A Day in the Life of a... Something

So I was going to do a post a couple weeks ago on what I'd been up to... and I accidentally deleted all my photos. I was so upset! So I've been taking pictures like crazy the last couple weeks to do a fun "My Life" kind of post.

Guess what? Those pictures I deleted? I found them all. So now I have soo many pictures that I don't know what to do with them all! I'm glad I found them, though. :)

So today, I'm going to give you the rundown of what it's like to be... well, me. That sounds really conceited, but I mean it more in the terms of what my life is like and what I do. I hope you enjoy! More villainy posts coming up later!

1) I go on trail rides with my sister and our horses. That's her horse on the side of the photo. I'm obviously on Bodie. We're riding up a large hill not far from our house.

2) I stare at books at the library and wonder why they're unorganized. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania do not belong next to Switzerland, and who on earth put Greece there? In my head, I'm imagining all the countries as people, running around Europe and getting out of line. Then I grab all the books on Eastern Europe in this section. (Meaning about five of the books pictured above. Guess which ones... ;D)

 3) At the thrift store, I discover a stock of Left Behind books and am disturbed that they, too, are out of order. So I do the store a favor and organize all the books. This takes about fifteen minutes and a lot of shelf moving around, until I manage to put all the books that don't belong in the series on the bottom shelf and the Left Behind books on top. I was so proud of my work that I snapped a photo. Yeah. I may be a bit OCD...

 4) I am selling tickets to a fundraiser when I come across this Mamma Killdeer. Knowing she's upset because I'm near here nest, I go exploring around this property to find it.

5) Wholla! I find the nest! Four beautiful speckled eggs. I was very proud of myself for finding it. (Oh, and I know the people who own the place and knew they wouldn't mind if I poked around their farm in search of the eggs. I wasn't trespassing or anything. ;D)

6) I take random pictures of Bodie's eyes while he's freaking out because Mia (my sister's horse) is gone. He gets really big eyes when he's upset.

7) Finished up a grooming job on this large Belgian draft horse, named Jim. I was very proud of my work- it took a lonnngggg time to get this horse cleaned. This was at that ranch I did a little work for. (I'm not currently working there anymore, it was a short gimmick. But I do have a job... more on that in a minute.)

8) I stop to take a photo of the menacing-looking yak at the ranch I was on. He was free to roam wherever he wanted- I'm glad he didn't want to come after me. I wasn't sure what to do if he did!

9) Annoying Bodie- a thing I do a lot. I just like to play around with him and do crazy things. As you can see, he is used to me sticking things on his head. I thought it would be funny to put the coffee can on, like a top hat.

10) My new job! I'm working at a u-pick farm all summer, doing weeding, picking, etc. Basically, a lot of random things. My favorite job thus far though is working register. (Yes, I'm working register and helping people with the things they buy.) I LOVE this sign next to the register. It makes me laugh ever time. :)

11) The register area. Basically, my little corner at work. I love how cute it is. <3

12) My new friend at work- Bill. He lives behind the farm I'm working on. He's so adorable and very sweet.

13) What I do when I can't ride Bodie- braid his mane and tail. He whacked his head this past week so I can't ride him (he has a headache) and decided it was time to do a makeover!

14) The braided mane.

15) What happens when I take the braids out.

16) CRAZY CURLS! I laugh every-time I do this. Bodie looks like Shirley Temple as a horse.
17) Bodie looking handsome in his new halter. My sister bought this for me for my birthday. I LOVE it! He's so dashing in it.

 18) Bodie looking very regal and Quarter Horse like in this photo.

19) The halter is personalized! Isn't it so sweet?

20) Getting ready for work and I pull out the orange juice, to find this in-scripted on the side. Translation- don't drink my sister's orange juice, it's hers and she'll poison whoever does. See the drawings for more details. ;)

So this is what the last three weeks of my life have been like. Life is full of adventure- you just have to look for it! :D

What are some of the fun and interesting things you do in your life? Have you ever paid attention to the little and exciting things God gives you everyday? What has God blessed you with in the last week?
I can't wait to hear your thoughts!


  1. I love the orange juice! (I like orange juice for smoothies, but not a whole lot on its own).
    Bodie's curls are cute!
    I actually just started a blog called "A Million Blessings" (its on Blogger, not Weebly-much easier!). It is based around the many blessings that we ignore (and trying to help myself and others see these blessings).
    Keep having fun being you! (And I love organizing my book series correctly; even if there are fifty books between one and another, I will organize them numerically-until they get disorganized again.)
    One note-I think that bird was probably pretty annoyed at you!
    God bless ya!

    1. I took a look at your blog, and I'm excited about it! Thanks for commenting! Yeah, the bird was annoyed. ;) I just wanted to find her nest.

  2. I was at the library today and was thinking exactly the same thing! I wanted to put them in order so bad!! But thankfully I didn't. . .I don;t think the librarian would have appreciated it to much! :D And I do the same thing at thrift stores as well. :) Especially when there is a whole series that is out of order!
    I loved seeing all the pictures! The one of the orange juice made me laugh; it's something I'd do if I thought my siblings would pay any attention to it!

    1. You and I are sooo much alike, Jesseca. It's hilarious. I laughed so hard when I saw the orange juice label. My sister was still in bed (I worked early that morning) and didn't get a chance to ask her about it until later. She said she didn't want anyone to touch it. ;)
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Yay!! The Left Behind books :)
      Jesseca: I started the Remnant now!!

    3. I see we have another Left Behind fan here. Yay! :D I love those books. Did you see the new movie yet?

    4. Nope I haven't seen any of the movies! I've read the whole kid series and am on chapter 6 in The Remnant.

    5. The movies aren't as good as the books (Though the new one is pretty good). I've never read the kids series. I hear they're scarier than the adult ones in some parts. :)

    6. Not sure if you'll be looking back this far....BUT YES THEY ARE MORE SCARIER AND INTENSE, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I still like them more :). They are so interesting. :D

    7. Oh, now I have to read them... :)

  3. Maybe you should get a job as a librarian! (Actually, I've considered volunteering or getting hired for that job some summer since I like organization and books... :P) Thanks so much for giving us a peek into your crazy, hectic, everyday life! I love seeing these little snippets. It's so much fun to read about what you've been up to lately! :D

    1. My Mom said I should! I want to, but it's hard to get into. I'm happy working on a farm right now, perhaps this winter I'll apply for a job at the library. :) I think you'd be good at it! You'd love it, I'm sure! :D
      Thanks for commenting! Always happy to hear from you. :)

  4. Love the pictures! :D
    Aww, I really like Mr. Yak. He's adorable! (Don't know why, but I have a weak spot for cows. I love 'em.) :)
    Ah, I've got OCD too... :P (sometimes its annoying... ;)
    One of the things I really like to do is to volunteer at Fort Vancouver. It's really fun!
    Yesterday I helped there, and they were teaching axe throwing! (apparently I stink at that...couldn't stick the axe head in the target once...) :P
    I love Bodie's new halter! (tell him for me that he looks very handsome in it! with it and his curls and all. ;)
    I hope to get my horse Goldy a halter like that sometime... :)
    I'll be watching for your next posts!
    Have a wonderful Sunday Emily! :D

    1. I thought the yak was cute, too, but I have no idea if I should be afraid of him or not. ;)
      Glad you enjoyed the pictures! You and I sound so much alike in so many areas. Axe throwing! I love axe throwing! I learned last summer how to do that. The more you practice the better you'll get, I promise. :) Did you enjoy learning that?
      Oh, you can buy those halters on Chick's Saddlery for a great price. I highly recommend them. :)

      Hope you had a great Sunday as well! Thanks for commenting!

    2. Good point...hopefully he doesn't have a temper. ;)
      I like axe throwing too, just not when there's a whole bunch of guys who are pretty good at it are watching... :P I'll have to find myself and axe are start practicing I guess! :)
      Yeah, I did enjoy learning it. I actually learned how to do it last summer, (had a good teacher!) and I got pretty good too. I hit the target quite a bit! I guess I should have kept up the practice though, before I tired it in front of people.... ;) :P
      Thanks! I'll go check them out right now, and see what they have! :D
      Excited for whatever your next post will be! :)

  5. It's crazy how much you and I seem to be alike! Thanks for posting this, I really enjoyed it!

    1. Oh and I found it humerous that your title is A Day in the Life of a Writer and nowhere do you have anything about your writing or blogging time! Hahaha!

    2. Well, I had no other title idea, other than "A Day in the life of... Emily." But I thought that sounded weird. Besides, I did have stuff about writing- I pointed it out about the books I organized. That counts. ;)

    3. Okay, now I'm annoyed. I couldn't keep it out of my head, so now I went and changed the header. ;)

  6. Hi, I like your Bowdie's curls! I have a russian warmblood horse named Ellie.


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