New Design

Well, I decided to create a new design for my blog to give it more of a grown up "feel" to it. What do you think? Comments, suggestions? I was pretty proud of how it came out, but I want to hear your thoughts.

Tell me if you like it or not! More posts to come soon.



  1. Anonymous11/02/2014

    Love it! It has a very homey feel to it.
    ~ JT

    1. Thank you JT. Originally I created a very professional looking design that I enjoyed, but I felt something was missing. I realized it just didn't have my "touch", my "Calamity Rene" feel to it. So I changed it to this instead. :)

  2. It's cool! :) I love the pics!! :D

    1. Thanks Rebekah! These are some of my favorite pictures. :)

  3. Cool! I was wondering how in your last design you got the fancy lettering for the comments and such?


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