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Sarah from A Well Cultivated Mind has MADE me do the villain tag! *Gasps* She may be a villain herself! ;) Just kidding, thank you so much, Sarah! I was really excited to get this tag!

Alrighty here are the rules.
  1. Post the button.
  2. Thank the blogger who tagged you.
  3. List your top ten favorite villains (they can be from movies or books).
  4. Tag ten other bloggers.
Well I think everyone got this tag already, soooo I won't probably do the last instruction. In fact I have flooded Rose French and Emily Miller's inboxes lately with tags, so I will refrain from tagging them again. ;) They're actually my friends in real life, so I have more of a chance being killed by them than anyone else I am to bother with tags. That's part of the reason I am being wise in not doing so. ;)

Alrighty, let's get started with these tags! I’m going to do it in order of ten to one, one being my favorite villain and ten being my tenth favorite. ;) So here we go!

10. Shere-Khan
Shere-Khan, The Jungle Book, 1967.
Shere-Khan, The Jungle Book, 2016.

Okay, honestly, who doesn’t love this tiger? I grew up on Jungle Book and I went last week to see the new one. Goodness I LOVE this tiger’s character, conniving and a tease all at the same time. When I was little I used to imagine he was coming after me, and I was basically the girl who lived in the jungle. Shere-Khan has my respect as one of the best childhood villains of all time. :)

Colonel Vogel, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,
9. Colonel Ernst Vogel
Ah, Colonel Ernst Vogel. Sort of an obscure character in the third Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I remember I noticed him though because he was just, well, so evil. He represented the Nazis in that movie. For sure played the part well. My favorite scene was when he slapped Indy’s father with his gloves, that evil grin on his face. That and when he and Indy fought on the tank. He was ruthless, unfeeling and driven to win. He didn’t have much of a character other than that but I liked his villainy.
8. Emil Korsch
The main bad guy in the first three books of The Secret of the Rose series. AUGHH Emil was sooo scary! He terrified me and made me so angry and he was so unfeeling and, and, evil! I was soo upset with this one scene where he has this family executed. I hated him passionately, but at the same time was intrigued with his character. Interestingly enough he starts off as a Nazi but in the third book we find him in the KGB headquarters of Moscow, one of the top agents there. It’s quite fascinating. He has a German sounding name but he’s actually Russian, which just added to his character. A bit of a coward when you think about it but sooooo evilly conniving and smart. He was very scary.
Matthew Keller, White Collar, 2012.

7. Matthew Keller
Next I have Matthew Keller on my list, a bad boy, bad attitude gangster sort of type from the TV show White Collar. (Heads up, when I watched White Collar the first 3 seasons were fairly clean, but they got really, really bad later on. :( So I don’t recommend it.) Keller had some of the best lines and comments, one of my favorites being in response to another man:
Mozzie: “Is there anyone in this room you haven’t tried to kill?”
Keller: “You. Yet.” *Keller sits back and eyes Mozzie.* “I don’t know, Mozz, I’m starting to think about it.”
What got me about his character was the fact you keep thinking perhaps Keller could change, that he could become good, because he keeps leaving little comments here and there that give you the idea he’s thinking about following in the footsteps of his friend-turned-enemy Neal, who is now helping the FBI. But every time he has a chance, he fools you and pulls off another stunt. He finally dies at the end of the series after trying to kill an FBI agent in a hostage situation.

6. Andrassy Galanov
Andrassy! My favorite, favorite character in The Secret of the Rose series. He’s another one of those obscure characters no one can figure out why I like. He’s introduced in the second book as a young KGB agent with a smart mouth and a smarter mind. He’s clever, funny, and even a tad kind in his young and inexperienced age. As the stories progress, Andrassy becomes more and more aggressive, trying to find angles that will get him in the good graces of his uncle so he can get to be a higher KGB agent. By the time the fourth book rolls around, Andrassy is one of the most important KGB agents in the system and has turned from a semi-innocent young man to a ruthless persecutor of Christians. What really drew me in about Andrassy was the fact we got to watch him in his sort of innocence make bad choices and grow harder and harder. It made me so sad but I really,  really liked him anyways. It turned out I was right to like him in a later scene, when he gets a chance to prove himself. B-) Andrassy is definitely one of my favorites!
Walter Donovan, Indiana Jones and the
Last Crusade, 1989.
5. Walter Donovan
Ah Donovan. Donovan who inspired so much of my own stories. He was my first villain I wrote a story with (excluding Captain Hook). Donovan is another one of those fascinating characters to me. He comes off really kind and nice in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, then you find out it’s all a facade. He doesn’t care about a living soul except himself, but even when he’s about to have someone killed he resorts to sounding like he's a kind, well mannered gentleman. He’s cool headed and calm, but what gets you is his obsession over the holy grail. It doesn’t make sense for the rest of his personality, it comes out as somewhat of a surprise. I have always loved how Donovan can smile at someone and then shoot them in cold blood without batting an eye. It's completely unexpected and a shock to all, he just doesn’t look like the guy who could get his hands dirty but he does. Augghhh Donovan holds a lot of fond memories for me, simply because I wrote so many stories with him as the main bad guy. To this day I salute him for inspiring my sister’s and my character, General Kurt Warren. Without Donovan we’d never have Warren.
Nicolae Carpathia, Left Behind, 2000.
4. Nicolae Carpathia
Okay, so perhaps I shouldn’t have Nicolae on this list, but seriously I think Nicolae is hilarious. That sounds really bad considering he’s the Antichrist in Left Behind, but he’s soo funny! He’s witty, smart, and sarcastic. One of my favorite scenes in the Left Behind books was when he takes a lie detector test and literally tells the truth about how he’s the antichrist and is out to destroy the world and everyone's like, “Oh, I guess the lie detector's broken. It’s not working right.”
It was really funny in my eyes, I don’t know why. Nicolae of course makes one of the best bad guys ever because, well, he represents Satan. He comes off as a kind and caring man who is horribly twisted and has a totally different agenda. Though he doesn’t start out as the antichrist he becomes him later on when Satan indwells him. It’s pretty scary and creepy but oh, I have a lot of respect for the authors with how intriguing they made Nicolae. Plus I love a sarcastic character. They make me laugh. ;)
Stone Alexander, The Omega Code,
3. Stone Alexander
This is bad, but I can’t help it. Stone Alexander is the main bad guy from The Omega Code, and surprise, he’s actually the antichrist in that movie. Yes I have two antichrists on my list of favorite villains.
Stone Alexander is one of those characters that is the epitome of a mastermind villain. He seems thoughtful in some scenes, even hesitant, but has such an explosive personality with a commanding presence you can’t help but shudder when he enters a scene. He is powerful, forceful, and he doesn’t take no for an answer. Not until halfway through the movie does he get indwelled by Satan, and then all havoc breaks loose. He becomes this terrifyingly sarcastic, evil and witty satanic character who just messes with everyone’s minds throughout the rest of the movie. I was so terrified of his character the first time I saw The Omega Code that, I have to admit, I kinda had nightmares about the movie. Since then Stone Alexander has and always will be on my top favorite villains list because he was one of the most powerful bad guys I have ever seen. Truly, he brings chills down your spine when he comes into the plot.
2. Lord Shen
Lord Shen, Kung Fu Panda 2, 2011.
This might surprise you, but Lord Shen from Kung Fu Panda 2 is my second favorite villain. Why? Shen is awesome, that’s why!
From the time I saw Shen I knew I wanted a bad guy just like him. Shen comes off as this uber prideful peacock with no regard for anyone, but he comes sooo close to repenting. You see the hurt in his eyes, the true fear, and yet he blows through it and continues on his path of destruction. I loved his dialogue, his sarcastic remarks, his witty tongue and lightning-quick moves. He was sooo interesting, so intriguing! I used him as my basis for my Russian ambassador character, Dzherri Alexandrovich Kalasky. Shen possesses this frightful personality that is really just a cover for the internal turmoil he’s suffering from, the guilt and shame he carries because he failed his parents and yet all he ever wanted was to break away from them. In a lot of ways he reminds me of the new Star War’s Kylo Ren, he has a lot of the same background story. Shen gets second place because he holds a special place on my list for inspiring my favorite bad guy I’ve ever written. I salute the creators of Shen!
Colonel Dovchenko, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom
of the Crystal Skull, 2008.
1. Colonel Antonin Dovchenko
Yes, you’re reading this right. Colonel Anton Dovchenko from Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull gets first place on my list. Why this obscure character that only the nerdiest of people know about? Simple.
Colonel Dovchenko inspired my Colonel Vlasenko.
Dovchenko is this special operatives from Soviet Russia with a deadpan face and looks like he’s an ox, he’s so big. He looks to be six foot seven or eight. The guy had to only have had three lines in the movie and perhaps ten in the book, but there was something about him that caught my attention. For starters he rarely speaks, he watches everything around him and follows orders without question. Second, when he got angry he was angry. He chased after Indy relentlessly, never saying a word, the look in his eyes pure fire while he tried to kill everyone’s favorite archaeologist. The few lines he did have in the movie seemed to suggest he had a hidden sense of humor and perhaps a bit of a flustered demeanor. He got irritated with Indy and Indy’s fiance, Marion, when they got into an argument and told them to please “shut up!”
So why do I like him so much? To me, Dovchenko was an undeveloped character that had a lot of potential. He inspired me to work the hardest I could to flush out his whole personality, resulting in my own character Colonel Vladimir Vladimirovich Vlasenko, the main antagonist in Cynthia Worley’s story, Free. (Which, alas, is still not published but I hope to eventually present it to a publisher. Time will tell.) My Vlasenko is right up there with Dzherri in my opinion, he’s incredibly complicated and almost reminds me of Aichear Mornelly. Both characters possess an expressionless demeanor and both are incredibly hard to read, you never know what they’re thinking. The difference of course is Aichear is a good guy and Vlasenko is a bad guy, but Vlasenko has a lot more depth to him than you realize until the end of the story.
Overall, Dovchenko holds my utmost respect as an unsung villain. I discovered him in my own Indiana Jones game when I unlocked his character by accident. I was surprised to see this serious Lego (I'm serious, this is how I discovered him) with kinda a funny demeanor who glared at everyone and carried a chain. When I saw the fourth movie I watched him closely, and was just really drawn in by his character. I wish they had developed him more, but am glad they didn't because that's how I got my Colonel Vlasenko. ;)
So those are my favorite villians, folks! I hope you enjoyed. Again they're rather random and not very well known, but I tend to gravitate towards unnoticed characters so I can swipe them up and make up new ones based off of the old ones! Side characters are my favorite characters, because they have so much potential. ;)

If you want to do this tag and didn't get tagged, I welcome you to do it and tag yourself! I hope you enjoyed this post! God bless and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Anonymous4/29/2016


    So relatable- as always. ^.^ This post ever so slightly rememinded me of myself when I become obsessed with trying to figure out the psychology behind people's decisions and how they became that way. :P

    1. Feli why does that not surprise me? ;) You and your psychology. I bet you're a Criminal Minds fan, aren't you? ;) Glad you enjoyed and found you could relate! Thanks for reading!

    2. Anonymous5/02/2016


      Yasssss, I love my psychology! And I think I've seen Criminal Minds once or twice, but I haven't really followed the show at all. So now I need to check it out. XD And it has been my pleasure reading! :D

    3. I do NOT recommend Criminal Minds- it's creepy. I do not like it at all. I just figured you watched it since you like psychology. :)

  2. Ah yes! Villains are cool... B-)
    Well, I'd like to say "yes, I like those villains too"!
    But... *whispers* I only know Shere-Khan and Nicolae... O.o ;)
    That was fun to read anyway though! :D

  3. Oh, scratch that...I now know FOUR of your favorite villains! Colonel Vogel, and Mr. Donovan. And I agree. They are really "good" villains.
    (Is there such a thing? Yes, I do believe there is...) ;)
    In case you were wondering, I watched Indiana Jones for the first time tonight. ;)

    1. YAY! FINALLY! YOU SAW INDIANA JONES! :D I LOVE Indiana Jones, he's been my favorite action hero since I was seven or so. Ah, Indy, so many fond memories. ;) I used to pretend he was my uncle.

      So now you know FOUR of my favorite villains! Yay! Granted most of my favorite villains are a bit obscure and unknown, I have a weird taste in bad guys. ;) So I didn't expect many people to know them. But now you know Vogel and Donovan and OH! Donovan is so creepy. ;)

      Glad you enjoyed and thanks for reading and commenting!

    2. I LOVED Indiana! :D
      He was actually super funny. I never realized that. I laughed so much at all his funny one-liners! (I think that's what they're called...)
      Yes, you do have an interesting taste. But not a bad one! I agree with you on the four I know, at least. ;D
      Yes. Donovan IS creepy! But kind of cool at the same time...Know what I mean?

    3. Isn't he? I LOVE Indy. Oh he has and probably always will be one of my favorites, ever ever! :D Yes, Donovan. Aughhh Donovan. B-) So epic-scary-awesome-baddy. He's great. ;) Glad you agree!

  4. Ahh, I know four of these villains! Nicolae Carpathia is my all time favorite villain. (Which sounds so bad because he is the anti-christ.) He just played the part sooo well! I always really like him in the first movie, and then when I start the 2nd movie, which is my favorite, he starts getting more and more evil. And than that part at the end after the Rabbi announced Jesus Christ as the Messiah, where Nicolae says "mine is the kingdom, power and glory", then I always shiver and see him as the villain. But goodness, he is just so good in a really bad, evil sort of way! And the lie detector part! I wanted to shake the people around him, but his attitude about it really was so funny! I want Nicolae to become a good guy so very bad! I'm still sad it will never happen. :'(
    Anyway, I loved the post! (In case you couldn't tell;)) Villains can be so interesting!

    1. BWAHAHAHAHA, yes, you are my fellow Nicolae villain fan. ;) I remember how we discussed this. DANG he's sooo creepy. Just... augh! So creepy. I know I wished he could become too, which is weird considering he's the anti-Christ but HE COULD HAVE before he got indwelled. So sad. ;)

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Can't wait for yours! :D Thanks for commenting! Who were the other three villains you knew? ;)

    2. I know. He's just an amazing villain! Have you ever read the tree prequel books to the Left-Behind (adult) series?

      The others I knew were Emil Korsch, Andrassy Galanov, and Colonel Ernst Vogel. ;)

    3. Oh, Emily, I tagged you for the 'Favorite Things" tag on my writing blog. :)

    4. I never did read the three prequels, I was afraid to. :P Oh, another tag, eh? I shall check it out!

  5. Kaitlyn K.4/30/2016

    I only know one. But I haven't seen the Jungle Book in years! I would have to say the snake (I can't remember his name) would have to be a villain as well... I got a nightmare from him once! Ugh, the Jungle Book creeped me out! And that includes Shere-Khan. ;) I should go watch that again...

    1. Oh yes, Ca the snake. Who doesn't remember Ca? I liked Ca a lot. ;) Weird thing is he's a girl in the new one... not sure why but whatever. ;) Anyways, so glad you enjoyed, Kaitlyn! Thanks for commenting!

  6. Hey Emily! Nice villains. :)

    I want to subscribe to your blog, but I can't seem to find the spot to put my email in. Where can I find this elusive subscribe box?

    1. It is now no longer elusive, 'cause it fixed itself! Yay! ;) You can subscribe now. ;)

    2. And thanks for reading my blog. :)

  7. The only villains for this post I know are the ones from the Indian Jones movies. B-) And yes, they're all...horrid! ;)

    1. Hahahaha! My fellow Indiana Jones enthusiast! I always was excited when we talked about it. ;) Thanks for reading and commenting!


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