Polyushko Polye: A Song With a History

I promised you all I would let you hear the real Russian song, Polyushko Polye, so here it is! in Crylic it's Полюшкo Поле. Earlier I got a request from one of the readers for the sheet music because she couldn't find it online, so it you would like to find the sheet music you have to write in Russian полюшко поле ноты для пианино, which literally translates as "Field my field (or meadowland) notes to piano". You won't find the sheet music in English, but the notes are the same no matter what language you speak. ;D 

I'd like it to be noted that this song has been around for a long time now (1933) and since then it has gone through several spelling and name changes changes. So here are the lists of known names for this song.

Polyushko Polye

Poliushko Polie

Polyushka Pole

Polyushka Polye

The Cossack Patrol


Calvary of the Steppes

Gone with the Wind

So Wide the Field

Yeah, this song has been changed a ton over the years. It's kinda fun to hear the different versions. My favorite version is done by Origa. It is sooo good. There are a couple different versions where there are only two stanzas, but the Origa version has five stanzas. There's another version of the song that has it in Russian and in English done by Helmut Lotti. That one is good, too. In short, Polyushko Polye is one of those songs that, even though it started out as a Soviet song, has been transformed all over the world into several things. I think personally that it is a good description of what the Bolsheviks thought they were doing in 1917- they truly believed that overthrowing Tsarist Russia and replacing it with Communism would fix the problems. The Origa version makes me think in my mind of a country that believed what they were doing was right only to find they enslaved themselves even more, until the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. Hope you enjoy.

English Lyrics:
Field, my field, my wide field,
The heroes ride over the field,
Hey, the heroes of the Red Army (later translated to Russian army)

The girls are crying,
The girls are sorrowful today,
Their sweethearts went away for a long time,
Hey, their sweethearts went away to the army.

You girls, cast a glance,
cast a glance in our direction,
Wave far down the road,
Ey, the happy road.

We only see
We see a grey mist,
The hate of the enemy behind the forest,
Hey, the enemy's hate, like a mist.

Hey, girls, look,
We are ready to engage the enemy,
Our horses are fleet-footed,
Our tanks are fast-driving.

Hey, while on the collective farms, (later changed to farms I believe)
The work is efficiently progressing,
Today we are watchmen,
Today we are keeping watch.

The English translation of the song really doesn't do it justice. The original is so beautiful. So you'll just have to listen to it. ;) Hope you enjoy!


  1. I think I like it better in Russian... :) Some things you just can't translate.

    1. I know, right? It gives the basic jest of the song but not what the song actually means. It's so pretty... Thanks for commenting!

  2. Wow, that really IS beautiful! I like the Russian better than the English. It sounds more poetical. I also love how the Russian language sounds like it has a lisp. :)

    1. Hahaha, well, Origa kinda sounds that way, the guys who sing this song have a definite manly voice when they do it. ;) Theirs is kinda scary though, so I didn't post that one. ;) I'm glad you enjoyed! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Oooo, the lyrics are pretty. :) I can't listen to it right now, (mainly because I'd wake everyone up...) but I will sometime. :)
    Thanks for posting, Emily!!! ;D

    1. I can't wait until you listen to it, I think you'll REALLY like the song in Russian. It's sooo much prettier in Russian. :) Thanks for commenting!


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