If Countries Texted Each Other

Image provided by Morguefile. By the way don't text while
you drive! ;) Bad example of that, hehe. ;) 
I'm a huge fan of personified country comics/stories. They make me laugh every time, the idea of our countries as people communicating with each other makes reading the news headlines so much funnier. I mean look at this headline:

Russia's Deadly T-90 Tanks vs. America's TOW Missile: Who Wins?

Now imagine this as personified (meaning a country represented by one person) Russia vs personified America. It makes it a lot funnier, doesn't it? ;) Not that we should do this with all news articles, but it does bring a little more of a lighthearted feel to otherwise depressing headlines.

Unfortunately most (if not all) of the personified country comics I've read have a lot of dirty ones mixed in between, which is too bad. So I don't recommend them. But it got me thinking that someone should create something that is clean and funny about personified countries. It came to me the other day while I was texting a friend- what if countries texted each other? Of course I had to go and find a meme site to generate some texts, and these were the results. ;)

Russian Jokes.

Ikea vs Legos.

Why England Hates US.

Eleven Wars and Why.

Finnish politics.
Yes, yes, very random but the fun part is most of these have actual merit. (With the exception of the Russia joke one, that one was told by my sister yesterday and I had to include it!) It's really true- Finns were pretty mad when their Prime Minister did a fist bump with one of his colleagues after closing a deal, the kingdoms of Sweden and Denmark fought eleven wars against each other over the course of several hundred years, Legos really did come from Denmark and Ikea is from Sweden, and the England-America soccer debate was a real debate I read online, but I improvised it. ;)

So what do you think? Did you enjoy these? Would you like to read more of these random history/political/cultural texts in the future? Do you have suggestions? I'd love to read what you have to say in the comments! Hope you enjoyed and God Bless!


  1. Oh, I loved these! They made me smile. The last one with America and Finland was my favorite!It's sadly so true. They thing about the debates, I mean. ;P
    And I'd love to see more posts with these!! :D

    1. Yes, precisely why I stopped watching those. I read the highlights. It's better than hearing it. ;) Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh I liked these!! Really funny Emily!!
    My favorite was the was the soccer...er...ah....football joke. ;)
    Which is weird because I don't even like soccer!!
    More of these would be great! :D

    1. Oh that's funny! Hehehehe, I loved reading that argument and had to turn it into a text. ;) Glad you enjoyed and thanks for reading!

  3. Hahaha! Loved those! Please do more! ;D
    Hmm...Maybe need some on the Cold War...got any ideas? B-)

    1. I am knowing many Cold War jokes that will make good story, da! ;) If it's the Cold War you want to hear about, then So-vi-et. (Oh gosh that is sooo corny.) ;)
      Glad you enjoyed and thanks for commenting!

    2. Bwahaha! Soviet... XD

  4. I enjoyed these. I wouldn't mind seeing more *ehem* to say the least.

    1. Your jokes are much better than mine.

    2. Oh I am glad! :) Yes, there shall be more jokes/puns/political thingies later. I'm glad you enjoyed, it makes me happy when people find my random sense of humor, funny. ;)

      Thanks for reading!

  5. Oh goodness, those are hilarious. XD I'd some of them come through my Pinterest feed. B-)

    How did I get so far behind with all your post? For some reason I haven't gotten email notifications since prior to Easter. :-(

    1. Augghhh that stupid feedburner is probably not working again. I may just save all the emails from it and then reset it and email all the subscribers. Sorry it's not working again. I'll see what I can do.

      Hahaha yes you have seen many of my random thingies on Pinterest. ;) I love stuff like this. Glad you enjoyed!


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