All of us have been blessed in our lives with special gifts, and it shouldn't take us five minutes to name them. If we looked honestly at what we had probably all of us couldn't even begin to name all the blessings we have in our life!

Thanksgiving this year was an amazing time-most of my family was here (minus one brother and a nephew) and we really enjoyed spending time with each other and thanking God for everything He's done for us this year.

These last couple weeks have been very revealing to me in showing me just how much I have to be thankful for and what tremendous blessing I have in my life. One of them has been here for so long I had almost missed he was a blessing until God showed me how his presence changed my life.

Enter Bodie, a horse I've known since I was twelve years old. He's always been there at my neighbor's house, I could see him whenever I wanted and my neighbor often left me in charge of taking care of him when she went on vacation. I've known this horse for over seven years, played with him and just enjoyed spending time with him. Would you believe it that it took him leaving for a couple months to show me how much he meant to my family and I and how I've come to love him?

Bodie's back now, though the future is uncertain. All I know is that God brought this horse back into my life for another chance at living each day as a gift, not an expectation.

So take time to realize what gifts you have in your life-you may not even know they're there.

In closing, here's a little video I made about Bodie and myself. This past year I took on the task of training him for my neighbor, and let me tell you that was not easy! He is the smartest horse I've ever met, often times he figured something out before I did and then I'd have to go home and brood for a couple days on how to fix the problem... ;)

Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! Sorry this 'Thanksgiving' post is late, had to go and get my wisdom teeth pulled out and today's the first day I felt like writing this up. :)


  1. I made a list of all the people and pets I'm grateful for for this years Thanksgiving. It was definitely close to one hundred. It really puts things in perspective!

    1. Wow! Isn't it amazing what God has given us and how we hardly seem to realize what amazing things he's done in our lives? Thanks for sharing, Audrey! :)

      Calamity Rene

  2. My dad was diagnosed with cancer in August and this thanksgiving one of the first things on my list was how thankful I was that my Dad was here to celebrate it with us. It is so true how realizing that you might loose someone/something really puts things into perspective.
    Oh, I know how in is to get wisdom teeth taken out...No Fun!! I hope your feeling a lot better :)


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