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How many of you listen to music while you write? Sound distracting? Actually it's quite calming and very beneficial.

I'm a great fan of music. Unfortunately I don't play any instruments and I'm really not good at playing by ear. But I do enjoy music, a lot. Oftentimes when I'm working on a story I create a random playlist to listen to, filled with songs that remind me or inspire me about what story I'm working on.

Give it a try sometime, I'm sure you'll see that music is a powerful inspirational tool- and it sure does help you out when you want to write a real sad scene and need some sad music! (And no, Free is not finished yet. FOUR CHAPTERS AWAY FROM COMPLETION! I had a insanely busy weekend, but I'm so close. So very close...)

Here's a list of songs I used for writing Free. These are all the ones I remember, but one way or another they made me think of Cynthia and inspired me in many ways. I like a lot of soundtracks, movie soundtracks, and Christian music. Put it together...

And you've got a playlist!

DISCLAIMER: Some of these songs I just really like, I've never seen the movies for several of these, I just liked the soundtracks when I heard them on Pandora. So if it's a bad movie, I didn't see it!
Glad I got that out of my system. Ahem, moving on... ;)

Free: Playlist

Crimson Tide Maine Theme (Roll Tide) - Hans Zimmer
All or Nothing- Brand X
Everything Falls- Fee
I'll Try- Johnatha Brooke
Deliver Us- Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams, John Powell, Amy Grant, etc.
Kalinka- Red Army Choir
Touch the Sky- Julie Fowlis
No Way Out- Phil Collins
Into the Open Air- Julie Fowlis
Be Thou My Vision- various artists
A Childhood Lost- Joel McNeely
Longing for Home- Joel McNeely
Better Than I- David Campbell
You Are My All in All- Cedermont Kids
Journey to the Past- Liz Callaway
Reflection- Lea Salogna
Through Heavens Eyes- Brian Stokes Mitchell

Here's the link to the playlist I created. It's not in the same order as this, but it's got all the same songs. Free Playlist: Writing Music


  1. I listen to music while I do just about anything! Cleaning, cooking, school, writing etc.
    Everyone in my family think I'm crazy . . .I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who enjoy listening to it :)

    1. No kidding! I listen to music when I do just about everything, I even used to do it when I rode my horse. (Not the best idea I soon learned, I couldn't hear when things were coming up behind me.) ;) I love movie soundtracks, I just get so excited about them. Actually that's how some of my stories were created- I'd listen to a soundtrack and think, "Wow, that sounds like a foreign girl... riding her Pegasus... fighting a dragon!" And that's how a story might be born. :)
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I love listening to instrumental music while I write:-)

    1. Hi Janelle! Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog, I appreciate any new readers I get! :D
      Instrumental is probably my favorite type of music. I like to use songs to depict a character, but soundtrack (aka, instrumental) really gets me going while I write. Recently I borrowed the music from the second How to Train Your Dragon movie. AUGH! I loved it! My favorite composers are Hans Zimmer, John Powell, James Newton Howard, Thomas Newman and Patrick Doyle. I really love Celtic- themed songs the most. :)
      Thanks again for commenting and I hope to see more from you in the future!

    2. Yes!!!! Instrumentals have such depth to them......:) Celtic music is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I take tin whistle lesson (its kinda like a recorder without the holes on the bottom) but my dream is to play the flute!!!!

    3. I always loved the flute. In one of my stories, I had this really cute little German girl, and she played the flute. I remember going through all my Celtic music and picking straight flute songs to use that she supposedly did in the story. It was so much fun. My family isn't the least bit musically talented, with perhaps an exception in one of my sisters. Most of us just write, draw, create videos and photography. Those are our artistic talents, the rest of the time we're outside doing crazy things with our horses or whatever else we come up with. ;) Oh, and school!

    4. How many books have u written???

    5. Well... considering that my drive has over 203 documents stored on it, let's just say I've written a lot of books... but "Free" is the first one I'm attempting to have published. :) I write anything and everything between, mostly delving in historical fiction. "Free" is my first modern fiction book. I also have some fantasy stories in the making, but like I always seem to do, they've got a lot of historical references and characters. I just can't seem to keep history out of anything I write, I love history! ;D

  3. I too listen to music while writing! I think it relaxes me and helps put me in the mood sometimes.

    1. Hi Lauren! Thanks for commenting on my blog, it's so nice to have new readers!
      On the subject of music while writing, I remember one time creating a song for my writing. I called it "The Ultimate Sad Song" and I used it to write a scene where I made my main character die. I remember inviting a friend over and having them read the scene with the song going- and she cried! This girl NEVER cried about anything, and she cried with the sad music playing and reading my scene. Music is so powerful in many ways, and boy howdy can it inspire us!

      Thanks so much for commenting and I hope to see more comments from you in future posts!

  4. I totally agree! I'm constantly listening to music, especially when I'm writing. :)

    1. Hi Blessing, thanks for commenting on my blog!
      What is your favorite type of music? Isn't it neat how all the "arts" kinda tie together? Drawing, writing and music. I often find that I draw really well while listening to music, the same while I'm writing. And music inspires me to do both these things. Unfortunately I don't play any music, but I sure do love it!

      Again, thanks for commenting. I hope you read more of my upcoming posts!

    2. I'm not sure I have a favorite kind of music. I love SO many kinds! :)
      I like Celtic, instrumental, band, and a couple classical pieces. As well as a ton more!

    3. Hey Calamity Rene,
      I'm not sure what my favorite kind of music is. I like Celtic, instrumental, band, a couple classical pieces, and a lot more!

    4. Celtic is the best. :) I'm Irish/Scottish/Mexican/Scandinavian (weird mix) so I love a variety of music, my favorite being Celtic and Slavic. :)


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