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Crazy Curls!

Well, here's what happened when I took the braids out this morning. :)

How to Drive Your Horse Crazy

I'm back!

Actually, I've been back from camping for a while, but I still haven't managed to get a hold of any camping pictures to show you, particularly the ones from the amazing lightning show we got one night. But I will tell you this- our camp trip contained lots of animals, birds, swimming, fish, thunderstorms and randomness. :)

Today I decided I would braid Bodie's mane. And not just any braid, I wanted to do button braids. I thought it would be really fun to do those on Bodie, so I got the brush out and began working.

And working . . .

And working. . .

And working . . .

And working some more. During the process of brushing his mane, making the pony tails and braiding them, Bodie began to get annoyed with me.
"Hang on, I'm almost finished!" I muttered more than once.
He'd then proceed to drag me across the yard while he grazed and tried to escape my flying fingers, which had currently gotten tangled in his mane while he walked away.
It was a long…

From Words to Picture to Reality

I'm currently working on a random story for the How To Train Your Dragon archives on fanfiction. Ordinarily I don't doodle my characters, but I was having so much fun creating Katyenka, a Cossack 'Rider of Kiev', (instead of a Rider of Berk. Ha!) that I had to draw her!

Well, I couldn't just stop there. No way! Now I had to do another picture, this time with Hiccup and Toothless in it. So back to the drawing board I went.

I'm not quite so good at dragons, but I thought I did an okay job for a first timer. :)
Katyenka is a Cossack, a Slavic freedom fighter from a long time ago in Russia/Ukraine. They're actually quite a fascinating group of people, I love studying their culture. As you can see from both pictures, Katyenka is dressed in traditional Cossack outfit. It was so much fun to design! The Cossacks were fantastic riders (did you know they created trick riding? The moves are contributed to them, though they actually borrowed some of them from the Mongol…

This week's winner is. . .

Bethany's Mom!

Due to the fact I'm going camping next week, there will be no "Caption This!" Post until I'm back. Have a safe next couple of days, everyone!

And the Newest Winner Is. . .


Here's this week's Caption This! Photo:


Conviction. It's an odd thing, kind of hit and miss with different people and different families.

For a while now I've been struggling with conviction. Not in a bad way, mind you, more of a "where do I stand when it comes to this" kind of thing. For example: I'm eighteen years old, old enough not to have to tell my parents every time I make a new account online on a different website/forum. This past week I made an account on the How to Train Your Dragon site (yes, I like dragons. I think they're fun and I wanted to play some of the games) and I didn't mention it to my Mom. I had a nightmare that night about it, and I came and told her the next morning that I really didn't feel right not telling her what I was doing online. She appreciated that I was honest with her, but she told me I didn't have to tell her every time I did something or made an account or whatever. It was between me and God. It was my conviction on wither I told her about my diff…