100 Blog Posts!

No way no way no wayyyyy! Today is a momentous occasion! It will be declared a holiday from this day forth! (Not really) Today is the day that this blog has hit...

100 Blog Posts!

To think this blog was started two years ago on June 19, 2013, after dreaming for an entire year of writing a blog is hard to imagine. (Click HERE for the very first blog post!) During the last two years I've learned a lot about blogging, I've made lots and lots of new internet friends, and I've gotten to share all the ups and downs of my life with you.

But this wasn't on my own. God has blessed my writing so much the last couple of years. He's blessed this blog, as well. He's blessed me with you, my dear readers, who have encouraged me to no end. Without you I would have gotten discouraged from lack of readers and never have continued this. You readers helped me so much, and I can't thank you enough!

I think it's only fitting to celebrate my 100th blog post with a special giveaway. After much searching, debating, and trying to figure out what I should give away, I concluded my search with a very special book.

Today, I'm giving away...

*Pause for effect*

Secret of the Rose: The Eleventh Hour!

DESCRIPTION: Prussia 1937: Baron Von Dortmann cares for his family with the same passion and devotion with which he tends his roses in his beloved spring garden. His daughter, Sabina, is flourishing into a beautiful young lady, a lovely bloom, and already is catching the eye of possible suitors. A young American and a pro-Nazi neighbor both vie for her attention.

Suddenly a storm sweeps over Poland with the thunder & lightning of the German Blitzkrieg. What had once been a movement that only mattered to the Germans, now the Poles and the rest of the world shuddered in fear as Hitler's war machine begins its march for world domination.

Caught in the war and all of it's horror, the Dortmanns are left with difficult decisions. Decisions that could change their lives forever...

This is one of the best WWII novels I've ever read. Though it is a very long book and has a lot of slow parts; the messages, sermons and garden scenes teach you so many things that one would never think about otherwise. On a cautionary note: this is a WWII novel. Though it is written by a Christian man, there are some chapters that deal with the horrors of what happened to the Jews and how it was done. It is truly sad in those chapters, so caution is advised for those who want to read it.
That said, I can't imagine a better book to offer in a giveaway. Not only will you be drawn into the characters, the plot-line and the suspense (oh, the villain is truly scary! You will be screaming your rage at him when you're done with the book.) but you will no doubt find yourself feeling the same way I did when you finish it: you're going to want to read the rest of the books!

So, here's how to enter for the giveaway:

1) Leave a comment in the comment section telling me how you found this blog and why you read it.

2) For an extra entry, also include what you like about this blog and what you don't like about it.

That's it! The giveaway is on! You have until Next week Wednesday, the eleventh, at midnight, to comment your answers. I will post the winner next week on Thursday the twelfth. I will use Random.org to randomize the entries I receive to pick the winner. Those who answer both sets of questions will get two entries!

Thank you, my dear readers, for your friendship. Thank you for your encouragement. I care deeply about all of you, and I hope that God has been able to use me to bless you in your walk with Him. To another year of blogging!


This picture was the first picture I posted on the blog. This is Rylee, a Thoroughbred I was training two years ago. Doesn't he look a lot like Bodie? I should post some Bodie/Rylee pictures I have. They were so cute together. :)


  1. I found your blog through Andi's blog and I read it because it very interesting :)
    I really like the writing assignments, Fourteen Cossack's, and your short stories. What don't I like? Hmmmm, i'd have to think about that for a little while;)

  2. Anonymous2/04/2015

    I can't believe you've posted 100 posts! WOW!!!! Abby

  3. I too, found your blog through Andi's blog. I enjoy reading this blog because you have enjoyable posts and great stories.
    I really like all the encouragement you give on the blog, the writing assignments, the stories, and the fact that you are very open about God and what He does in your life.
    What I dislike...probably that you don't have time to post more posts! :P I'm newer to this blog and I haven't discovered anything I dislike so far.

  4. Cool! Congratulations on reaching the 100th blog post! (I've got to admit that I'm only half way there... :)
    How I found your blog? Through Andi's Blog! (This seems to be a popular answer... :P)
    Why do I read it? Because I love reading what other people write!
    Why do I like this blog? Because you are a lot like me! You love writing, horses, and God! :)
    What I don't like about it? Um...can I say nothing? :P

  5. I also found your blog through Andi's Blog :) I would have to say I read it because I think your an excellent writer and I enjoy seeing pictures and reading your stories. I like it because it's a lot of fun to see the styles and talents of younger Christian writers these days. Hmmm What I don't like... maybe you could post more often ;) JK I know that it would get too time consuming. But I really do look forwards to the next post :)
    Congratulations on hitting the 100 mark!

  6. Congrats, Calamity Rene!

  7. I found you, and thus your blog, on Andi's blog when I read your story regarding Bodie and Rylee. It really spoke to me and so I wanted to get contact with you and I did! When I emailed you, you turned me onto the blog. I read because I love what you love: horses, writing, and God. I enjoy getting to know you better and learning what's going on in your life. About this blog, I like that you share stuff going on in your life as well as your writings and contests. Hmm, picking something that I don't like about the blog would be hard, it's amazing! You have put it together nicely and have done a good job in the frequency of your posts. Thanks!

  8. Hi, Calamity!
    I found your blog by your sharing it with me (Andi's blog).
    I enjoy your outlook on life. You blog is full of your love for life, rather contagious love of writing, and all the horse stuff (kindred spirits, I'd say; I love Anne books, and use quotes from them very often!). You are a wonderful person! I enjoy your thoughts and dreams and goals and lifestyle shared through your blog. I'd love to meet you someday!
    I don't read every post that you do, but I do stop by to catch up every so often (like some other blogs that I watch).
    I use another website maker for my blog, and I don't know when I'll get 100 posts. Probably in a good bit. I generally try to post at least once a week, but I'd like to do more!
    God bless you, and congratulations!
    Indi R.

  9. Andrea2/09/2015

    I found your blog from Andi's Blog and i dont think there is anything really bad about your blog. Everything about it is perfection!

  10. I also found "The Wild Washingtonian" through Andi's blog. I was really touched by your Bodie/Rylee story. Then I found your blogger page and thus this blog!
    What I like: right now I'm really enjoying Fourteen Cossacks. I also like hearing about your thoughts, your life, etc.
    What I don't: nothing! Lol:)


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