Silent Love

From Troll Figuren Shop. I totally need this someday if I ever get married. XD
Which is rare for me to say something like that!

Silent Love
Emily McConnell

There are some days, yes, that are meant to be,
Where destiny and fate collide.
Led by our Lord, above us, you see,
And this is one true and tried.

She’d seen him by the water, sitting all alone,
She knew of his forefathers, too.
She knew, oh yes, without hearing his tone,
That he was of those in a crew.

A Viking, she realized with a little start,
A boy of the sea to be feared.
But alone, without friends, perhaps a part,
Of an evil plan to stay clear.

He seemed upset, a little distraught,
He seemed to be shaking and fretting.
To fear his type was what she’d been taught,
But oh, what an usual setting!

She approached him, slowly, taking her time,
And wondered what she would say.
He didn’t hear her come up from behind,
Nor turn when the donkey uphill brayed.

Deaf she realized after a moment, quite sudden,
Ah that would explain his lot.
Why, then, she wondered, would he have troddened,
To this unpopulated spot?

She approached him with confidence and tapped him,
He spun to face his prey.
But what she saw in his face was grim,
He appeared to be greatly dismayed.

A single tear was dripping from his eye,
He wiped it off from his face.
What fear she had that she might die
Fell away and she felt God’s grace.

“Are you lost, my friend?” the girl asked,
Tilting her head to the side.
He stared at her, speechless, aghast,
And looked as if he might cry.

Older than her he very well was,
But that matter little to her.
Help him, take care of him, yes, she must!
Of this she knew and was sure.

Taking his hand in hopes he’d come,
She gently led him away.
Up the hills, over rocks and then some,
To his people she looked for and prayed.

For hours they wandered over the land,
In search of those dreaded ships.
Never once did he let go of her hand,
Not even when he fell and tripped.

At long last, there they were, over by the docks!
Those dreaded men of the north.
She brought the boy there and they stirred, shocked,
Their boats not yet set for their course.

Great happiness was met at the arrival of boy,
Who was hugged by a large viking in red.
She was thanked and given a token joy,
And off they took her to be fed.

At long last she said and bid her goodbyes,
To the fierce warriors that came from afar.
She smiled at the boy when she stood to rise,
But what happened next was bizarre.

He stood and everyone instantly grew silent,
They all watched him with face of glee.
Around her neck he hung a necklace that glint,
For everyone there to see.

A hug he gave her, despite the crowd,
And even let his hand touch her cheek.
Throughout it all no one said a sound,
It was as if the Vikings grew meek.

She never forgot him, nor their short time together,
Though time flew by in long weeks.
And surprise she was not when, like a feather,
Years later he returned to find her, to seek.

That viking, that boy, she married him, yes,
The young boy who not one word could speak.
For a fine man of character he became of impress,
With a gentle touch but not weak.

Her viking loved her, she knew without words,
There was no doubt in his eyes, his gaze.
Though birds may sing and cats may purr,
No words did he utter or raise.

She didn’t need words, never once at all,
To know he would care for her always.
That young viking boy, now strong and tall,
Would be there for her all of her days.

Sometimes love comes in these strange little forms,
In ways we can't say, express or explain.
But one doesn't need to have their love put in words,
to know it is true, simple and plain.

A/N (Author's Note): Andddd this is called Emily was at the neighbor's house taking care of the neighbor and while she slept Emily couldn't get this idea out of her mind andddd wrote it. ;) I usually don't write romantic little poems at all, but I was inspired after reading a story online and thought, goodness, what if you met a man a long time ago that couldn't speak and he decided to marry you? There was no sign language, no written communication between you, just silent love. What would that be like??

Hence, this storyish poem. ;) I hope you liked it, it's a bit, well, random, I know. But poetry is not my strong suite.

Also, I KNOW there is supposed to be a surprise coming, but it's a bit delayed because it's in France right now. B-) Yes, a little teaser. A couple more weeks, readers, just a bit longer!
Blessings from Christ to all of you! Hope this is a wonderful Monday!


  1. Awww, this is so sweet! *hugs self* I just love it so much. Amazing job, Emily! :D The storyline of the poem reminds me of a short story I wrote earlier in the year about a guy who was mute from an accident, but not deaf. ;)

    The surprise is in France? Some teaser considering all that's just happened in France... O.o

    1. Thank you Faith! I do remember you won a contest, right, with that story of yours? I should go back and read it! :) This all started 'cause I read this story about a guy who was mute and then he met this bubbly girl who reminded me so much of myself, and then in the end the girl DIED. I was sooo upset! But it was a good story. ;)

      Don't worry, the reason surprise was in France had nothing to do with the terrorist acts and it was there beforehand. My surprise wasn't in that place. Should be coming soon, I hope! :)

      Thanks for commenting, Faith!

    2. Yep!! ^_^ Awww, that's so sad! What was the story?

    3. I will private message you it, it's not a bad story in the least BUT the fandom it comes from has the tendency to be full of slash and bad sexual stuff, which is horrid. I read only the good stories from that fandom and this one was soooo good. I'm hesitant to post things like that on here in case someone decides to read more stories and discovers the bad ones. :/ So I shall send it to you!

    4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I just finished reading it...and it's so sad. I'm seriously crying right now for dear, sweet Berwald... *sniff* Such a precious story, but why did she has to die?! :'(

      Thank you so much for sharing with me, Emily! I enjoyed it. :)

    5. WASN'T IT SOOOO SAD? I CRIED TOO. :'( Poor, poor sweet Ber. He didn't deserve that! *Cries* I shall be his little sister and be wonderfee to him and he can dote on me and be happy to take care of someone, and I will understand him and translate for him and he can just be confident in himself for once.

      Glad you liked it! It was an inspiring story but OH, I WAS SO SAD. WHYYYYYY DID SHE HAVE TO DIE? I seriously felt like that girl, I related to her soo well. :)

    6. YES IT WAS GAAHHHHH. *sniffling* Awww, yes! I can just see him with a little sister. That would be such a precious story... :)

      Oh I know... But as soon as she gave him her poems I knew it was coming. WHY?!? And his poem at the end...*bawls*

    7. *Crickets chirp*

      ...someone may have something about that... B-)


    8. Wait...WHAT?! ... Or am I just reading this wrong? >.> *taps fingers anxiously*

      It's very sob-worthy. *sniffs*

    9. You're reading it right. I mean someone MAY have SOMETHING about SOMETHING and I shall message you about it. ;)

  2. Ahhh, I loved this story/poem! It's so, so sweet!! The last five stanzas are my absolute favorite! ^_^ So precious and sweet and beautiful and just...yeah. ;)

    Oh, the surprise is in France? Hmm, with everything that's been going on over there, that is a really bad teaser! I want to knoowwww!! Okay, I guess I can wait. But man, now I'm really wondering what in the world it could be!

    1. Awww I'm so glad, Jesseca! <3 You are wonderfee. <3 :)

      Don't worry surprise was in France BEFORE all those things took place. I checked where it was and it was nowhere near that area. So it should be coming soon. I hope. It may be delayed. HOPEFULLY within the next two weeks, I think. :)

      Thanks for commenting, Jesseca!

  3. Aww!!So sweet! I love it! :D

  4. Love the poem! Really great job Emily! :D

  5. Aww!!So sweet! I love it! :D

    1. Hahaha, thanks again, Tiffany. B-)

  6. Beautiful poem Emily! <3 :) And I can't wait to see what the surprise is! B-) You know how much I like surprises. ;)

    1. Thank you, Rebekah! I think this surprise will surprise you. B-) I hope no one guesses what it is! :D

  7. Nice job! It is such a perfectly lovely poem. I really enjoyed reading it and I'm so glad that you shared. Love the figurine. I'm gonna need one too. :P

    1. Thank you, Bethany! Hahaha I KNOW! I don't usually care that much about wedding things and prefer to let that all pass when it comes up, but I saw that and thought, "Oh goodness I need this!" ;) It helps I'm Norwegian-Swedish on my Mom's side, so that makes me half Scandinavian! So half viking. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  8. Awww....lovely poem, Emily! I really enjoyed reading it!

    And that figurine is so awesome! How did you find it?!

    Wait, your surprise is from France? Wow, was not expecting that! :D Can't wait to see/hear what it is!!

    1. I'm so glad, Blessing, that you enjoyed!

      I found the figurine by accident while searching for something about vikings. I LOVED it and saved it. I think they actually come from Germany, since the site is in German and then the address includes DE at the end, which I'm pretty sure means Deutschland. *Checks internet* Yep, I was right, it's in Germany. :)

      Yes, surprise was in France! It's not anymore, though. B-) More of a teaser, now! Mwahahahahahaha! ;)

      Thanks for commenting!


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