Okay, here are some of the pictures from the Thunderstorms we had Friday and Saturday night. It was an awesome sight, there was lightning every two seconds for at least four hours. It was pretty incredible and I was glad I stayed awake for most of it! :)
A typical lightning bolt during this particular storm.

This is pretty much what the sky looked like all night long, the lighting flashed every two seconds.

I love the little hands coming out of this one! The thunder was pretty loud all night.

This was a huge bolt!

Pink lightning!

During the storm we had blue, red, pink and green lightning. It was crazy, I'd never seen it in so many colors!

It's ALIVE! :D

This is a good example of what the sky was all night long.

A bolt from the ground up!

The little fingers are reaching out! :D

Nice sunny day...actually this was at two o'clock in the morning. That's right, that's how bright this bolt of lightning was, you could see everything in our yard and it looked like daylight!

Another fantastic bolt.

I thought this one was really pretty.

I think this was one of the ones that was really close to us!
 Special thanks go to my sister Marie. I ended up picking my favorite fourteen photos out of a hundred and seventy-three pictures. Thanks so much Marie for the awesome photos!
Coming soon: Peach Picking Photos! (If we remember to bring the camera to the orchard! ;D)


  1. WOW! That looks like quite the storm! If anything like that started around here, everyone would be waiting for the tornadoes to appear. I don't think I've ever seen colored lightning! Yeah, I think I would have been awake too, with all that thunder. :)

  2. Jesseca8/15/2013

    Wow that's beautiful!!

  3. Beautiful lighting! I found your blog through Andi's Blog, and I'll definitely be visiting again :) Is Calamity Rene your pen name? It's really interesting.

    1. Hi Michaela! Welcome to the blog! :)Glad to see you here and I hope to hear from you more! :)
      Yes, Calamity Rene is my pen name, a nickname I picked up from my family and friends. "You done bring Calamity to the Northwest, Rene!" I used to be told. ;) So the nickname stuck.
      Hope to see you around more!

      -Calamity Rene

  4. Cool, we got pink lightening in a thunder storm today.

    1. Hi Audrey! Thanks for visiting the blog! :)
      Yes, I think pink lightning is downright beautiful. Except of course when you're out camping in a tent and the ranger stops by to tell you a really bad storm is coming...yeah, that wasn't fun. We hid out in the van, which turned out to be a good thing when the power station down by the river got struck by lightning and the power went out. It was pretty crazy! :D
      Hope to see you around more! :D

      -Calamity Rene


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