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What It Takes

Hello everyone! So this week I'm going to share with you a story I wrote a year back. This is a true story and everyone in this story is real. I changed all the names for internet protection, but other than that all the events in here really happened and this was a struggle in my life. I hope you learn something from it and I encourage you in some way.


What it Takes By Emily Poof! I hit the ground with a thud and watched in distraught as Rylee ran up the hill bucking. Not again! I groaned, slowly standing up and watching Miss Hattie run towards Rylee and stop him. Mrs. Virginian and Madeline Virginian, as well as the Johnsons, watched with their mouths agape. Marie trotted over on Levi, her face showing concern. "Are you alright?" she asked nonchalantly. I could tell she was trying to keep calm so I wouldn't break out crying. "Fine." I mumbled, walking towards Miss Hattie and Rylee, who were heading in my direction. "Whoa, what happened? Are you okay Emi…

A Reindeer for Christmas

Okay, seeing how I'm having trouble with the pictures I'm posting this as a randomness/horse adventures post so I can see if the pictures will show up now. So enjoy the pictures from last Christmas. :D