Welcome, dear readers. You have wandered into a web of tales, stories and great peril. And there is no way out! Wahahahahaha!

© 2015 by Rachel Moran.
My name is Dzherri Alexandrovich Kalasky, the instigator of this corner of the blog. This is where we, the characters, hijack the blog to talk about what we want to talk about. None of that dumb stuff Emiliya- erm, Emily, as you know her- decides to write. Here you will find villains and heroes, sidekicks and nameless characters, who have a couple of words of their own to say.

We characters come from all walks of life. I'd prefer it that only I posted in this area, but Nicolai has informed me it would not be possible to keep those irritating protagonists from infiltrating the page. We shall have to do away with them somehow. Then there's the matter of Colonel Warren. I cannot stand that man. Talk about irritating, he is one of those irritating people you want to strangle.

Enter these posts if you dare, or if you don't, I still dare you. You will find that we characters have a great deal to say, and you have a great deal to learn.

Let's see how brave you are.

Images Copyright © 2015 by Melissa McConnell and Rachel Moran.

© 2015 by Melissa McConnell

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