Absent and Marked Tardy

Well, as I'm sure you noticed I have been absent from the blog.
A long time.
And while this isn't unusual for me, it was unusual for me to do so without any warning. So I apologize, my dear blog readers, for not taking the time to post anything.

Bodie is now home!
I also want to apologize for how disconnected I have been from a lot of my readers. I really enjoy reading your blog posts and stories and I know I haven't done any of that as of late. September/October/November have all been rather stressful, to say the least, what with my horse being in serious rehab and a couple of rather important decisions I had to make about my life. But I think things will settle down in the coming weeks and I would like to dedicate more time to blogging.
But, more importantly, I would like to dedicate more time to being communicative with all you fabulous blog readers.

I want to read your blog posts. I want to comment and be more active, to show I care. And I feel bad I haven't. Some of you don't realize I do scroll through your blogs and read through your posts, but don't comment unless I feel I have something worthwhile to say. And when I was feeling so down the last couple weeks/months, I didn't have much to say on anything.

But again, God is good and things are looking up! I have Bodie home, my work is going well, I'm getting better at scheduling and trying hard to rearrange my life to fit things a tad bit better. So I'd like to make a couple announcements that affect all you readers, and I hope you understand my reasoning for them.

1) Due to the tremendous cost of having to rehab Bodie, my horse, there will not be a Mornelly book coming out this year. :( A very sad story, I know, but I feel completely inadequate to release a book I have not done any marketing for. I want to make sure it is the best it can possibly be, and because of that, I also made the decision to cut the book in half. There will be only five featured stories in the first Mornelly book, I-6: Legend of the Mornellys. After some serious considerations and talks with my mentors, I decided the volume with all twelve stories was far too much to release at one time. This means the books will be staggered when I begin to release them, but also that I am far more prepared to get them out there when I do release the first book.
Bran looking fabulous in this new
character creator site I found, called:
It's so much fun. XD
Also, and I'm just going to throw this out there, I would like to have fourteen beta readers for the new Mornelly book. But here's the catch: I'd like to select the readers based off of their ages simply because I want to test this on as many age groups as I can, and preferably, have seven boys and seven girls to get a feel for what both genders think of the book. If you'd be interested in beta reading the first volume of the Mornellys, here is a link with more information on the stories and an email you can contact me at:

I-6: The Mornellys


If for some reason I don't select you, don't feel bad, I have a limited amount of openings for the beta version and want to get as much variety as possible.
So that's my sad Mornelly announcement. At this point I do not have a set release date for the book, and I don't want to give one in case of any further setbacks. However when I have a good feel for costs/scheduling, etc. I will announce the date for the book.
And one quick side note, I did finish editing the first volume and it is officially ready for formatting. So I am closer than before! Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, watch for a couple fan stories that will be released in December. :)

Image from the country my next post will be on.
Any guesses, anyone? 
2) I have another Our World post coming up, and I think you'll really like it. Three guesses as to what country is next. If for some reason I told you please do not tell everyone else in the comment section, I know I told a handful of you out there what it will be. ;) Let's just say that the majority of my readers will not want to miss this post.
*Crickets chirp*
Because it's about a country/land/people a lot of you adore. B-)

Guess which Mornelly this is?
He's not impressed with my lack
of progress.
3) Due to the fact Mornellys will not be released for quite a while, I'd like to offer up a compromise with you readers. You have the choice of choosing one of three chapter stories from the original volume I was planning on releasing, and I'll put up a vote for which one you'd like to read. Whichever story gets the most votes is the one I'll release for everyone to read, sort of as a "Emily is sorry she is super bad at editing and has publishing anxieties". XD I'll put up a post this weekend with a title and short description for each story. 

Jesseca looking lovely while we visit
my grandma. I was being a ninja and taking
these pictures. B-)
4) Would anyone be interested in hearing my take on having Jesseca here? You can read her story on her blog at these links: 
She did a far better job than I ever could have done in describing our grand adventure, but if you'd like to hear my perspective I'd be happy to give it. *blushes*

We start cutting these next week! *Squeals*
5) And finally, I'd like to ask all you readers for prayer for this upcoming November/December. I have a lot on my plate. There's been a lot going on with some very close friends of mine that I'm concerned about. And finally, thanks to the great blessings from the Lord, I got a lot more hours at work this year than I have ever had, but I'm also a bit tired and worn out. So please pray for ability to not procrastinate on writing, chores, my horse and family time, but also to be able to not completely focus on everything I have to get done and forget that sometimes you just need a little break. :)

So I think that's it, readers. Thank you for checking this post out and may you have a wonderful and blessed week! I pray for all of you to have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Eat some apple pie for me. B-)

Take care!
Jesseca snapped this photo of me being a very bad example.
Hey, I live next to the tracks, I know how to tell when trains are coming. Just
don't follow my example! XD


  1. So cool that Bodie came home!
    And you wrote a book? What's it about?

    1. I'm so glad Bodie is home as well. :3 I've missed him so.

      Haha, SM, it's not a matter of I've written a book... I've written a lot of books but never have published any because I'm too afraid to. :) However this particular one is the story of a family of immortals who are playing the part of imaginary characters to children. You can read some of the previous stories/posts about them here:


      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. I'm praying for you, Emily! And I'm thrilled to see you back! *confetti canon goes off* :DD

    1. AUGHHH SKY! <3 *Hugs* I am so thrilled to have you comment. :) And I'm happy to be back, to be honest. I feel like I've really lacked any positive thinking when I pushed off doing blog posts. :) And thanks for praying. Still praying for you and your NaNo project, I bet its awesome! :D *Grabs confetti and throws it back to Sky*
      Confetti for you, too! :D

    Anyway, I love that picture of Bran! And Yes, I want to hear your take on having me there!
    And I'm so looking forward to the next "Our World" :D I'll refrain from guessing, though. ;)
    And . . . that's Cirian, right? He looks . . . normal. ;)
    Oh, I love that picture with you on the tracks! Like, one of the favorite pictures of you that I have! We do that on the tracks all the time, and someday I'm going to need to show you the tracks here in Eldorado. They have this really neat old trestle bridge, and it's so much fun to walk on! The whole town is old, and it's just super fun. ;)
    Anyhow, so, so, SO happy to have you back!! :D I've missed ya. <3 So glad Bodie is home!!

    1. Haha, well, Jess, there are several pictures you may or may not no about... XD But you're SO HARD to get pictures of because you kept trying to slap me whenever I tried! ;)

      Hmm well then I'll do a post about your visit, simply because you asked. :) And we have to go track walking when I come down there. It's my favorite thing to do. ;)

      Thanks for commenting! <3

  4. Oh, it's good to hear from you again! Missed you in the blogosphere...but totally understand how life gets. After, I haven't been the best blogger recently either. *cough*
    Looking forward to reading your Mornelly stories when they DO come out. Bran and Cirian look very much themselves. (I'm GOING to cut their hair next time they decide to visit...but don't tell them or they'll never come. ;)
    Yay! Bodie is home!!! :D Praying for you and your family. How is R doing?

    1. I think life is bent on getting busier the older we get so the less time we spend on the important things, like family, friends, and the Lord. ;) That's how it feels to me. But I want to prevail and I will do my best to do so!

      Hahaha, you got them right, Bran and Ciaran! XD And I'm sorry to say but they don't want anything to do with hair cuts. It's not their thing. Be happy you got Bran to cooperate. ;)

      Thanks for commenting and praying. <3 R is doing really well! One more year of treatment left! I can't believe it's already been a year and a half... eep.

  5. You're alive! :D ;)
    So happy Bodie is better! <3
    I think the idea of cutting the Mornelly book in half sounds like a good idea; then you can have more books! :)
    Ooo! Another Country spotlight! Love those. And guessing games! Another favorite of mine. ;)
    My guesses are... Ireland, England, or...Hmm...Scotland?
    LOVE the pics of Bran and Ciaran. :D
    Aw, I'll definitely be praying for you, and your family! <3
    Have a great week! :)

    1. Hiiiii Megs! <3 So happy to BE alive! ;)

      I'm so glad you commented and agree with my decision to shorten the Mornelly books. It was a hard decision to make, to be sure, but I'm glad I did it as well. This means the second book is already written and just needs a final edit from me, the editor has already been through it. ;)

      Hmm you are very close Megs, very close indeed with your guesses. And glad you like the Mornelly pictures.

      Thanks for praying and commenting, means a lot!

  6. Amazing post!! :D
    So glad to hear Bodie is doing well!! <3
    Oooo, I would love to beta-read. But... Well, I'll just email you all that. XD
    I...have no idea what country that is. So I'm not going to guess and make myself look stupid... B-)
    Of course I wanna hear your take on Jesseca's visit!!! Sunny may not have told everything... ;) Love the picture, haha!
    I'll be remembering you in prayer, Emily! :)

    1. I'm so happy Bodie is well, too! So glad to have him home.

      Haha believe me, you can't make yourself look stupid, Faith. I wouldn't dream of such a thing. ;) And Sunny certainly has NOT told everything, there are some deep, dark secrets she has withheld of great adventures and tales that only I know about! ;)

      Thank you for praying, commenting, and everything. I appreciate it!


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