Hello people, do you know me? Let me introduce myself, it is I, Emily, and I have not been blogging. As we all know. ;)

Honestly it's been so busy here. I'm studying for a big Russian test this next Tuesday (yay for Russian class!), work started back up, I've been very busy in the garden and taking care of fruit trees, helping take care of my little sister and trying (ahem) trying to write. I have been so tired lately I just haven't felt like blogging.

Hence the title, Mweh. Pretty much how I've felt. Don't want to spend a lot of time writing up a big long post.

So I have decided to post a couple pictures I took the last couple weeks. Not much to say about them. Just mweh. ;) Hope you enjoy. Sorry for inactivity. Maybe when I finish Russian next week I'll have some more time on my hands. :D

God bless and hope you're all doing well!

When sister decides to illustrate character profiles on the board in the kitchen. Guess who is who? ;) 

Robin nests. Been finding a lot of these in the Christmas trees at work. 
This is literally the only riding I've been doing. Laying on Bodie and taking naps. I have literally no energy for anything else. It's been a long month already.

What my board of "things to do" looks like. To those I have not replied to your messages- it's on the list I just literally. can't. do. it. all. right now. ;) I'm not whining, I'm just tired. ;) :D 
May you have a wonderful and blessed week this upcoming week and enjoy the sunshine! I hope to blog a bit more later, I have a couple blog posts in mind but... again, there's not much time in life right now. :) God bless!


  1. I totally understand not having time to blog!This time of year has been crazy busy for us as well. Funny thing, I don't remember it ever being particularly busy before, but it has been this year!
    Okay, for the picture .. Aichear is the one in the left-hand corner, Breandan is directly below him, in the middle of the board Cirran is on top, and Aileen is right below him, and n the right side Damhan is on the top, and Bran on the bottom ... I think! :P How did I do?
    The robin's eggs are so pretty! And I love the picture of you and Bodie. ;)
    And you have a to-do list! I need to start writing mine out ... I'm getting overwhelmed and I can't seem to keep the things I need to do straight like I normally can. ;P
    I'll be looking to the posts, whenever you get time. :) I hope all is going well with your sister!
    Oh, and it's so awesome that you are taking Russian classes!!! Sooo happy for you!! :D

    1. Fantastic you got them all right! ;) Hehehehe! :D

      Thanks for the nice comments, I appreciate it, Jesseca. :) I kinda feel like I'm catching my breath this week, which is nice. I think after tomorrow's test I'll feel much more relaxed. :)

      Yes, write down your list of things to do! I recommend it! I forgot so many things otherwise. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Best wishes for your test! :) Looking forward to more posts. Birds nest – how lovely! We have birds in a gourd on our porch. :)

    By the way, I got an email notification for this!! :D Yays!

    1. SOOO glad the emails are working again, thanks for the heads up! I think the test will go well, we shall see. It's not much of a test per say as more of a verbal communications test, where we'll spend most of the lesson speaking in Russian. So that will be interesting. I read Russian fairly well but speaking... not so much. ;) I have a stammering problem in my own language, so yeah my Russian accent isn't that great. ;)

      Thanks for commenting! I appreciate it!

  3. Hehe, hi again, Emily! Missed you! :D But yes, I sooo understand the not-being-able-to- blog feeling. Life is busy ;)

    Hope your test goes well! And the robin eggs looks soooo pretty! I love that kind of blue :D

    Oh. my. goodness. We have the EXACT same whiteboard!!! Same blue border, same magnets, same brand you have a small clear plastic thingy that holds the marker on the top?

    1. Thanks sooo much for commenting, Blessing! We shall see how I do tomorrow, I think I'll do alright! ;)

      Yes, it does have the plastic thingy on the top! How funny, we both have it. ;) Did you get yours at Walmart?

      Again, thanks for commenting! I appreciate it!

  4. Oh, I hope you feel more energetic soon Emily!
    I enjoyed the pictures. :)
    I think Aichear is the top left, then going clockwise from there is *giggle snort* Damhan (very interesting picture... ;), then Bran, Ciaran, Aileen, then Breandan. I think. Was I close?
    I don't mind waiting for your replies. Take all the time you need. Really. :)
    I'll be watching for your posts! :D

    1. You are right, Megs! Great job! Bwahahaha yes, this is my illustrating sister who made this. I was trying to explain how I wanted a character profile picture for each character for when I get a website and for the front pages of the book, and so she was teasing me and drawing those on the board. ;) I had to take a picture.

      Thanks for being so understanding and for commenting, I really appreciate it!


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