegian) and of course, English. Those are the languages of my ancestors, and a large reason of why I want to know so much more about the outside world.

As a history and geography lover there is little surprise I'm fascinated with cultures and languages from other countries. In this section of the blog I want to share my discoveries and knowledge of other countries with you, as well as fun words I learn in other languages and cool animals that come from other countries! My interest lies in the Eastern and Northern parts of Europe, but from time to time I'll post about things I've learned about other places in the world. From Dala horses in Sweden to Ushankas in Russia, the Protest Pig of Denmark or the tiny country of Monaco, even to the far stretches of Mexico, India, the Middle East and little islands like the Faroes or the Cayman Islands. Some of what I write will be totally based off of my research alone, while other posts will be from personal experiences of people who've traveled there or- even better yet- lived there.
I love our beautiful, big world and I want to explore it someday. Though travelling hasn't been made possible for me yet, why not learn what I can and experience other cultures through books and people I meet?

So come along with me to explore the amazing world we live in and find out what it's like in other countries!
Treasures from around the world!

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  1. Anonymous10/14/2015

    I think I'll enjoy this section. While my geography is (trust me) horrible, I love new cultures.
    R. Franklin

    1. I hope you enjoy, R! I LOVE cultures, too! :D Thanks for commenting!


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