Thought of the Day. . .

The computer is alive! YES! Actually, it's been alive for a while but I have not had anything I felt like I could share. Today though I came across something on a friend's profile that smacked me right in the face as one of the most inspirational things I've read in a long time.
Have a good day and I hope this blesses you like it did me.


  1. Wow, That's really good quote!
    I'm so glad to see you back on-line! I've missed your posts here and your comments on Andi's blog ;)

  2. Wow! That's good!
    I'm glad you're back! We missed you on Andi's blog! You have soo insightful comments!

  3. Thanks girls! I've missed being online, though I can't say I will be online that much what with school and my brother's wedding coming up. :) But I shall try! Thanks for commenting and it's so good to hear from you!

    -Calamity Rene

  4. Great quote! I saw you were back on Circle C and thought I'd come be and see if you were really back. :) Welcome back to the online world. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to be back, though I shall still be rather busy and not update as much as I'd like to. :) But with winter comes a price-though I'm not canning/riding/working I have to put in some more hours to take care of the animals so they don't freeze. :)
      Thanks again!

      -Calamity Rene


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