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Well unfortunately I only got two entries this week. I don't usually like to "judge" a contest if I only get two winners, so instead I'm just going to post the two clips and count them as tied.

Congratulations Jesseca and Rebekah, you two both tied this week. :)

Here are what Jesseca and Rebekah thought the music I posted last week sounded like. It's amazing how similar they got to each other!

Rebekah: Where the sky kisses the sea

The wind swept through Brian’s dark hair as he gazed towards the horizon where the sky met the sea and where most of his people believed the world stopped completely. During this voyage he would find out because that was where their destination lay. His sister, Sorcha, came up beside him and laid a hand on his shoulder.
“It’s hard to believe we’re finally one our way out there.” She said, her accent and flaming red hair revealing her Scottish heritage.
“Aye.” Brian admitted, slipping a hand around her shoulders and giving her an affectionate hug. “‘Tis hard to believe my dreams of sailing to the end of the world are going to come true.”
“When will we get there? It seems as if the horizon moves ever further as we grow closer.”
Brian smiled wisely. “Nay, sister. ‘Tis only that this is your first voyage on the sea. I thought the same when father took me out on my first voyage. Never fear though, we shall reach the last island before long and then we can return home.”
The siblings shared a smile and then continued gazing towards the never ending stretch of sea before them, never thinking what the future held for them.

Jesseca: Voyage of tears

Eileen stood on the rocky ledge overlooking the Irish sea. Her dark black curls hung damply to her face, wet from the ever-present mist. She loved it here. It was always peaceful, always quiet, always the same. The sun rose silently, it’s bright rays piercing through the mist and fog, giving the sea an enchanted look. She sat, silently, as the sun rose, chasing away the last traces of the fog, and reflecting in a harsh glare on the deep, clear blue waters of the sea.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?”
Eileen turned, startled. “Oh, It’s only you!”
“Well, who else would it be?” Patrick asked, taking a seat beside her.
She sighed. “I’m not sure. I’m not sure of anything anymore”
“How are you doing?”
“How am I doing? I’m confused--and--and---” she turned away and brushed angrily at the tears that spilled out of her clear blue eyes.
“Please. I just want to be alone. Just for a minute.”
Patrick nodded. “William just wanted me to make sure you were alright.” He stood, giving her shoulder a light squeeze.
“It’ll be okay, Eileen. God always works all things together for good. We can trust Him, that He has a plan in all of this.”
She nodded. “I know. . .but it can be so hard!”
As Patricks footsteps faded in the distance, Cassie once again turned toward the sea. It’s presence was comforting. It never changed, it was always there, always the same. Steady, unmoving. Unlike her life had been the last couple days.

More of the Write This Piece! Contests will be coming up soon. I have enough interest, it was just this was an inoportune time for most of my readers to enter, due to the holiday season. God Bless and I hope you enjoyed these clips! Great job girls!


  1. Anonymous1/04/2015

    Am I allowed to comment my story pieces? The only reason I've never done this is because I'm not allowed to give out my email.
    ~ JT

  2. Actually, since you are friends with my on Google+, why don't you just message them to me? If that doesn't work than go ahead and comment your pieces. I understand the whole email thing. :)

  3. Anonymous1/04/2015

    Or I could message them to you on Google+, which ever works best! And great job girls! :)
    ~ JT

    1. Haha that's what I just said. We must be on at the same time. :)

    2. Anonymous1/05/2015

      No problem Rebekah! :) And thank you Calamity! I'll do that.
      ~ JT

  4. Yeah, the timing was pretty bad but I'll try to enter in the future! I can't say how regular I will be but I can try. I don't even check my email super often so I sometimes don't even get the email with your blog post saying that the next contest is open until after the due date. Sorry!

    1. I'll email you personally when the next writing contest comes out. Sound fair enough?


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