Two Hundred Blog Posts and Contest Giveaway!

So uhm I really have no good excuse for not updating other than plain slacking.

That, and I didn't want to do another blog post becaussseeee... *Drum roll* This is the 200th blog post! Wow! 200 blog posts here on the blog, how cool is that? :D Last time, when I hit 100 blog posts, I did a special giveaway to show my appreciation for my bloggers! But I had no idea what to do for such an event this time so I put it off. But now I do! To celebrate 200 blog posts here on The Imaginary World of Emily McConnell, I'm giving away:

Keychains! That's right, dear blog readers, three people will win keychains if they enter the giveaway here on the blog! I will personally make them myself and send them to three lucky winners! So here's how it works:

1. Share this blog post, either on your own blog or on a social media site. This will earn you one entry.

2. Comment how you found this blog. This will earn you one entry.

3. In your comment, mention what you like about this blog or what sort of posts you'd like to see in the future. This will earn you one entry.

4. Do all three of the things above and you get three entries plus ONE MORE if you tell me you did all three. Total points towards the prize if you do all of these things = four entries.

I will then put everyone's names into randomize and tell you who the winners are!

Three winners will receive the following: 

FIRST PLACE: 3 personalized keychains (I will email you designs to choose from)
SECOND PLACE: 2 personalized keychains (I will email you designs to choose from)
THIRD PLACE: 1 personalized keychain (I will email you designs to choose from)

EDIT: and I just realized I know I have some readers in other countries, so because the shipping would kill me this contest is limited to the U.S. Sorry. 😖


Good luck to everyone who enters! I will post the winners on this blog. Please be sure to either include your email address in your comments OR send it to me privately at

Thank you for being such loyal readers! I am so blessed to have all of you in my life, you have encouraged me in so many ways and I praise God for each and every one of you. May the Lord bless you this day and I hope you're excited for the contest!

Here's to 200 blog posts! See you at 300! :D

Oh, and before I sign off, a blurry image I took this morning:
I have put fishies in Bodie's water trough to help with the algae. My first fish, actually. Their names are as followed:

(AKA, the horse trough)

Plecos/Suckerfish (AKA, the council): 

Defense Attorney
Prosecuting Attorney

Goldfish (AKA, the Jury):



We shall see how long they last. I'm expecting them either to a) belly up for no reason because they're fish, b) die because I starved them by accident, or c) Bodie to eat them.

The court better watch the accused, in that case. ;) 

Signing off at 200 posts! God bless all of you and thanks for reading!


  1. AWESOME! Congrats on 200 posts, Emily! :3

    I found your blog after talking to you on NaNoWriMo, exchanging emails, and doing some stalking... And yes, I openly admit to being creepy. :P

    I really liked your blog because 1. I was able to relate to you so well, 2. Every one of your readers are super friendly, and 3. Your posts are super entertaining! A good example is the little excerpt you have below your giveaway announcement. I couldn't help but giggle when I saw that. xD And for future posts, I'd love to see more of your writing challenges. :D

    P.S. I did all three things. :DDD

    1. Thank you Felicity! :D Hahahaha I stalk, too. Just ask my friends. ;)

      And thanks for doing all three! I have your email already, so that helps. Thanks for entering and all your nice comments! ;) You are wonderfee. And yes I spelled it that way on purpose. ;) It's a McConnell word.

      Your entries are accepted! Good luck!

  2. Wow! 200 posts! That's awesome!! I remember back when you had gotten 100 posts ... it doesn't seem like it was that long ago! Wow, time flies!

    I found your blog through through Andi's blog, and I started following it in November of 2013. I really enjoy all the posts you do! The writing challenges, the updates, the STORIES OF COURSE! And the posts you do on different random subjects, such a the one you did a little while ago on fear. I'm not sure if there's any other sort of posts I'd like to see. . .all the ones you do are awesome. :)

    Congrats on 200 posts! Sooo exciting and special! And I'm so thankful I found your blog some (approximately) 175 posts ago. ;)

    1. I know, doesn't it? I think the Mornellys really jacked up my posting. ;) There were so many Mornelly posts.

      Yes, you are one of my first readers, Jesseca! Well, one of my first stalkers. You read for a long time before you commented. ;) Haha.

      Got you down for your entries! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Yay! Congratulation Emily!!! :D

    I found out about your blog from Megs. ;)
    I like your blog because I love to read and you do such great short stories and fun things and I just love it! :D

    So.... now I have done all three things!
    Will send my email in a minute.
    Congrats again on your 200th posting!

    1. Thank you sooo much, Tiffany for the sweet comments and for entering! I got your email and entries, four you got! ;)

      Thanks again!

  4. This is so great!!! I just started my blog and it's hard to imagine doing 200 posts. That's a LOT!

    I found your blog through Jesseca, and even though I forget to look on it often, I love reading it. I especially love the updates.

    I did all three! Oh, my email, rosebudsinjune at gmail dot com

    Thanks! :)

    1. Got your entries, Deborah, and thank you so much for commenting and reading! I am glad you read my blog. :)Four entries recorded for you! :) And your email is also recorded, thank you!

  5. Hey! Congrats! 200! That's great! :D
    Ooo keychains! Fun! I'm gonna enter...
    I'm pretty sure I found your blog through Andi's blog. :)
    I really like all of the posts you do, but my favorites are probably any and all of your Mornelly stories.
    Oh, and one post in particular I'd like to see, would be something along the lines of "My Mornelly Book is Finished! Go HERE to buy it!" ;)

    Ah hah! I like your "fish tank". The names are great!
    Don't eat them Bodie. Trust me. Just don't. ;)

    1. Aww thank you Megs! Hahahaha you and I both. ;) Can't wait until that book is ready...

      Got your entries and yes, you can post about it on the chat box to count as your "sharing". :) So four entries for you! I have your email so we're square on that.

  6. Congratulation's on 200 posts! I'm almost there at 189, but you beat me. ;) I may steal your idea for a giveaway when I reach 200. YOu don't mind, do you?? :)
    I found your blog through Mrs. Marlow and your testimony you had posted on there.
    And, knowing me, you can probably guess what I want more of on here: MORNELLY'S!!!! But you know, anything you post is great. ;)
    I promise I'll share about your giveaway on my blog...because who WOULDN'T want a key chain? ;)
    I love the fish tank. :)

    1. Whoops, I forgot my e-mail...but I think you already have it, so I won't bother giving it to you again. ;)

    2. Of course I don't mind, giveaways are so much fun! :D

      I have your email, yes, and you have four entries to your name. :) Thanks for sharing and commenting and just being awesome in general. :D

    3. You're very welcome. ;)

    4. Oh, and by the way, I tagged you. ;)

    5. I will have to get to this eventually! Looks fun! Thanks for tagging me. :)

  7. Congratulations on 200 posts, Emily!!!! :D *throws confetti* My 100th post went up just this morning. ^_^ Cool keychains!

    I found this blog (well, actually your original blog ;)) through Andi's blog and I've been here ever since. :) What I like about this blog?? Hmm. I enjoy the writing assignments, along with all neat snippets from your life. ;) And I'll be sure to link back to this in my post for tomorrow!! :D
    And like Rebekah ^, I'm pretty sure you have my email. :P

    1. Thanks for commenting and entering, Faith! Yes I have your email so you have four entries, I saw your blog post! Thanks for sharing and the wonderful comments. :) Good information for me to know what to keep up with. ;)

      Thanks again!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 200 posts, Emily!!!! :D So exciting! XD And interesting photo! So just wondering, Bodie doesn't eat the fish, right? ;)

    Your blog was one of the first blogs I ever visited. Actually, I believe it was the second. The first one was Andi's blog, and then I found you through there, and yeah! It's been absolutely amazing, and I love reading about the Mornellys and seeing pictures of Bodie!!!
    And I'll link back to this in my next post :D
    I'm fairly certain you have my email, but if you don't, I'll send it to you :-)

    Congratulations, again! :D

    1. As far as I know Bodie doesn't eat fish. This could change, we shall see. ;) This is Bodie we're talking about, after all. ;)

      Thank you so much for commenting and for sharing how you found the blog! I put you down for four entries and yes, I have your email. :) So we're square on that. Thank you again!

  9. I found your blog because you are my best friend and could not stop talking about it when you first started it! As far as the posting goes, keep up with what you have been doing! I know you have my email, and I did do all three!

    1. Okay processed your entries. And thank you, Emily, for being such a wonderful friend and reader. <3 I'm so blessed you're in my life! <3

  10. Believe it or not, but I actually read this post shortly after you did it. But alas, life hindered me from be able to enter until now. Congratulations on 200 posts! That's quite the accomplishment! I found your blog when I read Susan Marlow's post about you and Bodie. I had currently been struggling with a similar issue and asked to contact you. I don't think I could choose a favorite type of post, but I do really enjoy the hijacked posts! I think you already have my email address...again, congrats and thank you!

    1. Processed your entries! Thank you for entering and reading, I really appreciate it. :)


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