July/August: Part Two

Alrighty, here's the next part of my picture post. Glad you enjoyed the last one. I take tons and tons of pictures, but I never seem to post them until the last second. Which is why I have soooo many of them... oh well, hope you enjoy!

 The giant "Hansen" apple at my work. We hung this up early in June, I just never got around to taking a picture of it. :)

 One of my projects this summer- painting the apples, writing the type of apples we have and then gluing the words and apples to the door. It was fun!
 Hike with my Mom and our friend A. On our favorite Mountain!
 The view from the top of the mountains.
 A is on the summit! That's the top right there. :)
 The seal for the summit, sealed in 1937. 
 Little Mr. Chipmunk.
 A and myself. I love my Washington shirt. 
 A and my Mom! We all had fun.
 Let's play hide and seek. What do you see in the woods?
 The C.C. Cabin, aka, "The Old School House", as dubbed by our family. This cabin and these steps were built in the 1930s.

 Another trail ride with Bodie. We jumped that log straight up ahead!
 Where's the creature in this image? And what is it? ;)
 Our very first peach picking from our own orchard at home! It was a moment to celebrate! 
 Alexandr, my stray kitty I tamed, disappears every summer and I don't see him for months until winter. This year he arrived early and showed up. He slept on our porch for two weeks.
 Alexandr, with his ornery face.
 The wrong end of the horse to be riding... ;) It's fun to do reverse ride.
 Alexandr sleeping on the porch.

 "Please let me in!"
 The infamous Hansen spider! The Hansens at my work make this every year for the customers. This year I made it for them. I was proud of my work. ;)
 My little gator, which I drive all the time at work. Technically it's not mine but I get to drive it a lot and it's a blast. B-)
Driving the gator 'round the farm. I love doing this. ;)

Well, that's it for the pictures I've taken for July and August. I hope you enjoyed. Lots of fun adventures, even amidst all the hard things in life. There are always good things in your life, you just gotta find them.

Next picture post will be about the fires. Thanks for looking!


  1. Aww, Alexandr is sooo cute! :D
    PEACHES, nom nom...I'm hungry for some now. Good thing we have some in the kitchen...even though they aren't ripe I don't really care at this point - I'll be right back..*grabs peach* Okay, I'm back now. XD
    Ahhh! That is an awesome spider!

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Crunchy peaches, Lydia. Gross. ;) Hehe, glad you enjoyed the pictures! Peaches are AMAZING. At my work we just finished up peach season. The peaches were awesome this year. :)

      Wait, what spider? The real one or the fake one? ;) Thanks for commenting!

  2. If ever you come up this way, I'll have to take you on a hike up one of our mountains. Not one of the big ones of course. ;P Thanks for showing us those pictures! It was fun to see them! :D

    1. That's right, your mountains are more... real. ;) I know that, but I love my little mountain here on my side of the state. It may be small, but it's heart is large! Metaphorically speaking, of course. :)
      Thanks for commenting and I'm glad you enjoyed!

  3. Oh, that mountain looks like so much fun! And that is one DARLING cabin! Do you know who lives in there?

    1. It is! We have a couple mountains around here that are fun to explore. :) The cabin belongs to the state park, it was built by the CCC in the 1930s as a government project. Anyone can go in there and make a fire, though fires are banned this year because of, obviously, fires. :) Thanks for commenting!

  4. Love the pictures!! And your kitty is adorable. :)
    Ooo, peaches! Good thing I just had some peach cobbler. Otherwise, I'd be hungry. ;)
    Oh! I love the view from your mountain. It's amazing! :D

    1. Thanks Megs! Alexandr appreciates your approval. ;)
      Thanks for commenting! Glad you enjoyed. :)

  5. Seeing the peaches makes me want to be in WA/OR again. We had the BEST peaches when we were there!! Sadly, KS doesn't specialize in peaches and right now wheat doesn't sound like a very good snack. . .;)
    I LOVE the picture posts!! I think the mountains climbing ones were my favorite, or maybe the gator one. :)

    1. Are you sure they were the best peaches ever, Jesseca? ;) Because I'm pretty sure the best peaches ever come from my backyard. ;) Hehe I'm joking.
      Glad you enjoyed! Our mountains are beautiful here, we love them. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Oh, I love the 'apple tree'! :) What a great idea. Looks like a fun hike! If you're reading this, A, I love your bag. ;) A doe in the trees! How pretty...*sigh* I think I'm seeing the creature (in the 13th picture) ...but I'm not sure what it is. Isn't it wonderful to eat fruit from your own family's trees? We've picked apples and grapes this year, but the crows got the cherries. :( Sweet kitty-cat. I Love the 'Hansen spider'. Is that black piping for it's legs? Aren't gators the best!! We have a Polaris ranger, which is pretty much the same thing except it has a roof. We drive it around here ALL the time! ;-) Love it.
    Sorry for the run-on comment. LOL :) Love these picture posts, Emily!

    1. No worries, I like long comments!
      The creature in the thirteenth picture is a giant spider. :) So if you saw a spider you were right. And yes, it is black piping for the "fake" spider. ;)

      Thanks for commenting! Glad you enjoyed.


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