Write this Piece 3: Entries

I'm beginning to think I'm going to start calling this the Write this Piece! Assignment, not contest. It just doesn't feel like a contest. I think it makes a better assignment, because the purpose of these posts was to inspire more of you to write and get your imaginations going. :)

That said, I got five entries this week. I was thrilled! They were all sooooo good, and so different and yet similiar in a way. I read through each one, listened to the song over and over again with each piece, then decided the following.
Why do you guys make this so hard for me??? I want to choose them all for first! They were all so close together! I love them all. :) Thanks for sending these in!

First place goes to Lauren!
Lauren's piece sounded to me like what was going on in the song. I have an advantage over most of you because I know where the music comes from. Lauren's piece really hit the nail on the head with her piece- this is a sad, contemplative and yet somewhat hopeful and loaded piece of music. Great job, Lauren!

Write This Piece Assignment Three
By Lauren

Danielle turned around and ran away as fast as she could. She ran through the open fields and into the woods. She collapsed on the ground in front of her favorite hiding spot and allowed the tears to flow; the tears she had locked up much too long.  She had forbidden herself to cry over the matter. She believed she had to be the strong one for her family, the one to keep the family’s spirits high. But it was too much for her now. She couldn’t be the strong one anymore.
       “God…my family has been through enough! Why can’t you make things better? We’ve always been good people and we obey Your Word. I just don’t understand!”
       A voice within Danielle spoke. I have a plan for you and your family. All things will work out in due time. Be patient, Danielle; when the days are accomplished, I will bless your  family for remaining faithful.
       Danielle stopped her tears and fell silent. “Okay,” she whispered. A wave of peace came over Danielle as she placed her trust into the hands of the Almighty.

Second place goes to Rebekah C!
Rebekah C's piece was... dramatic. Wow. Contemplative. There are not quite many words that I can use to describe this. I felt that it didn't quite "follow" the music exactly, but it was really, really good. I loved the words she chose, her expressiveness. Great job, Rebekah!

Write this piece Assignment Three
By Rebekah C.

Fingers of fog drift through a sleepy dawn, dropping from a quiet and lazy hand.  It's disturbing to see this disembodied art across a sky that cannot retain the beauty or the meaning of the caress.  It's as though the strains of precipitation long to cast their silhouettes into a more permanent and nurturing form, enriching and recreating the heavens.  Here: embrace my gentle touch, as I tiptoe towards this rivaling component of earth existence, wrists stretched high in longing.
  Midnight births morning, gushing a crimson life into the confused atmosphere.  A lucent pattern of rose petals dances in soft cadence, among flakes of gold.  This is life, within the inanimate.  This is laughter, without an utterance.  Every reflection of yesterday's potential is written within the clouds as sunlight bursts through.  Chaos and determination destroy subtlety as the sunrise climaxes into an unprecedented grandness.  
  "Yes," I whisper with a smile that glows only through the strength of this vision.  "Yes, this defines the glory of reality.  Each day begins as a battle, with a surrender, or a defeat.  Neither outcome controls the continuation of the day: it merely shapes the fury of energy.  Today will be a delightfully fiery day..."
  As a latent explosion of incendiary light rains across the horizon, I laugh out-loud.  I frame the thinness of my hands against the Armageddon in that eastern sky, reveling in the piracy of the daytime vanquishing the night.  And I, just the spectator, I am lost in wordless wonder.

Third place belongs to Rebekah Eddy! Her piece is like watching a movie play out. Again, I'm picking these off of what I think comes the closest to what the music "sounds" like to me. Rebekah's piece is really sad, but ends on a great note. Great job, Rebekah!

Write This Piece Assignment Three
By Rebekah Eddy

Tree-like shapes rushed by her, but it was too dark to see them clearly, and Sophie didn’t care anyways. Anger, hurt, and frustration had been being stored up inside her for too long, and now she had finally done it: she had run away from home.
Her dad had come home with the news that her parents had decided to divorce. Sophie had seen it coming, but she hadn’t expected it so soon, and had kept hoping that they would change their minds. Maybe, she kept telling herself, maybe they’ll fall back in love if I leave them alone. But it hadn’t happened, and now they were on their way to the law office to file for the hated slip of paper declaring that her beloved parents were legally no longer husband and wife.
Tears slipped down her cheeks, but Sophie merely brushed them away and kept running. She had no idea where she was going, or how far she had come. She only wanted to get away from it all.
Finally she stopped, sides heaving, and sat down in the middle of the woods she had been running through. In desperation, Sophie began praying, something she hadn’t done for years.
God, she started, not sure how to begin, I don’t even know if You’re out there or if You’d be willing to listen to someone like me. I just wanted to talk to someone and I guess it’ll have to be You. I want my mom and dad to love each other again. I want them to not get that divorce. I want us to still be a family. Could You stop them?
Sophie looked up at the star filled sky. All she could hear was the wind blowing gently through the tops of the trees and…singing? Sophie frowned and listened harder. Yes, she could hear it distinctly now: somewhere there was singing.
Curious, Sophie followed the sound until she reached the end of the wood. Without realizing it, she was going back the direction she had come. Soon, she began recognizing where she was, but she continued to follow the singing.
It brought her back to her own home. She saw that lights were on and the door was partially open. Her parent’s car was back in their driveway.
Sophie pushed open the door, and her parents rushed towards her, smiles lighting up their faces.
“Sophie! You’re home! We were so worried! Are you okay?”
Sophie nodded mutely, unable to speak in her astonishment.
Her dad grinned. “You’re wondering why we didn’t get the divorce?” He asked.
Sophie nodded again.
“To be completely honest, I don’t know why.” Her mom answered. “We just didn’t want to do it anymore!”
Her dad agreed. “Yeah. It didn’t seem like the right thing to do.”
Sophie was stunned. Slowly, she walked back to her room as if in a stupor, but once she closed the door behind her, she fell to her knees beside her bed and began crying again. Thank you God! She sobbed silently into her pillow. Thank you so much!

In fourth place we have J.T! Congradulations, J.T! J.T's piece takes us to a new angle of the music- a snow covered forest. Funny, almost all of you wrote these pieces with forests in them. That was a major player in the emotions of this song from the film, so I find this quite fascinating that you all could "hear" the nature.
Great job, J.T!

Write This Piece Assignment Three
By J.T.

The trees rustled above her as she edged her way through the forest. Snowflakes drifted down from the heavens, landing around her with a magical grace. She lay down in the soft drifts of snow, and stared above. The sun laughingly peeked through the boughs; making the world below into a patchwork quilt. It was a serene moment on earth. A recharging- peace. Alaine pushed herself up, and left her troubles in the new-fallen snow.

And last, but certainly not least, we have Jesseca Dawn's piece. Jesseca's is totally different from the other entries, we're taken to a new angle of the soundtrack and find ourselves in what appears to be a medieval era. I felt this was a bit too scary to fit closely with the music, but it was a great representation nonetheless!
Great job, Jesseca!

Write This Piece Assignment Three
By Jesseca Dawn

Eira crept slowly through the dark corridor. What I wouldn't give to be home! she thought, as she reached and touched the saber that hung at her waist. The smooth metal felt cool to her clammy hands. She grasped it tightly as she felt along the rock wall leading deeper into the cavern.  Suddenly she stopped. She wasn't alone. There was someone else in the cavern as well. Before she could react, a hand was placed over her mouth. She pulled the saber, but before she could get it up, a fist hit her hand knocking it to the ground.
“Relax, Eira. It’s just me.” a voice whispered close to her ear.
Eira nearly collapsed in relief. It was only Casimir, her brothers friend.
“What are you doing here?” she whispered, frantically trying to locate the fallen saber.
Casimir reached past her and picked up the saber from where it had fallen, dangerously close to the edge of the path.
“I’m here to help you. And also to let you know there isn’t much time. Willem sent me to tell you they’ve arrived.”
“What about Willem? He has to get out!”
“Your brother will be fine.” Casimir reassured her. “But we must hurry.”

You all did such fantastic jobs on these pieces! I hope I didn't offend anyone by choosing which pieces I thought represented the music best. You all did so well. :)
So what do you, dear blog readers, think? Shall I change the name of these "contests" to "assignments" and leave it at that? I'd still grade which ones I thought fit the best.
What do you think? Do you want to do more of these posts? My main thought when creating these series of posts was to inspire everyone to write in new areas. I hope that's what has been accomplished here. :)
Thanks for submitting! If you all want more such posts, leave a comment in the comment section and say yes or no and why that's your answer.


  1. I like assignments best. It seems a little more "friendly." I'm really sorry that I didn't get to enter and now with school. . .I'm not sure if I will be able to enter. I'm sorry. I really wanted to.
    Good job all of you! I enjoyed reading each one!

  2. Anonymous1/19/2015

    Yay!!! Congratulations everyone! :)
    ~ JT

  3. I think changing contest to assignment is a fine idea. I definitely want more of these assignments. This was a lot of fun for me and trying to write paragraphs based on some music is interesting. It makes you think a little harder and helps you determine different moods.
    Good job, everyone! It was awesome to see the similarities and differences in each entry.

    1. Thank you girls! I took all of your replies into consideration and have changed it to the label "Writing". They will also from now on be referred to as assignments, but I'll still process them into the order I think they should go. :) You all did so well! Thanks for your input!

  4. I think the idea to change it from Contest to Assignments is fine :)
    Great job, everyone! I really enjoyed reading ya'll's pieces!

  5. Wow! You "other girls" did an awesome job! I loved all the stories, and it was so fun to write my own. I definitely think that "assignment" gives a much less competitive feel then "contest". I'm glad you decided to change it, despite my natural competitive side. :P

    1. Haha, now, Rebekah, we don't need to get your competitive side started... otherwise we'll all lose. ;) (Not that I could enter this anyways, but still. ;D)

  6. I haven't wrote any, but I really enjoy reading them!!

    1. You should write one, Faith! :D I'd love to get one from you!

    2. :) I was going to one time, but I forgot until I seen the post on the winners! Lol


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