Red Crisis

Red Crisis
The discovery was only the beginning
Emily McConnell

… Diatchenko was at her throat, his hands squeezing every breath she had left. Lisa gasped and tried to jerk herself away, but she was firmly tied to the chair. Dear God, ple- please help me!
“You’re playing a dangerous game with me, girl! You don’t know who you’re up against,” he snarled. She began to choke and cough, but he wasn’t quite through yet. “So you think you’re smart because you know Russian? Fine. But if you value your life then you’ll answer my questions or I will kill you with my bare hands. Am I clear?”
Everything was beginning to get dizzy for her. Diatchenko became two, then three separate figures. The light faded in and out. She could hardly concentrate.
“I said am I clear?
With her last ounce of energy she nodded, and he released his hold. Lisa gasped for breath, her cries for air becoming sobs of fear.
Diatchenko snorted and moved back behind the glaring light once more.
“Well miss Lisa, if you’re so smart, translate this. Tell me, how much do you know about Operation Volga?”

-Excerpt from Red Crisis

Cecelia Crane is thrilled when her longtime pen-pal, Lisa Irving, comes for a visit to Florida. Their well-planned vacation becomes problematic, though, when a uptight teacher is bent on making Lisa a bad example at school because she's home educated. Things get even scarier when a mysterious letter lands in their possession, and the quest to find the truth turns out to be full of lies, plots and a secret spy ring.

Age range: 9-14

Time period: Cold War, 1967

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