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Well summer is almost upon us! I hope you're all enjoying being out of school and excited for the upcoming summer season? What have you all been up to? Got plans for this summer?

This past week has been extremely busy at work, we're prepping for CHERRIES!

Yay for cherries! About a week out. :) We also have been thinning a ton of apple trees, so yes, it's been busy. Oh, and while I'm thinking about it, here's a clearer picture of the fishies.

So far we've had a couple casualties (Bran, Sigmund, Pancake), so I got replacements (Olga, Rachel, Bran 2), and this week I lost Judge, Aileen and Olga. BUT, I renamed "Rachel" Aileen so there are still Mornellys. ;)

Also this happened at work:

Yes, you're seeing correctly. That's a dog up in a tree at my work. My boss's dog is convinced there is a porcupine in this tree and he climbed it. I had to get pictures!

Speaking of my bosses, please pray for one of them who is not doing well right now. He could really, really use prayer. <3

Finally, but not least, I have a new cover photo for the Mornelly page! Go check it out here: I-6: The Mornellys

Special thanks to Ana Mae for creating the new cover photo! I ADORE it! :D Also as a side update, Mornellys have not been edited last several weeks because my editor is on vacation. She'll be back soon, though, and promised to have it done by end of July. I should have some new illustrations to show off as well by then. ;) The release date is scheduled for November! I'll give you a day when I know how far we've gotten in editing. :D

I'm going to be very busy with cherries this upcoming week, but I'm coming up with new blogging ideas so stay tuned! I have a couple schemes up my sleeve that I want to try out, we'll see if it works out or not. ;)

God bless and hope you're all having a wonderful summer thus far!


  1. LOL noooo! Bran & friends! RIP.

    Those cherries look delicious! We've started planting a few things, but we haven't yet put on bird-repelling covers.. You can probably guess where I'm going with that lol.

    Also, tagged you for "The Rising Authors Tag"! :) Here's the post

    1. Oh that tag looks fun! I shall have to add that to the list of tags I will do. :) Thank you for tagging me, I am honored!

      Hahahaha bird problems are the WORST. I may have offed some. ;) You will find this to be true when your plants grow up. And the cherries are great, I LOVE them! :D

      Thanks for commenting, Eve!

  2. Oh dear. Fish casualties...what tragedy. ;)
    A dog...in a tree??! Haha, that so cute though! :D I love Golden Retrievers -- so pretty. :)
    Prayers for your boss and their family! <3
    Ahhhh, love that cover photo!! So. Super. Awesome. XD

    1. Hahahah what else do fish do but die? ;)

      Yes, Yogi is a special dog. Strange, but special. And sweet. He's just... strange. ;) And thank you for praying, my boss is doing better and we're getting along okay, I've been helping extra at work and we're all tired, but things are getting better. :)

      I'm glad you like the cover photo! I shall tell Ana. She will be thrilled. :)

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Yummy! Cherries!
    Hmm...poor fishies! Glad you've still got the Mornellys swimming around in there. ;)
    Haha! That dog is adorable! So funny!
    Oh, sorry your boss is no doing too well! I will be praying!
    Ooo! LOVE the new picture of the Mornellys! <3
    GREAT job Ana Mae! :D

    1. I'm so glad you like the picture, I'll pass that onto Ana! Thanks for praying for my boss, he's doing much better. :) And the Mornellys are still alive, Gerhard is looking a little pale... it helps he's Albino... ;) Hahahahaha. Lame joke but funny. ;)

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  4. Ooo!! Those look wonderful!! Eat a few for me Emily! ;)
    hehe...dogs in trees.... :)

    The Mornelly's picture is really cool!

    1. Oh, I ate more than a few for you, Tiff. ;) Plenty for you... ;)

      Thanks for commenting, I'll tell Ana you liked the picture! She will be thrilled. :)

  5. Cherries!! They look amazing!
    Noooo!!! Bran died! *sniff* Well ... at least it was only a fish representation...
    Haha, those dogs are sooo cute!! I'm glad they're enjoying the tree. ;)
    And I LOVE the new Mornelly picture!!!!! Tell Ana she did a great job! It's wonderful!

    1. Hahaha, well, Bran the second is alive and well. ;) So we're good on that.

      Thanks so much for commenting! I shall passe the information on to Ana, it will make her happy. :)

  6. One of our family's dogs climbs trees too. It's hilarious when he climbs so high that he can't figure out how to get down.

    1. Isn't that strange? We are still laughing about the incident weeks later. I'm so glad I got the pictures to prove it. :)

      Thanks for commenting, R! :D

  7. For some reason I read this as "we are prepping for Christmas" hahaha!! Cherries are so good :)

    1. HAHAHAH! You know what's weird, I think I had a dream about Christmas because you wrote this. XD I literally had a dream we were prepping for Christmas and I told my boss I thought it was too early to be selling Christmas trees. It was strange. ;)

      Cherries were wonderful and the season has ended. It's a quick season. :)

      Thanks for commenting, Rishona!

    2. lol! That's hilarious!!


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