July/August: Part One

It's time for another big long picture catch up post! I'm going to do three separate posts on this: two for what's been going on since July and the other is a post about the fires in Washington. (I have a picture of every single fire I've seen this Summer... and there's been a lot of them.) So to get started, let's go through July!

Found some wild California poppies on a trail ride. Next time my Californian friends visit me we're going to pick these and get away with it! >B-) It's illegal to pick this flower in California.
 On a trail ride in early July. The wheat's not quite ready yet, and the sky wasn't filled with smoke.
 A special little kitty who spent the day with us when he lost his Mommy. We named him Phoenix. He's back with his mother now. <3
 How 'bout some Norwegian water, huh? This water came all the way from Norway! My boss bought it for me at work to try. Guess what? It tastes like water. ;) But it made me imagine being a viking in the land of my ancestors. (I'm Swedish/Norwegian/Irish/Mexican most likely, so I just tell people I'm an Irish Mexican Viking. ;D)
 Juneau, the cat at my work, chillin' with my hat on. Yeah, I stuck it on him. ;)
 Fourth of July a very dear friend of mine, Emily Miller, took me to downtown to celebrate the Fourth. We rode the carousel together and I rode the same horse I have ridden ever since I was little. I named it Lightning years ago. :)
 Look at that beautiful girl! Emily Miller on her horse. We "rode" together. ;) It was a blast! We felt like little kids again!
 I got the ring into the hole when I whirled by on the carousel! I was so excited.
 Lightning again. Beautiful horse, eh?
 Bodie, during a ferrier appointment, was staring at me really weird so I had to snap a picture. This is his "I don't want to be here rescue me and give me treats hey is that a butterfly" face. ;)
 A funny sign in town when a friend and I went thrift store shopping. We laughed. :)
 Some red-eared sliders at the pet store my friend and I visited. In Swedish, "a turtle" is "En sk√∂ldpadda" and is pronounced "En Fweyd-pa-da." :)
 A fun race my dear friend T.M, whom I've known for years, went to with me. She's at college now and this is what we decided to do before she left. The winner of the race gets to take home the "Cherry picker's trot" outhouse! ;)
 T.M. And I about to start in the race!
 Let's go, everyone!
 Almost finished with the race. Half a mile to go!
 Bodie, after I sprayed him with the hose. This is what he does every time I spray him. ;)
 Also, I have discovered Bodie's been eating the willow tree next to his pen. He can't reach the branches anymore, he's eaten everything he can reach.
 Num, num!
 Turkeys in my neighborhood! Three hens and all their babies. There were twenty-three turkeys in all.
 On another trail ride with Bodie. The sunset was beautiful that night.
 Bodie doing a "war horse" pose. Actually all those "clouds" is actually smoke. It was a big fire not too far away.
 Bodie decided to ditch the epic poses and eat instead.
 Silhouetted Bodie!
 Anyone recognize what this design is? ;) This is what happens when Mom and Dad go out to dinner- we get to play with our food.
 Shadows on the prairie.

 We went on a ride out to a nearby boarding stable and... discovered a mini-Bodie! This little foal looks just like him! Mini-Bodie loves Big Bodie. :)
 Mini-Bodie's mommy doesn't like Bodie, so she took him away. Bodie watched in interest, and was sad to see Mini-Bodie go.
 Deer in the wheat field. Actually, you can't see it, but in this picture there's a tiny little fawn running around in the wheat looking like a miniature monster. It was hilarious. The wheat was higher then him so you can't see him.
Bodie and I on our way home. I got off and walked ahead, and took this picture of Bodie following me. He's such a good boy. <3

Well, that's it for July! As you can see it was very busy and quite fun. Lots and lots of adventures. :) Later: August, then the fire post. Hope you enjoyed! I love spending time in God's creation and feel so blessed by the great adventures, no matter how small, God sends my way. No matter what happens in your life you have good and exciting things you encounter every day- you just have to find them. :)


  1. I enjoyed the post, Emily. :)

    1. Thanks, Rebekah! Oh, and by the way, congrats on your website! I just saw it and I thought it was really great. :)

  2. I love these picture posts! :D They are so much fun!! My favorite picture was "War Horse" Bodie. I saw that before I read the caption and I was like, 'Wait, that's War Horse'! ;) It's an amazing picture!!:D

    1. Hahahahahahaha Bodie LOVES to pose as "the war horse." All. The. Time. He's super dramatic in pictures and he does like to pose for them. :) I have sooo many pictures of him doing that. Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading!

  3. Amazing pictures! I cracked up at the Pacman dinner :D and the Taco sign hahaha. I agree with Jesseca, the "War Horse" Bodie was pretty cool!

    1. YOU GOT THE REFERENCE! :D I was wondering if anyone would get that reference. :) I love the war horse photo, too. Thanks for commenting!

    2. Hahaha gotta love Pacman!!

  4. Love the pictures!
    Aww, Mini Bodie is so cute!
    And I also agree with Jesseca. Bodie's "War Horse" pose was terrific. ;)
    Haha, Tacos! ...now I'm hungry... ;)

    1. Isn't Mini Bodie so adorable? *Squeals* I could hug the livin' daylights out of Mini Bodie. I want to take him home with me... <3 Everyone seems to be a fan of the War Horse picture. :) Bodie loves being dramatic. Thanks for commenting!

  5. Always love pictures! :) Oh, and just so you know, I always chose a black horse when I ride the carousal and I always name it Lightning. B-)

    1. Haha, that's right, we both have black horses named Lightning. :) Well, if you ever decide to pop over to my side of the state I'll be sure we go down there and ride Lightning. ;) Sound fair? Thanks for commenting!

    2. I'd love to do that! ;)

  6. Awesome post!
    AHAHA, Pacman! ;D
    My aunt and uncle have this giant field behind their house, and whenever I visit them I always see at least one deer. This year I saw a mom and her baby. It was cute. :3

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Yay! Another person who gets the pacman joke. ;) I love deer so much, I think they're adorable. Never mind I see them almost every night, I still really like them and like to see how close I can get to them. :) Fawns are so cute...
      Thanks for commenting!


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