Assignment 2: Write this Piece!

We're back from popular demand!
Okay, not really. But most of you said you'd like to do another Write This Piece! Where I give you a piece of music to listen to and you write a scene from it. Well, we're ready to start again! :)


1) Listen to the music that I provide in the video box below

2) Write a paragraph or two of what you think is going on in the story. (Please do not make it any longer than a page if you decide to write more than a paragraph)

3) Submit it through the Blogger Contact Form provided on the sidebar of this blog with your name and the title of your clip. Please don't leave it in the comment section, so that every writer has a chance to be creative on their own without being influenced by other's ideas.

4) Entries must be received by Saturday, January 3rd, 2015 to be entered into the contest.

I will go through and read all the entries, then decide which one I think best portrays the music. All entries will be posted on the blog in order of what place they receive. :)

Our three entries last time were so much fun. It was great to see what different people imagine for the same piece of music. I can't wait to see what you all write this time!

Alrighty! Here's your music! Start writing and see you all soon!

You Didn't Even Get Wet, The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep OST by James Newton Howard


  1. I think that I will be unable to enter this time due to a VERY busy schedule but I will do my best to enter next time! *hint, hint, hint. Do another! LOL. Sorry that I haven't been on in forever!


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