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Yes, kill me if you wish. It really did take me this long to get to this tag. I'm afraid I have such a hard time getting around to these. XD However I finally got to this one, and if I recall right the honor goes to Rebekah Eddy from Rebekah's Remarks for tagging me in this. So thank you, Rebekah. Now here we go.

The Rules:
Answer the questions
Tag 3 to 5 people

1.Who are your favorite actor(s)?
Tom Hanks
Ooo this is a difficult question. Hmm. Tom Hanks, for one, known for his voicing Woody in Toy Story and also playing as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks and is the protagonist James Donovan in Bridge of Spies.

Jim Caviezel
Jim Caviezel is another, LOVE, love his acting and he’s such a nice guy. :) He plays in the TV show Person of Interest, is Jesus in The Passion of Christ, and is the football coach in When the Game Stands Tall. A dedicated Christian, he has such a neat testimony! As far as some other random actors, I’ve always liked how scary Michael York is and the funniness of David Tennant, but both play in a lot of movies I wouldn’t recommend.
David Tennant
David Tennant voices one of the vikings in
How to Train Your Dragon and is the narrator for the book-on-CD version of How to Train Your Dragon. :) He’s got a really nice Scottish accent. Michael York plays in The Omega Code as the antichrist *shudders* and is the voice of a Pterodactyl in Land Before Time: The Stone of Cold Fire. Which was dumb, by the way, but we grew up watching that. ;)
Michael York

2.Who are your favorite actress(es)?
AUGHHH hard, hard, hard! I really like Dakota Fanning in Dreamer and Charlotte’s Web, and Abigail Breslin from The Ultimate Gift. Also really like AnnaSophia Robb in Winn-Dixie. I like more younger girls in movies, often. They remind me of my characters. ;)
Dakota Fanning
Abigail Breslin

Annasophia Robb

3.What's your favorite animated movie?
WAHHH. I don’t know! I love so many! Kung Fu Panda 2, Brave, The Lego Movie, The Land Before Time, Balto, An American Tail, etc. Are some of my favorites! I also loved Anastasia growing up and still do, though unless you grew up on it you might think it’s scary. ;) It’s hilarious, though. Weird, but really, really funny.
Anastasia, one of my favorite movies growing up. It is really scary in some parts but very well done!

4. Do you like to have a snack while you watch a movie? If so, what's your favorite snack?
Hmm not often. If we do have a snack it’s often popcorn. :) We are usually too busy with a movie to eat a snack. ;)

5.What's your favorite genre?
Political thrillers and kids movies, hands down! I have a weird taste in movies, but I love political thrillers like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, The Hunt for Red October, The Sum of All Fears and Bridge of Spies. As I mentioned above about the animated movies, I love kids movies. ;)
Bridge of Spies, one of my favorite political thrillers of all time.

6.What's your favorite TV show(s)?
I really enjoyed the first three seasons of Person of Interest before it went downhill. Also liked White Collar in its first three seasons before it got so sexual. Bleh. I have another political TV show I really enjoy but it gets sometimes naughty. I’ve never watched the naughty episodes but they’re hard to pick out, so I will refrain from naming it. It’s one of those shows that’s actually fairly clean and sometimes wham! An episode will contain a really bad word or whatnot. The fan base on the show is crazy bad, though, so again it’s one I prefer not to name because unless you know which episodes are clean, you may stumble across a bad one. ;)

7.What's your top favorite movie?
Don’t ask me to choose! I can’t! I can’t! I really like Fiddler on the Roof, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Bridge of Spies, Hunt for Red October, The Omega Code… grr I have a lot of films I enjoy. :) So don’t ask this question of me. I cry. ;)

8.Are there any movies coming out soon you can't wait to see?
I am excited for Finding Dory. I love Dory. :) So that’s exciting! I also will probably go see Tarzan with my Dad when it comes out, he loves Tarzan. In a couple years The Lego Batman Movie comes out, along with a second Lego Movie (yay for Legos!) and a Lego Ninjago movie. Oh, oh! And Ben Hur! So excited for Ben Hur! I also think Pete’s Dragon looks cute. :) So several movies, I guess, mostly kids movies. NOTE: I did go and see Finding Dory and it was adorable. :)
I think I'll go watch this with my neighbor, we both want to see it. :)

9.What's your favorite sports based movie?
When the Game Stands Tall. Because Mr. Awesome Jim Caveziel is in it. B-) Plus it’s Christian and it’s really good.
When the Game Stands Tall. My little sister adores this movie, hehe. XD

10.What was the last movie you watched in the theaters?
Jungle Book, Finding Dory and The Secret Life of Pets. All of which were really good, by the way. I realllyyyy loved Jungle Book it and so did everyone else! Very well done and intense. :) I loved it.

I tag:

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Thanks for reading and sorry I took sooooo long in getting to this! I did enjoy it, though. God bless, readers, enjoy your week!



  1. Oh, 'When the Game Stands Tall' is really good!! I love that movie; it's one of my favorite sports movies! :)

    And I need to watch 'Bridge of Spies' sometime soon!! It sounds really good! The problem is no one else in my family is interested in it, and every time I mention it I get outvoted by a large majority. ;P

    Oh, know the new 'Ben-Hur' you mentioned? Did you realize that on it BEN-HUR AND MESALLA ARE BROTHERS?!?!? I was looking into it the other day because I was thinking about watching it when it comes out and I was like WHAT?!?!
    So different from the actual book. But it sounds super cool anyway. ;) It'll be interesting to see how they pull it off. :)

  2. There were a few things you named off that I didn't know (such as Bridge of Spies), but I loved just about everything else you named off! :D

    I really wanna watch Finding Dory very badly. :C

  3. Wow. Thanks for doing this...even though it did take you awhile. ;) No judging from my crazy corner of earth though because I well know how hectic life can become. :) You're answers were fantastic! I had so much fun reading this post! ^_^


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