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An Extroverted Rant

I have read these posts a lot on other sites, other blogs, etc. I see a lot of pins on pinterest relating to the difference between extroverts and introverts. Surprisingly, I see a lot of the introverted posts complaining about how extroverts don't understand them, how they are insensitive to how introverts work, and so on. But I don't see much on what extroverts deal with. As an extrovert living in an introverted dominated home, I would say that the reverse is often the case as well.

And the Story Is...

Well, the votes are in and the story that came out ahead is...


The Cossack's Fear!

And don't mind Aichear's face, that's his normal expression. He doesn't know how to look nice or happy. As he likes to say, "Forgive me, I suffer from that syndrome where my relaxed state still leaves one with the impression I want to kill them."

At least he's aware of it. ;)

So, now that we have the votes in and I know what story I'm going to be giving you readers, the first post will be coming in...

Country Spotlight: Scotland

Good morning, my dear readers!
Oh, I can just imagine the excitement in the eyes of a few of the followers at seeing the title of this blog post. That’s right, folks, today we are spotlighting the historic land of Scotland, brought to you by a real Scotsman and friend of mine, Lee! Lee has agreed to join us today and talk about Scottish history and culture with us. Are you ready for some good ol’ Celtic traditions? Good, because we’re about to get this interview started! First off, Lee, why don’t you introduce yourself to the readers?

Lee: Hello everyone, it is an honour to be invited to talk about my homeland.  My name is Lee and I was born in a town called Fraserburgh in the North East of Scotland. The youngest of two, I grew up with my grandmother in a small town called Laurencekirk which is 30 miles from both Aberdeen and Dundee. I went to both primary school and academy here and I graduated in 2014.

Mornelly Montage

Well, I promised this weekend I'd give a post out with the three stories you can pick from to read, and a post I have made! Below are the names of the Mornelly adventures you can choose from. Be sure to vote by next Saturday, November 25th, on the pole provided on the side. Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

Ciarán’s Big Boring Not Interesting Whatsoever Babysitting Adventure
Ciarán’s plans for a quiet afternoon are interrupted by a very loud, very irritating and rather perplexing little boy that seems determined to give the pessimistic immortal no end of things to complain over. Things only get worse when it becomes apparent to Ciarán that "Shooting Star" is lost and needs Ciarán's help to find his way home.

The Cossack’s Fear On a rare vacation in the third dimension, the Mornellys visit a town-- only to find all the children are terrified of Aichear. The mystery deepens as Aichear discovers there is someone else stirring up trouble, and Aichear's getting the blame …

Absent and Marked Tardy

Well, as I'm sure you noticed I have been absent from the blog.
A long time.
And while this isn't unusual for me, it was unusual for me to do so without any warning. So I apologize, my dear blog readers, for not taking the time to post anything.