The Grand Glacier Adventure!

Or, seeing how I am in fact friends with The Most Excellent Gerhard: "Zhe Most Excellent Glacier Adventure! Ja!"

That's right, folks! This girl went to Glacier over the weekend, which is why I didn't respond to your lovely comments on the Mornelly story. (You can check those out, now. I did respond.) :)

I loved the trip and had such a good time! We didn't see any bears or really much wildlife at all, though I saw one buck in the park. I did see a buffalo on the way up there, 'round Flathead Lake, Montana, but it was in someone's field so I'm pretty sure he was owned. ;) However, the trip was amazing and beautiful and I loved it. I took lots of pictures of our entire adventure! I hope you enjoy them. :) I have to admit, the highlight of my trip was going to Scandinavian Affär, a really cool Nordic store in Sandpoint, Idaho. I bought soooo many Nordic things, hehe. I will post pictures eventually of our newly remodeled basement, where my sister A and I were moved to and have set up our bedroom. We decorated it real nice. Full of fun stuff. :)

So without further ado, the images from the Glacier camp trip! Hope you like them!

On the road to Montana. I thought this hill looked really cool. :)

Dad took A and I out to get dinner. I got Thai noodles with shrimp, it was so good!

Morning sunrise on the way to Glacier.

The beautiful hills of Montana. LOVED the countryside there.

The sun rising over the Continental divide! 

I loved those mountains.

Flathead lake in the distance!

The lake doesn't look like much, but believe me...

Though it looks dwarfed by the mountains....

It's HUGE!

We stopped for breakfast right around this area.

And now we're in Glacier! I couldn't get over the size of the mountains!

A beautiful day to drive on the Road to the Sun route. 
Pretty creek!

One thing we noticed, the water is so clear in Glacier!

It was almost a hundred degrees outside and yet there is still snow in the mountains!

I couldn't see any goats but I sure looked. This was a cool looking mountain.

More mountains.

And more pretty water.

I took a lot of pictures... ;)

This mountain looked kinda cool.

Love how it just towers over everything.

On McDonald lake. We took a boat out to fish and came up near a part of Glacier where there was a fire last year.

The dead trees looked really scary.

On McDonald lake, surrounded by the Glacier mountains!

A's fishing pole kept getting in the way. ;)

You can tell our boat is moving fast. Dad was having fun.

More burn scars.
I am loving this boat ride!

At Scandinavian Affär. I saw this bib and I had to take a picture of it. XD

This cup made me laugh! I saw a Swedish one, too, but didn't buy it.

More cool Nordic stuff! LOVED all the things they carried there!

We went to Mick Duff's Irish pub (and no we didn't drink, we just went there for the food). Best fish and chips ever!

Mick Duff's. I was feeling very intune with my nationalities, since I went to the Scandinavian store and then to eat at an Irish restaurant. B-) Just needed some tacos to get in touch with my Mexican side!

Mick Duff's.

The Scandinavian Affär store. Affär in Swedish means "business".

Crossing over from Idaho into Washington. I was so happy to see that sign!

Some things I bought at Scandinavian Affär.

My new Norwegian-American pin...

And Swedish-American pin! Yay!

A Dala Häst I purchased for my Mom, who is the true Scandinavian.

We drove home to find once more Washington is on fire. Sooo not as cool but it did make a cool sun picture. ;)

That's everything, dear readers! Hope you enjoyed the pictures. :) Your new hint of the week to drive you insane about surprise:
It has not been in America.
I'm just going to keep delving this out until it is finished. ;)

God bless, dear readers, and enjoy your week!


  1. Oh wow! That is so cool! LOVE the pics of the mountains. We don't have any REAL mountains like that here...just high hills. And some volcanos. ;)
    The water is sooo clear and wonderful looking! Almost like it's not even there. So cool. :D
    Ooo fun! A Scandinavian store! And Fish and Chips? Yummyyyy! My favoritist way to eat fish. <3
    Glad you all got back safely! :)

    1. High hills? What do you mean no mountains? You have mountains over there! :D HUGE mountains! ;) Glad you liked the pictures and thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Anonymous8/01/2016

    You guys were minutes from my home when you were in Evero and St. Ingnasous. Montana is very beautiful! We hope u had a great time. This is Bethany BTW

    1. Oh wow, that's so cool, Bethany! How cool you get to enjoy those views. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Wow, such beautiful pictures!!! This so reminds me of when we were driving through Oregon last year! The mountains, the clear streams, and the fish and chips!
    Though, I must say, those Scandinavian shops look way cooler then any shops we stopped at. xD
    Oh, the boat and the lake look like so much fun!! I'm so glad you were able to go and that you had an awesome time!! :D

    1. I did have an awesome time, thank you! Oregon is pretty, too. :) So glad you enjoyed the pictures, thanks for commenting!


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