Assignment 3: Write this Piece!

We're back with another Write this Piece post!
I didn't blog much this week, but that's okay. I've got a new special once-a-week blog post I'm planning for you all that I will reveal tomorrow and Wednesday. In the mean time, let's do another writing assignment. As usual, listen to the musical composition I provide in the Youtube box below, write a paragraph or two (no more, please) and send it to me via the blogger contact form or Google+ (For those of you who have my Google+) or my email, for those of you who have my email. I will post the winners and all of the sample pieces written by you blog readers next week on Monday, January 19th. That gives you a whole week to write this. I hope we get some more entries this time, I love seeing what you guys write up!

Okay, here's our next music piece. Enjoy and happy writing!

Longing for Home: Return to Neverland OST. Composed by Joel McNeely.


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