A Dedicating Celebratory Concerning Event

Originally this post was going to be dedicated to my favorite hen, Twinkie, who passed away in her sleep yesterday.

Then I got my Mornelly book back from my editor with exciting news.

And after that, it became apparent something was seriously wrong on the horizon when I looked out the door and saw smoke billowing up behind the hills where we live.

So this is a three way post, called a "Dedicating Celebratory Concerning Event". It's a dedication to my favorite hen, a celebration of the fact I get to start once more working on the Mornellys, and a concern because, well, there's three fires all around us.

Okay so let's start with Twinkie.

Twinkie was one of my oldest hens. And one of my original three. I got her when I was fourteen years old, so she was six and a half years old. Twinkie was one of those special hens that would follow me everywhere. I took her sledding, I rode on the back of the car with her in my arms, she would sit on my shoulder and talk on command, and sometimes I'd take her for walks with me. Twinkie was quite a special hen, and I'm glad she passed away in her sleep instead of some of the other deaths that have become my hens. She will be missed, but she lived to a good ol' age and she was happy trying to hatch eggs. :)

Second, the Mornellys! Last night, on my rounds to visit all my neighbor friends, I stopped by my neighbor who is my editor. She had the book ready and gave her seal of approval- other than spelling mistakes and a few minor scenes I need to change, overall she told me it was very well done and she didn't see much that needed to be changed! I am thrilled and so happy! Now it's time for me to do some editing. I think taking several months off from Mornellys (both reading and writing) was a good thing. I'm ready to hop back in and get 'er done. Perhaps in a couple weeks I can give you readers another teaser. ;)

And last but by far, not least, we have the complex fire in our area. Three fires broke out yesterday afternoon within two hours or so of each other. They're ranging in size but the one near our home, about two hills over from us, is between 250 to 500 acres. Last night it was 0 percent contained. I haven't found any update on it this morning as of yet. The fires down south of us are between 2,500 acres and 10,000 acres, so the air is smokey and the sky filled with water planes and helicopters. Prayers for everyone who has been evacuated would be appreciated. I know California is going through much of the same thing right now. Fires all around, yuck. This is a big improvement over last year when we were literally fighting a new fire every day in our area, but it's still a bit of a concern to have them so close to home. It's been a long time since I've woken up to smoke in the air. I don't quite want to have to deal with that every day like we did last year. ;)

God bless you, readers, and may you all have a wonderful and enjoyable week! Take care!


  1. Awwww, your hen Twinkie sounded like an amazing pet. My cat doen't even do half the things you mentioned. xD

    Yay! Congrats on your Mornelly book! :D


    FIRE BAD. Prayers going out for your family and your neighbors!

    1. We're doing fine and the fires are doing better, though still going. Ours is out, now. :) Which is good. :) I am glad for sure! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Twinkie sounds amazing! Chickens usually scare me (mostly because my neighbor's chickens were nasty and chased me when I went over there), but I think Twinkie and I would've gotten along well haha. My sister has a cat named Twinkie :)

    Awesome news on the Mornelly book! Praying for you guys concerning the fire. Hope R is doing well too!

    1. Twinkie was a wonderful hen, yes. :) You would have liked her, all of my chickens are nice and don't charge people. ;) The fires are doing better, thanks for praying!

  3. Aw, sorry about your chicken! She sounds like she was a good friend! ;)
    Goody! So glad the Mornelly's book is getting even closer to being published! :D
    Fires sound so scary! I'll be praying for you guys! (and everyone else nearby!)
    Stay safe! <3

    1. Fires are doing so much better, thanks for praying! And thank you for commenting. :)

  4. Aww, that's sad about Twinkie. :'( What a sweet name for a chicken! Yay!! So excited for you and the Mornellys! :D That's so terrible about all the fires...I'll be remembering y'all!

    1. Thank you, Faith! The fires are much better now!


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