The Room Remodel!

So this is going to be a short, short text post because I'm in the middle of writing a speech for this Thursday, (I am the guest speaker for the Sons of Norway organization here in our area! SQUEEAAAAAAAALLLLL and freaking out! ;D) but since I finally finished decorating my new room, I thought I'd share pictures of it! Basically I got moved to the basement with sister A and we're loving our new room. :) We had to do a lot of remodeling to get it done, but thanks to mom and dad we're in here and we enjoy our decorations and bedroom and everything! So a tour of my room, hope you enjoy. Also please forgive the pictures, they're a bit bad quality. I don't have a good camera. :P

 DUN DUN! Entrance to our room!

 A's chest of drawers. The verse tile belongs to me, a gift from a neighbor.

 Our book shelf. I finally have a place for all my books!

 My horse collection and other random creatures.

 My books. See some intriguing titles? ;) I have a strange selection of books.

 More books. Also some random DVDS I own.

 A's books and our Legos.

 My chest of drawers.

 Decorations. I like cats. ;)

 The two Amigos, myself and the other Emily, Emily Miller! <3

 Desk and chest of drawers. Along with a strange little creature in the middle...

 The Lilo Burger. ;) A's chinchilla. She's a bit of a monster, she throws things at me while I sleep.

 My super awesome world map! I adore this map. I put little x's from all the places I've talked to people from.

 My Swedish flag curtain my mom put up for me! I love it!

 Icelandic flag decorating the wall.

 My desk! And no the money is for me. ;)

 Top of the desk. The Europe jar is the money I'm saving to go to Europe in five years.

 Our Norwegian flag curtain. So beautiful. <3 Mom put these up while I was at camp.

 Finland flag decorations.

 Finland and Iceland flags.

 Swedish wind vane.
 Norwegian wind vane.
 Our poster and A's plate she made, along with real fox fur fox thingy.
 The poster is super cute. See the little flags? They represent each country the characters come from!

 Norway's flag above A's closet.

 Mantel above the fire place.

 Denmark's flag on the clock. My Danish friend calls my clock the Dannebrogur. At least I think that's what I remember her calling it, I'm not sure... it's hard to remember, they compound all their words. XD ;)

 Sweden's flag above my closet.

 Flags everywhere! And tigers. I love tigers.

 My bulletin board. Hmmm lots of Mornellys. ;)

My bed. More tigers and random stuffed animals. Along with...

My FAVORITE Nordic poster! The Nordic Five! See anything familiar about these characters? B-)

The bedroom in general.

A's poster of Honda Kiku. It's a very nice poster.

So that's the bedroom. Hope you enjoyed the tour, and have a blessed week! If you can, pray for my speech on Thursday. This is my first speech and I have to talk for twenty to thirty minutes on Nordic history. I'm so excited and honored but also very nervous. So prayers would be appreciated.

Have a wonderful week, my dear readers!


  1. Wow! Everything looks so cool, Emily!! :D And LOVE the flag curtains on the windows- they’re awesome!

    You have a chinchilla?? No way! They’re so soft and cuddly :) And it throws things at you? Amazing xD Love, love, LOVE the bookshelf and all it’s books ;)

    I’ll be praying for your speech to go well! I’m sure you’ll do just awesome! :D

    1. Thank you, Blessing! I love my flag curtains, too. B-) They feel so special and wonderfee! :D

      Yes, my little sister has a chinchilla, her name is Lilo. We call her Lilo Burger. And yes, she throws LOTS of things at me. Currently while I write this on my desk next to her cage, she is sleeping. Good for her. ;)

      My speech went awesome, thank you sooo much for praying! <3 It means the world to me and gave me the confidence I needed!

  2. Oh, I LOVE the curtains!! And the posters! :) Your room looks so cool! And I love your desk. The 'To Europe' jar is an awesome idea!!

    I'll be praying for your speech! I'm sure it'll be amazing!

    1. Thank you for commenting, Jesseca! I like my Europe jar, too. ;) It's very inspiring to look at that when I think about how I want to go places and remind myself I need to save.

      The speech went off so well, thanks for praying! <3

  3. Oh COOL! Hope your speech goes well. I'm sure you'll do great! :D I'll be praying. :)
    Your room is pretty neat! I like your horse collection! The palomino is adorable. ^.^
    The posters are so cool. Love the one hanging by your bed. And yes, a couple of the characters look slightly familer... ;)
    Yikes! Have you really spoken to people from so many places? Your map is fantastic. :D
    Let us know how your speech goes!

    1. Hahaha of course you'd figure out the poster thing. ;) So glad you liked the pictures! The Palomino is named Banner. :)

      I just met a girl from Greenland today, actually. She came into my work. So yes I've met lots of people! :D Thanks for commenting and praying and I'll have an update for everyone on the speech later! <3 Thanks for praying!

    2. Oh wow! That it really cool! Greenland! So neat. :D

  4. Wow, it looks great, Emily!! Aren't new rooms to decorate/move into such fun?! Haha, I recognize Indy... XD
    I'll be praying for you concerning your speech! What an honor. :)

    1. YAY! Indiana Jones! ;) You got that one right!

      Thank you sooo much for praying! It went really well and I'm so glad I did it. It was fun and a great experience. The prayers meant the world to me. <3 So thank you!

  5. Anonymous8/30/2016

    That is such a cool bedroom! I love the Scandinavian stuff everywhere. If only my bedroom was half as cool as that...:) Good luck with the Sons of Norway speech. I'll be praying for you. I've been to a few of our local Sons of Norway and Daughters of Norway meetings/events, and they are a lot of fun. I think the Chinchilla is cute, but, from personal experience, I know that animals in the bedroom can sometimes be a challenge. :)


    1. Howdy, KF! Good to see you commenting again! :) And thank you, I think our room is rather cool, too. ;)

      The speech went well, thank you so much for praying! I'm so glad I went. Some of the Daughters of Norway were there, and they asked me to do the same presentation for their group sometime in the early winter months. So that was encouraging. That's so cool you've been to those meetings! Are you of Norwegian decent?

      The chinchilla is pretty nice, but she does get dust everywhere. I don't mind, I have a horse. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Anonymous9/04/2016

      Good thing the Chinchilla doesn't get on your nerves. I had Gerbils in my bedroom for about two nights before I decided that they needed to go back downstairs. ;) To answer your question, yes, I am of Norwegian decent (1/4 to be exact)! It's always fun finding out about someone else who shares Nordic history/passion.


    3. Yes, yes I agree! I love talking to people who share the same historical passion I do! :D Lilo sometimes makes me mad but for the most part I ignore her. ;) She can be sweet when she feels like it. I'm a sound sleeper, too, so it doesn't bother me all that much.


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