Pen Pal Shout Out

I was thinking today how blessed I am.

While lying on my bed this afternoon I was contemplating my growing friendship with fellow blogger and writer, Ivy Rose, whom if you follow her blog are aware she underwent surgery today. I was praying for her a lot and just wondering how she was doing, when I got to thinking how I met Ivy.

And how I met Jesseca.

And how I met Megs, Kai and Tiff.

And how I met Kaitlyn K. and Rebekah Eddy.

The Lord brings people into your life for a reason, all people, even if you never get to know what the reason was. So today I'd just like to give a shout out to all my wonderful pen pals and online friends, who have blessed me beyond what you can imagine. That includes you, blog readers, who have encouraged me to keep blogging and pray for me despite knowing me in person! So I'd just like to go over some fun pictures and talk about the different pen pals I met, and how I met them.

I hope you enjoy, and please remember to keep Ivy in your prayers for the next couple days!

1. Rebekah Eddy

I think Rebekah Eddy was my first pen pal from the "Circle C Adventures" blog. At the time I was fairly new to the fandom but quickly spotted a fellow ESFP in the comments and followed her blog. (Rebekah, correct me if I'm wrong! ;D) Our friendship grew from there and we emailed each other stories, ideas, and I don't even remember what else! In October of 2015, while I was over in Bremerton to visit my grandma, I spent the night at her house and went to church with her and her family the next day. It was a big step to go and stay with someone I didn't know, and it was a blast, too! Rebekah and I had loads of fun along with all of the rest of the Eddys, and I still remember that visit quite fondly. It gave me confidence to meet other pen pals!
Thank you, Rebekah, for your continued friendship! We may not talk a lot, but I am glad we are friends and can continue to be. :) You are such a cheerful and sweet, Godly young woman!
Rebekah Eddy and myself!

2. Jesseca Wheaton

Like Rebekah, I connected with Jesseca Wheaton through Susan Marlow, finding Jesseca's newly started blog through the comments section of the Circle C blog. We didn't talk at all until one day I posted a story clip on my blog without an ending. After promising Rebekah I would email her the clip, I got a private message on google from Jesseca asking if she, too, could have the clip.
The rest, as they say, is history.
I remember with great amusement when Jesseca began her first WWII story and the giggles that ensued, as she included some of my favorite TV characters and KILLED THEM. (Ahem, this was later excluded in the final draft of "Dark Storm Rising".) From there we ended up connected in a way that I would never have imagined or wanted, but God has used to bless our friendship like I can't believe. With the diagnosis of cancer in my youngest sister, Jesseca and I shared common ground of knowing what it was like to live each day out with a family member having cancer. She came to visit me for ten days in October of 2016, and I returned the favor and spent ten days with her last month in April. Jesseca is one of the most Godly young women I have ever met, and I am so blessed to know her and count her as a friend.
Thank you, Jesseca, for your continued friendship and support, for all that you do. I am honored to be your friend!
Jesseca and I back in October when she visited me...

And Jesseca and I last month when I came to visit her!

3. Ivy Rose

Ivy Rose and I have a somewhat funny friendship, thanks to of all people, Jesseca! Jesseca messaged me one day and told me that she followed the blog of a girl that she thought might live in my area. I looked up Ivy's blog, read through it, and realized we couldn't live more than half an hour away from each other. So naturally I emailed her and said, "Hey I think I live near you!"
To which Ivy responded, "I think so too, let's met up!"
And we did! We met up first at Burger King last year, and from the moment we sat down to talk we knew without a doubt we were going to be great friends.
Ivy and I get together at least once a month now to talk all sorts of nonsense, but also some very deep spiritual things as well. The Lord has blessed our friendship immensely, and it's so nice to have a pen pal who lives close enough by that we can get together regularly! Ivy and I share many similar personality traits, but we are also very different people. Throughout the last year I count myself blessed to have her as a friend and confidant. She is a joy to be around!
Thank you, Ivy, for all you do for me, for listening to me and being there always whenever I need to call you up. You are a girl after the Lord's heart, and I'm proud of you!
Ivy and I on the first day we met! Having our lunch. ;)

From left to right, myself, Jesseca and Ivy when Jesseca came to visit. Jess is the reason Ivy and I are friends now!

Ivy and I goofing off at her house. ;)

4. Kai, Megs and Tiff

These three girls I met through several blogs, from reading Megs comments on the Circle C and Trevor Trekker blog to when she began to follow my blog. Eventually Megs and I exchanged emails, but when we became pen pals I got way more than I bargained for.
I got three pen pals, when Kai and Tiff, her sisters, began to email with me as well. Since then these three girls have been an inspiration and a constant source of hilarious entertainment. Though we never finished conquering the world with the explosive sheep and the Holy Hand Grenade, we at least made it to the top of Mt. Everest...if only Kai hadn't eaten all the cookies... ;)
Last September, Kai, Megs and Tiff made a trip here from the West Side to pick up their adorable then puppy, whom I nicknamed "McIntosh". We got together in the church parking lot of my church, where we discovered they knew one of the families I went to church with. I so enjoyed our short two hours together and the fun conversations we had, but I also love how each of these girls is so thoughtful, so kind and sensitive to each other and to their friends. I am so glad they are my friends, and that I can depend on them to make me smile.
Megs, Kai, Tiff, thank you for your constant cheerful demeanor, for your adventurous spirits and your caring hearts. You're all such lovely ladies in the Lord!
Kai, myself, Megs and Tiff the day we met!

5. Kaitlyn K.

Another Circle C "victim" ;), except I believe I met Kaitlyn K. on the chatbox when it first came out on the Circle C blog. ;) I enjoyed chatting with her a lot and doing some role play, but our friendship began when she emailed me and we exchanged stories. From there I introduced her to Jesseca, a fellow girl from Kansas, and again, the rest was history. Jesseca and Kaitlyn met and became good friends, and when I came to visit Jesseca I had the privilege of getting to visit Kaitlyn, too. She is a super sweet young woman with a charming temperament, and I enjoyed not only our silly talk but talking with her about the Lord. Her family is super wonderful, too, and we all went to a movie together. I found her little sister hilarious, so shout out to her younger sister, too! ;) 
I look forward to getting to know Kaitlyn more in the future, but in the short time I met her I was blessed by our acquaintance.
Thank you, Kaitlyn, for your witty humor but also quiet spirit, I can see you are seeking the Lord and it encouraged me a lot!
Jesseca, myself, Kaitlyn and little sister K. We had so much fun that day!
To all my pen pals, I just want to say thank you. Even if I haven't met you I have enjoyed the time the Lord has given me to know each and every one of you, and it's been a blessing. Thank you for your friendships and for all of the fun conversations.

May the Lord bless you this week, blog readers and pen pals, and take care! Thank you for your friendship and prayers!


  1. Not sure if you meant to make me tear up, but... *hugs* I'm so blessed that I was able to meet you, and get to know you, too! As well as Kaitlyn, Ivy, Rebekah, and all the other amazing pen pals I have!
    I've so appreciated our friendship, and it's been such a blessing to be able to get to know you better through our visits. <3 I can't imagine *not* having you as a friend. ;)
    Ivy is in my prayers, and if/when you see her, give her a hug from me! :)

    1. You are super awesome. <3 And I wasn't tryin' to make you tear up, though it's kinda nice to hear that you did. ;) EMOTIONS YAY! ;)

      Love ya lots, girl. <3

  2. Aww! Thank you Emily!
    It was great getting to meet you in person last year! You are so much fun to talk with and such an encouragement to me!
    I cherish our friendship​ very much!
    Oh yeah, sorry about the Cookies... But they were so good!! ;)

    I will be sure to keep Ivy in my prayers!

    1. Kai next time I see you there will be cookies, count on that. ;) And you girls are awesome! <3 Wuvs for yooo!

  3. You're pretty great yourself, Emily! <3
    It's been such fun getting to know you these past few years!
    Every time we chat, I can't help but grin. You're a great friend, and such a wonderful encouragement and inspiration. God has truly blessed me with our friendship! <3
    Oh, tell Ivy "hi" for me.
    I'm praying for a speedy recovery for her!

    1. Thanks, Megs. <3 All of you W. girls are cool and awesome. And yeah, I'll pass the message on to Ivy! :) Thank you!

  4. Aww! Thank you Emily!
    I'm so glad we met you and then to meet you in person too! :D
    You are an encouragement to me as well. :)
    Thank you for being our friend!
    Will be praying for Ivy!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Tiff, and yeah, we'll have to meet up again sometime soon. You girls are so sweet. <3 Thanks for praying for Ivy!

  5. Even if we haven't gotten to meet in person, I have thoroughly enjoyed all my contact with you. So jealous of everyone you've gotten to meet! :) The Lord has truly blessed you!

    1. Thank you, Bethany. :) I'll be sure to let ya know next time I'm down in California. :) Thanks for commenting and blessings!

  6. Wow, Emily. This was a fantastic post, and I feel honored and humbled to have had a small part in kindling these relationships. Remember that old song, "Pass It On"? "It only takes a spark, to get a fire going . . ."

    Clearly the fire of friendship is blazing in your lives.


    1. Thank you so much, Susan, for reading and commenting. <3 You truly blessed me with your mentorship and friendship over the years and yeah, all of these friends are a result of your books and following the Lord's prompting to publish your stories! Thanks for all you do! :D

  7. Emily, it was so AMAZING to finally meet you!!! You're an amazing gal, God has blessed me with your friendship. <3 *squishes you in a hug*

    1. *Squishy hug back* WAAAHHH. You're super wonderfee, Krispy, and I was happy to meet you. :)

  8. Awwww! :D I'm so glad you have such amazing friends that you hang out with, Emily! <333

    1. FELICITY! I haven't seen you in like, forever! Thanks for commenting! Hope you're doing well! <3

  9. You are so tan! I love the way you dress. XD

    I'm glad you have so many amazing friends. They all sound like a lot of fun!

    1. Haha, Libby, I showed the pictures to my dad and said, "Dad, I'm so dark compared to everyone else!" XD My Dad's 30% Aztec Indian, so we get the darkness from him. ;)

      Thank you so much for commenting, Libby, and blessings!

  10. That is so much fun that you were able to meet some of your pen-pal friends in person, Emily!!!! :D :D

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! Yeah it's been a huge blessing and I'm so glad the Lord brought so many of these people into my life. Thanks for commenting!

  11. Awwww Emmy you're making me saddddddd! *sniff sniff* *huggles* You're the sweetest ever.

    As I've said many times before, I'm blessed beyond measure to have you as a friend. Love you so much, girlie!!! I'm glad we live so close, too.

    I would say more but I'm afraid it might come out wrong cuz I'm getting sweeeeppppyyyy again..... *eyes close slowly*

    Love you so much!

    1. <3 You are a special gift from the Lord, Ivy. <3 I am really glad I have you in this time of my life. Thank you for your friendship. <3

  12. I'm praying for your friend Ivy, Emily!!

    Oh wow! That is so awesome that you are part Indian!!! I think I'm that tan without genetics like you!!!!! Haha! Because I am an outdoors girl. I'm ALWAYS outside!!!

    1. Anonymous5/23/2017

      Wow! You're part Indian, Emily?!! I didn't know that, but I did always notice that you ARE pretty tan, *sigh*... I wish...;)
      Actually, I am part Indian myself, and I spend a LOT of time outside, but none of this affects my tan any...I just get redder and redder, and my many freckles multiply! LOL. You see, along with that teensy bit of Indian, I have a lot of Scotch-Irish in there, too. But, I'm proud to be an All-American Country Gal!!!
      (even if I'm not as tan as I'd like ;)
      ~Hope M.

    2. Thank you so much for praying for Ivy, Lexy. She still needs it for sure, got a lot of pain after the surgery.

      Haha, once the summer gets going we McConnells have a contest every night to find out who got the darkest over the day. ;) It's quite fun, since most of us work outside jobs.

      Thank you for commenting, Lexy!

    3. Thank you for commenting and reading, Hope! I don't remember if I've ever seen your comments before so welcome to the blog. :) Sounds like you've read it for a while...

      Yes I'm part Aztec Indian, or as my mother likes to state, "Just tell people you're Mexican, it's easier!"
      Aztec is more what we are though and it just sounds cooler... ;) We come from a family of sixteen nationalities so we tend to tan fairly well! But I've got some Scotch-Irish too, so we can be related, yay!

      Thanks for commenting, Hope, I enjoyed reading your thoughts!

  13. What a great post, Emily! I enjoyed getting to know just how you've met different pen pals in person. God is good at connecting friends from across the country/world at just the right time to encourage and bless.

    1. Isn't he, though? I know I'm so glad he can bring anyone together for a certain time for a purpose. :)

      Thanks for commenting, Rebekah!


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