Quick Update

I know I promised I'd post the writing assignments I'd received today, but I blanked out on the fact my family and I are going to Idaho today with some visiting cousins. I don't remember these cousins at all because I was four or something the last time I saw one of them. :) So it's been a long time. We're going to be busy today, so I won't be back for a while. Perhaps tomorrow, okay? I'll try! No promises, my cousins are visiting until Wednesday. I don't get to spend much time with them. :)

So I'll get to work on those assignments as soon as possible! I received eight in all. (You guys really cranked them out on this one! I'm getting the feeling people like writing about scary scenes... ;D) I'll try to rank them tonight.

In the mean time, here is what I did with my cousins on Friday. We went to the zoo not far from our house, where they keep lots and lots of... TIGERS! My favorite wild animal! :D

I don't like white tigers or anything... ;)
Actually, here's a photo of my pet tigers!

Yeah... I have a lot of them. ;)


  1. How did the bear get in with all those wild cats? Wild cats are pretty awesome... unfortunately, it seems like they're always asleep when I visit the zoo... :(

    1. All these cats were rescued, and the bear was, too. I think the bear is from our area. He's got his own pen. He's really cute!
      You need to go to the zoo during a cloudy day in late winter or early spring, when it's not sunny and making them sleepy. Then they'll all be awake. It's also good to go around feeding time... because they're hungry and active. :)

  2. I just found your blog and good job! I really enjoyed looking at all these photos....it's certainly something else to see wild cats in reality. I also really liked your previous post, it was very encouraging <3

    1. Hi Autumn! Welcome to the blog! :D May I ask how you found it?
      I'll check out your blog as well. I like reading other people's blogs... (when I have time, which isn't often... unfortunately... ;D) Glad you're enjoying the posts!

  3. I can't wait to read the write this music pieces! This was the first one I entered.........I have to admit, the scary music is easy to write to :-)
    Love all the tiger pictures! I love taking pictures at the zoo :-) We like to go at like 3pm and be there for feeding time.

    1. Your piece was really creepy, Audrey. I got chills reading it. :)
      The zoo I went to isn't really a zoo... it's actually a rescue place for big cats and bears. But I don't want to give the name so people can locate where I live... O-O Not that any of you are stalkers, but you never know... ;)
      I'm joking. Thanks for commenting!


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