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I believe these are Amur Cossacks, but close enough, right?
(Tatyana, Ruslan, Dimitri and one of the other men
are Don Cossacks, the rest are Kubans, Zaporozhians,
and Volodya is a Danube Cossack)
I've been using free images from the web lately that
are labeled for reuse. Finally found some Cossack photos!
Ahem, a little announcement for my regular readers of Fourteen Cossacks:
This month I'm going to do a little exposure to a different project I'd like to shed some light on and tell you about. So no Fourteen Cossacks this month. Plus I need to work on a couple of catch-up scenes for it, but we shall return soon!

Okay, back to the main body of the post...

Well my dear readers, it is time. Time to tell you what some of you are wondering and have asked me- "What's next, now that Free was not accepted?"

I told you all that I learned really a lot from the conference. One person that really inspired me and encouraged me was Mindy Peltier ( I highly recommend her site, a really neat lady) an author that attended the conference and taught a workshop. She encouraged all of us who came to her class to start blogging and writing under our real names. Hence the switch on my blog from my pen name to my real name.

The second thing that I learned is something I'm putting into practice right now. I've been working on two projects the last month, and I'm ready to tell you about them. At the conference, all writers were encouraged to self-publish some of their works and have them available for the public.

You guessed it- I'm beginning the self publishing journey.

No, Free is not a book I'm ready to give to you all yet. I have far too much editing to do in that book before I release it. I'm hoping to get a publisher to accept that manuscript, but if God pushes me in the direction of self-publishing, I'll do it with that one, too. No, the two books I'm planning on self-publishing in the next six to twelve months are ones none of you have heard about. I'm going to do a separate spotlight month on each of those books to get you familiar with them, as well as give you some excerpts and samples. The short version- both are Cold War era books. The longer version is coming up in other posts.

So that's my catch-up for you today! Fourteen Cossacks is taking another month break for the time being as I familiarize you with the first project and get your opinion on it. Also, I'm going to be needing some help finding a couple pictures of some of the characters. I've got a lot of artwork picked out- but some of the characters have no "real" photos. So I'm going to need some help with that.

I hope you're excited to see what I've been working on. I know I'm excited to show you! One of the books is done and is in the editing process. The other is in the writing process and I don't expect to release it until sometime early next year.

Come back later for more bits and pieces...


  1. I'll miss the Fourteen Cossacks", but I'm so excited to see what you'll post! Both of the books sound like they will be wonderful (Just saying they are "books on the cold war" makes them amazing. . .they are so hard to find! :)
    So excited for you!!!

    1. I'm so glad you're excited. The Cold War is one of my FAVORITE topics EVER to read and write about. So fascinating! But you're right. I've never read a kids Cold War book. It's weird. I wish there were some. Books in that era are usually about hippies. I want to know about KGB (pronounced "Kay Guh Buh" in Russian) and Communists and missiles and bad guys and all that good stuff! :D
      Thanks for commenting! Fourteen Cossacks will be back next month.

  2. I'll be back! Can't wait to see what you'll post next! :D

    1. Glad you're excited. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Anonymous5/02/2015

    Great.Excited to see what your books will be like.

  4. Emily, will you be entering the writing challenge on my blog?

    1. I hope to! No promises, though. I'm working on it in my mind right now. :)


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