Writing Assignment: Write This Piece!

Music is very inspiring. You can listen to something and it may create an image in your mind that you have to draw. If you're a writer like me, music helps you write scenes for your stories.

I really enjoy Movie Soundtrack. Soundtrack is the music that plays in the back of a movie or a TV show. If the music is exceptional, odds are you're not even going to hear it playing while the movie is going on. That means it did it's job- it's so subtle and fits the scene so well you didn't even hear the music!
My favorite soundtracks are done by my favorite composers. I love Heritage of the Wolf by James Horner, from the movie Balto. We've Both Changedcomposed by Patrick Doyle from the movie Brave, is one soundtrack that I get chills from every time I hear. Both of these compositions inspired me to create a scene/story off of them.

Now I thought up a challenge for all my writing blog readers. Most, if not ninety percent of you, are writers. You all like to create stories and think up ideas, so here's my challenge: I want you to write a scene based off of this soundtrack!

Person of Interest Original Soundtrack- Elias

Part of this challenge is I'm not going to tell you what the original composition was for. You have to imagine it yourself and write a paragraph or two about the music. I've decided to include a blog contact form for a bit on the sidebar, so people can send in their scene that way and no one will be influenced by another person's idea. 
Then here's what I will do: in order of which ones I think are best, I will post all of the scenes you writers come up with on the blog. Sound like fun? I hope so!
Listen up then readers! Listen to the soundtrack, write up an idea of what you imagine with this music, and send it to me. I can't wait to see what you come up with!
When all is done and finished, I will write up a scene as well, telling what I imagine when I hear the music. I think we'll find we all have different story ideas, and it all comes from the same song!
If this post is popular enough, we may do this a couple more times. I think it would be fun to see how many different ideas we can get from the same music.
Happy writing! I'm excited to see what you all write!
You have until Tuesday, the sixteenth, to send in your story clip.



  1. Anonymous12/13/2014

    Neat idea!
    I love writing when listening to music!
    With the right story line and piece of music, I will be crying in my room!
    This music is so nice! Some thoughts bounce to mind, including an idea of a story that I had wanted to write anyway!
    God bless!

  2. Anonymous12/13/2014

    hi! i love your idea! i can't wait to submit a story too! but do you think you could draw me a pony? if so, heres what i want it to look like:
    BOY OR GIRL: Girl
    TYPE: Alicorn
    EYE COLOR: Dark dark red.
    MANE COLOR:Black with the dark dark red streaks in it.
    BODY COLOR:Black
    CUTIE MARK: A shining black sword
    SPECIAL ACCESSORY: A dark metal breast plate?
    i would love it if you could do this! thanks so much!

    1. Alrighty! I'll try to get to this soon. I work tomorrow (unfortunately, I don't really like to work on Sundays, but, whatever) so I may not get to it until tomorrow night(ish). We'll see. To whom am I drawing this for? You didn't seem to leave a name. :)
      Thanks for commenting. I look forward to see what you write!

    2. You know, I got started on this later on this evening, and I had to wonder: why do you want this pony so dark? Are you sure you want it to look this way? To me, it seems a bit, well, dark (pardon the pun :D) and kinda scary. It doesn't sound like it's a very friendly pony. Please don't take this the wrong way, but I am wary of drawing things that are spiritually dark. I am very strong on my beliefs that I try to stay away from things like that. If you could explain to me why this pony is supposed to be that way, that would be great. :)

    3. MARr17&Oo12/17/2014

      Hi, sorry i scared you. I kind of just made it up for fun, it is a nice pony ( in answer to your question ). i just thought it could kind of be like a cute warrior pony ;) how bout making its body color purple? is that ok? i'm not offended :) by your beliefs. ^ up there is my name i'll use on this blog. its ok if you don't want to draw the pony.


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