Pony Commissions!

I have been doodling some more again. (Grins sheepishly) Mostly drawing some more My Little Ponies, seeing how that's all I'm really good at. Though as of late I may get back into Kung Fu Panda animals, as well as some more Cossacks and other related art.

Actually, I have a couple of new photos I wanted to share with you that I'm so proud of. I did these over the last three months, but when they were finished I was delighted! I was so happy to see how they turned out. Most of the time my drawings don't even come close to what I imagine, but these came out pretty good.

"Sound of Wings" 
"Sky Fight"


"Monty Bear"
I am pretty proud of these! Monty Bear I drew a couple days ago. Kovanyy was drawn in August at camp, and was my very first attempt at a dragon. Sky fight was drawn about two or three months ago. The other one, Sound of Wings, was something I whipped up about a month ago. I was so happy with how these came out!

But that wasn't what I was making this post about. As you have probably noticed, the post title is called "Pony Commissions", and for good reason. I've decided to do....
*Drum roll* Pause for effect...
My Little Pony Customized Commissions!

Here's how it works: If you would like me to draw a My Little Pony for you, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page. All of the My Little Ponies I draw are free of charge, I will not charge anything to draw them. (After all, it only takes me about twenty-five minutes to draw one of these.) I will give you some samples of my drawings I've done that are My Little Ponies and explain why I'm offering them.
Bomber- a gift for a friend.

Trouble Maker- Original Character art.
Blueberry Muffin- Gift for a friend.
Anna and Elsa- a gift for my sister.

Calamity Pen- my own Original Character. 

M and M- a gift for my niece.
Princess Merida- a gift for a friend.

My Little Pony sample art.

Princess Mia and Trouble Maker- Original Character art.

So why would anyone want a My Little Pony of their own?
Two reasons.
One: it's fun to have a pony that you can claim as your own, deciding what it's name is and who it's based off of. Ponies are just fun little things you can draw and create and base off of your own characters- the only difference is they're ponies, not people!

Two: I just think they're cute and it's fun to draw pictures for other people. :)

So who wants a pony? I'd be happy to draw you one! Also you can tell me what kind of Cutie Mark you want. I'll add in links as examples of what the different type of ponies are in case you're not sure, as well as what a Cutie Mark is. The links I provide are not drawings I made, they're examples of what the different types of ponies/cutie marks look like.
Just specify these things in the form below. You can copy the form in your comments and leave it for me to see. When I finish the drawing I will post it on this blog with the name you used in the comments section. You're free to download it and use it wherever you want!

I hope I get some people wanting me to do drawings for them. If not, that's fine. I just have fun creating these ponies. :)

TYPE: please choose between Pegasi, Unicorn, Earth Pony or Alicorn.
SPECIAL ACCESSORY (OPTIONAL): (hat, coat, bow, etc.)


  1. Anonymous12/08/2014

    Your drawing of Monty Bear was terrific! Am I allowed to share one of your pictures (giving you the artist credit) on Pinterest for a friend? If not, I understand! I'll take two pictures, if that is okay!
    Picture #1
    BOY OR GIRL: Girl
    TYPE: Earth Pony
    EYE COLOR: Deep blue
    MANE COLOR: Dark brown
    BODY COLOR: Orange
    CUTIE MARK: A chocolate bar

    And pony #2
    BOY OR GIRL: Girl
    TYPE: Earth pony
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    MANE COLOR: Black
    BODY COLOR: Purple
    CUTIE MARK: A gun or gun-related object

    I am sooooo excited to see how these turn out! Thank you!!!
    ~ JT

    1. Yes, it's fine with me if you share it with your friend on Pinterest. Just say it was drawn by Calamity Rene, you don't even have to link it back to this blog. I prefer to have this blog be a bit more private. :) I'm on Pinterest, too, actually. I'm Katyenka Zakhar. Who are you on Pinterest? I will follow you! :)

      Thanks for your forms, I'll get started on this as soon as possible! :D What are the names of your ponies I'm drawing for you? :)

    2. Anonymous12/08/2014

      Okay! You can name them if you want, as I am not very good with names. I'm Jordan L, but you will probably be easier to find, so I'll find and follow you! :-)
      Thank you so much! I know my friend will be excited, considering I modeled her pony after her! XD
      Thanks again, and I'm super excited!!!
      ~ JT

    3. Okay, I found you on Pinterest. Wow, you've done a lot of pinning! I just started recently, so I haven't done all that much. :) Mostly played with my Crossovers (which are so much fun.) :D
      Okay, I'll probably get started on these ponies tonight. It should be fun, and I'll just make up random names. I'm excited to do these. :)

    4. Hey JT, your My Little Ponies are done!

      Kimber Pistol and Sweet Candy. :) I posted them on my Pinterest for now, I will post them sometime soon with the rest of the Commissions on my blog. You can get your copy of them now on Pinterest, though. I hope you like them!

    5. P.S. I'm not sure why the body color came out Red. Let me see if I can fix that...

    6. Okay, I tried to fix her but she came out still a little red. Sorry about that!
      Here's the new pin:

      I hope that's okay. If you'd like me to retry her I can. :)

    7. Anonymous12/09/2014

      Thanks! Red is fine! They look great. :-)
      ~ JT

  2. Hi Calamity Rene! Your drawings are great! Would you be able to draw a Pony for my younger sister? She loves My Little Pony, purple, and pink! :)

    BOY OR GIRL: Girl
    TYPE: Alicorn
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    MANE COLOR: Bright Pink
    BODY COLOR: Light Purple
    CUTIE MARK: Butterfly
    Name: Princess Butterfly

    1. Yes, I'd be happy to do a pony for your sister! Be forewarned I've never drawn an Alicorn before, but I think I can pull it off. I will start on these sometime this week. :)
      This will be fun! Does your sister watch the show? My little sister LOVES the show, I think she's watched every episode. :)

    2. Hey Blessing, Princess Butterfly is finished!
      You can get your copy of it here on my Pinterest. I'll post it to the blog with the rest of the finished Commissions sometime soon. Hope your sister likes it!

    3. Oh wow! Thank you so much! My sister loves it!
      Yes, she does watch the show, though probably not every single show...yet. :)

      Would it be okay to post this on my blog?

    4. That would be fine! You can just copy the link from my Pinterest and credit it to Katyenka Zakhar. I prefer only my Christian friends and pen pals (and friends from Andi's blog!) reading my blog and knowing my penname Calamity Rene, but if you want to repost the picture from my Pinterest that's totally fine! :D Glad she likes it!

    5. Thanks! So just say Katyenka Zakhar drew the photo and don't put a link to your blog, right?

    6. Yep, that's right! :D

  3. Wow! Those pictures are amazing! :)


    BOY OR GIRL: Girl

    TYPE: Pegasi.

    EYE COLOR: Blue

    MANE COLOR: Black

    BODY COLOR: Blue

    CUTIE MARK: Two hearts and some sparkles


    1. Ha ha, I happened to be on the computer at the same time as you, Rebekah!
      I will get to work on your Pegasi as soon as possible! :D What's its name? (I guess I forgot to include a name spot on the form) ;)

    2. Your Pegasus is done, Rebekah! You can view it at this link:
      I hope you like it! I had no idea what you wanted to call it, so I left the name space blank. :) I will post it to my blog soon along with the rest of my Commissions. :) For now you can pull it off my Pinterest and use it from there.

  4. Hi Rene!
    Thank you soo much for offering your drawing skills to us for free!
    If its not too late, I would like a pony drawing please :-)
    Boy or girl: girl
    Type: earth pony
    Eye color: a light greenish blue
    Mane color: light brown
    Body color: pastel pink
    Cutie mark: a book
    Name: Paige

    1. No of course it's not too late! I'll get started on Paige tonight probably. :)

    2. http://www.pinterest.com/pin/368802656960451693/

      Paige is done, Audrey! I hope you like her! You can click the link above to see the image. Go ahead and download it off my Pinterest. I will post it with the rest of my Commissions in a future post.
      I hope she's what you wanted. :)

    3. Paige looks awesome! Thank you soo much!!!!
      I was wondering (if you have the time) if you could maybe do two more, one for each of my little sisters? This is what we would like the ponies to look like :-)

      Boy or girl: girl
      Type: earth pony
      Eye color: blue
      Mane color: turquoise
      Body color: purple
      Cutie mark: a sunflower
      Name: purple power

      Boy or girl: girl
      Type: earth pony
      Eye color: turquoise
      Mane color: green
      Body color: blue
      Cutie mark: a violet
      Name: Bluebell

    4. No problem! I may take a little more time to do these, depending on my work schedule (I work on weekends) and we're hosting a party at my home tomorrow. So I'll see if I can get to these tomorrow morning/afternoonish and try to have them done by tomorrow. Glad you liked yours! :D

    5. They're done! :D

      Purple Power: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/4c/64/a8/4c64a8acdc79075561072ad11659c18f.jpg

      Bluebell: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/79/71/82/797182644181bd8399cf0c2bc2c47403.jpg

      I'll be posting these on the blog soon. Hope you like them! :D

    6. They're beautiful! My little sisters will love them!

  5. This is cool!

    BOY OR GIRL: girl
    TYPE: Earth Pony
    EYE COLOR: gray
    MANE COLOR: green
    BODY COLOR: gray
    CUTIE MARK: lollipop
    SPECIAL ACCESSORY: green bow
    Name: lolly

    1. I'll get to work on Lolly as soon as possible! :D

    2. Lolly is done! :D
      To view image, click here: http://media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/a9/73/05/a973052bccd50d88d5c99d2e1bc51f16.jpg
      To see the Pinterest Pin, click here: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/368802656960500782/

      Hope you like her, Faith! :D

    3. Thanks Calamity! I like Lolly!


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