I-6: The Mornellys

Original Character art © 2016 by Ana Mae.

The Mornellys


Emily McConnell

“So yer saying yer immortal?” Sean asked.
Aileen nodded. “You see, it’s hard to explain. Myself, my brothers, all of us- we can’t age. We can’t get older. When we were banished, we lost the gift of aging. We’re stuck here forever, your world, that is. It’s very lonely. You have no idea how lonely we are.”
“Yet kids, ye just said they can see ye,” Sean pointed out. “Ye said that yerself.”

Breandan smiled a little, a sober, pain-filled smile. “Yes, most children can see us. But even children have to grow up someday. Then we become a memory, a fantasy. They remember us like we never existed. To them, we’re nothing but imaginary characters. Even though we were their best friends. Even though we were your best friend, Sean. You forgot us. Everyone forgets us. We’re doomed to live a life of loneliness. We are the ones that were always there for you but you will never remember.”

-Excerpt from I-6: The Mornellys

Summary: Six siblings are banished from their land, Asieopia, into the real world, left to live forever as immortals. Determined to make the best of their exile, thirty-year-old Aichear Mornelly leads his four younger brothers and little sister through every time period imaginable, their mission to help any and every person they possibly can. Throw in Animuns, a horribly twisted fellow immortal, friends from all walks of life and a unusually obnoxious relative from the past, there's adventure at every corner and double the trouble!

Age Range: Any.

Original Character art © 2015 by Ana Mae.
Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Historical (Basically everything. :P So mostly I guess Sci-Fi)

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