Gif Challenge!


Okay, so I got a lot more of a feedback than I was expecting on that challenge, and some of those questions, eep! ;) However I promised a gif response, and here we go!

For those of you who aren't sure what's going on, a quick recap:

Everyone left questions in the comments section.

I answer with gifs in a blog post.

Cool, now that we've got that cleared, let's begin with these hilarious questions. ;)

Jesseca: What are your life goals for the next three years?
Plans? What plans? I have... *gasps* I have to make plans?

2. What would your reaction be if you were the nurse in this photo?


Or this.
How about no. ;) No guy is kissing me like that unless I'm married to him.

Though if it was my husband, I would probably be more like this:

Crystal: So what do you think of slow electronics?
Mweh, not much feeling on the subject to be honest.

Do you think they're better than nothing, or would you rather have nothing?

If it works, use it.

Lauren: How do you feel about Mondays?

Monday's be my day off. ;)

How do you feel about Wednesdays?
Guess who just remembered they have work the next day.

How do you feel about Fridays?
That's a work day.

Chloe: Mkay, this is my question: can I have your gif file?

*Blinks* My precious... gifs?

Mweh if you want 'em...

Des: What is your favorite kind of ice cream?
A... favorite?

But, but I like...

All ice cream. All ice cream is my favorite.

Marrok: Let's see... what is your reaction to a super annoying fly/mosquito?
None. Because they're not allowed to live in my presence.

Megs: Favorite type of songs to sing?

Sing? I don't really sing much...

Mostly, if I do sing, they're either worship songs or work songs. XD
And, what is your reaction to the question "What's your story about?"

Well, I don't want to tell it usually, until I hit a good sentence to share...

And they're usually like

Kailey: What do you think of snakes?
I see one...
I catch one...
And I make it my friend. While everyone else is like

Tiffany: What would you do if you were a Russian spy and you found yourself accidentally locked in a room where someone just set up a time bomb that will go off on 10 minutes?

And then I'd probably die. Yeah. Thanks for asking.

You come across a fawn hiding in the bushes in the woods, what is your response?
And then we'd be best friends forever!

Until it runs away from me.

Well, I think that just about wraps that up! :D Well, what did you think? Do you think I did a good job? Too many gifs? Not the right ones? Do you have better gifs for those questions?

I'm excited to see your comments below and can't wait to read your thoughts. Thanks for reading and looking, hope you all are doing well and God bless!


  1. Hahaha...that was awesome, Emily. I envy your ability to make friends with snakes. SO. NOT. ME! ;)

    1. Haha, Des, give me a chance and I will teach you the way of the reptiles. ;) Trust me, they're not that scary. So glad you enjoyed!

  2. Ah! These are fantastic. XD
    Great answers. The gifs were perfect! ;D

    1. Yayyyyy, I'm so glad Megs! I had fun making this. My good friends Rose and Joe approved as well. ;) Thanks so much!

  3. Lurrrvveeddddd the post, Emily! :D That was fun when we had our own GIF/funny picture war that one time. xD

    1. Oh yeah! XD Those are the best! Gif wars are my favorite. :) So glad you liked it, Crystal!

  4. Haha! I think they're perfect!!
    Good job! :D

    1. So glad, Tiff! Yeah, this was fun! I may have to do it again. ;)

  5. Anonymous1/31/2017

    Aahh no! I meant to ask questions. I must not have hit enter. :'(

    That aside, this was fantastic and the gifs were perfect. *grins* And there were lovely Ten gifs!

    1. Awww, sorry Brianna! Perhaps I'll do this again. :) Oh yes, David Tennant is hilarious, I've seen him in other movies and I love the expressions he makes. I'm not a Doctor Who fan but the gifs... they're the best. XD Thanks so much for reading!

  6. I agree about the snakes. ;P

    1. That they're friends, or that you run from them? ;) In any case, thanks for reading!

  7. Ahaha loved all the gifs and responses! Thanks for doing that :D

    1. So glad, Lauren! I enjoyed doing it as well, so thanks for commenting with your questions. :)

  8. What a fun post! But I have to say, the gif you choose for my questions doesn't look like it answers the question. I was thinking you would go with something like this

    1. *Saves gif* THAT, is awesome. I LOVE it. XD Haha, I like your response for sure!

      But, one can never go wrong with Francis punching Feliciano. It's rather humorous. ;) Glad you enjoyed, thanks for commenting!

  9. Love this post Emily! ^_^ <333

    1. My fellow ESFP, you would love this, wouldn't you? ;) So glad you enjoyed, thanks for commenting!

  10. Bahahaha! XD This is awesome. I love Jess' second question... B-)

    1. Haha. *Glares at Faith and Jess* You know how I feel about these matters. ;) But glad you enjoyed.

  11. Haha, I loved this!!! Though your answer to my second question wasn't what I had in mind . . . I was thinking more along the lines of the "internally screaming" one. ;)

    1. Well, I think exploding someone is a good response, but then again I tend to be more extreme than you. XD So glad you enjoyed, and it was fun to do!


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