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Image Screenshot from School of Dragons. Viking and Stormcutter are my own, Viking being nmed Rena Eriksson and the Stormcutter is named Gavril. Yeah. I like that dragon too much. XD

Greetings, dear blog readers!
*Hangs head in shame*
As you may have noticed, I have already broken one of my New Year's Goals.
I didn't write a blog post every week. I didn't post last week.
However I feel this was a little justified, and so I'm not going to beat myself up over it. Last week was a bit crazy for me, as is my life in general right now, but I won't go into that at the moment. In short, though I didn't get a blog post up in time last week, I am determined it is nothing that will spot my record on my New Year's Goals and I will just keep trying my best to post once a week.

That said, I know I'm longggg over due with the second post on "An Extroverted Rant", but I didn't feel like I wanted to post that this week. Instead, I have decided on an entirely different, more humorous idea that struck me this week while I was lying in bed overthinking life.
I propose...
*drum roll*
A gif challenge.
Now that may sound really strange, but hear me out. This is sort of my shameless "I want to know how many people are reading my posts" idea but also a fun way I thought I could interact with my blog readers. I am going to give you the opportunity to post any question you'd like to ask me, be it a personal one, a random one about stories, or whatever you want, and I'm going to respond to you with a second blog post.
Except, my response will be in the form of a gif.
Now mind you, I have well over three hundred gifs so I think I can safely say I have a fairly good response for any question you might throw out there. But let's make it interesting: if I don't post a gif you don't think is absolutely perfect in response to your question, than you get to email me a gif! Anyone that knows me from different writing chats is well aware that I am somewhat of a gif addict (aka, Emily has far too many gifs and adores them alllll), so I see this as a great opportunity to get new gifs from all my favorite blog readers. :)
So does the challenge make sense, readers? You post a question in the comments section below, and in a week from now, I will create a blog post (or two, depending on how many questions I receive) with the answers to those questions you asked in gif form. Again, you can ask me any question! I'm looking forward to this challenge. ;)
On other news for the month of January, while I'm thinking about it:

1) Mornellys still needs to be formatted. *Hides head in shame* I have no good excuse for that other than I haven't felt like attempting to format that messy book. When is formatted, I will be putting a post out there for beta readers. Mind you, I can't stand formatting, it is my least favorite thing in the world, so that may take a while. On the upside, though, I have some fun illustrations to show you that are just coming in from my illustrator! I will post those sometime, along with another "The Cossack's Fear" post to continue the Aichear/Yekaterina story. I hope some of you are enjoying that random drabble. :)

2) Did I mention I got a second job? I am currently working at a horse barn as... I'm not sure what my title is, to be honest. I take care of things at the barn while the barn manager gets his two days off. If you come up with a title that fits, let me know, I haven't figured this out yet. This has been taking a lot of my time, (obviously), but I'm enjoying my work there. It's very labor intensive, but I think I'm getting the hang of it. So there's one excuse for why I have been so unfaithful to my blogging, I'm working at a horse boarding stable. And fifty some odd horses is a lot of horses to take care of.

3) I bought plane tickets for the first time ever. *Nods* I'm very grown up. A follow up post in the coming months to tell you where those plane tickets go to...

4) I love ice cream. Just saying.

5) I want to apologize to all the wonderful people who have tagged me in fun blog tags that I have not responded to nor participated with. My life being the way it is, I haven't had time to read many people's blogs and I feel rather unjustified in participating in blog tags when I don't really know who to tag in good conscience. I like to do those if I am participating actively in the blogging community, which I have not been doing. So apologies, perhaps sometime I'll get to those tags.

6) Last but not least, I'm doing that delightful reading challenge someone came up with (I'm not sure who, I just got the invite to join) and have already read one of the books on my list for "A Classic".
I read Pride and Prejudice.
Yep. Emily McConnell, the non-romantic twenty-one-year-old, read a romance novel and liked it. Call me what you wish, but I did really enjoy that book. It helps there was no kissing or mushy gushy romancey whiny stuff. ;) I left it a very nice review on Goodreads, which I rarely do unless I feel in all honesty I can.

Andddd I think that's it for announcements. So readers, what do you think of the gif challenge? Are you ready to participate? I am looking forward to your questions and finding the best gifs I can to respond to you! And if I don't find the right one, send me a gif you think is better! Or if you just want to send me gifs, go ahead and do so. I always appreciate a good gif. ;)
Take care, everyone, and may the Lord bless you this upcoming week! I will be off-grid from Saturday evening until Tuesday evening. Hopefully pictures to follow when I return back to the home base.


  1. YASSSSSSSSSSS! GIF challenge ahoy! >:D

    So what do you think of slow electronics? Do you think they're better than nothing, or would you rather have nothing?

  2. I love the GIF idea!
    I have three questions if that's okay :D
    How do you feel about Mondays?
    How do you feel about Wednesdays?
    How to you feel about Fridays?

  3. Mkay, this is my question: can I have your gif file?

    Assistant manager, or maybe substitute manager? Either way, sounds like a fun job!

  4. I can't wait to hear where you're going! So, for the gif thing (I'm going to use something you said above):

    What is your favorite kind of ice cream?

  5. Very cool! I love gif's and try to find a way to post as many as I can (I have a ton and a half of random gif's). Let's see... what is your reaction to a super annoying fly/mosquito?

  6. Ooo gifs are fun! I didn't realize that one could save them...
    Ah! Pride and Prejudice! Good choice. ;)
    Hmm...I've got two questions for you.
    Favorite type of songs to sing?
    And, what is your reaction to the question "What's your story about?"
    I can't wait to read more "Cossack's Fear"! I really like that one. :D

  7. Ohh! I like gifs! They is fun!
    Umm... I got a question for you.
    What do you think of snakes?

  8. Gifs is fun! I like gifs. :-)
    Let's see...... How about a hard one..........
    What would you do if you were a Russian spy and you found yourself accidentally locked in a room where someone just set up a time bomb that will go off on 10 minutes?

    Or an easier question.... You come across a fawn hiding in the bushes in the woods, what is your response?

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