The Getting to Know Me Tag!

I have been tagged by the Most Excellent Rebekah Eddy at Rebekah's Remarks to answer some questions about myself! First question to answer- yes, I have been spending quite a bit of time around Gerhard lately. Whom is dying to meet you all. ;) Okay, onto the other questions!

>>Vital Stats:

Name: Emily SOMETHING McConnell. (Could be an A. or a B. or a C. or an S. or a T. or an R. or who knows what for that middle initial. It’s secret.) B-) Or you could just look at my blog address... which may or may not be true... ;)

Nicknames: Emily Anna Jones, Calamity Rene, Cheeseball, Chatterbox, Peanut, Em (which I don’t like, my name is short enough please don’t call me Em! ;D), Auntie Em (REALLY hated that for a long time but I’m somewhat okay with that now.), and Enemy when I was really little and my brother didn’t know how to say my name.

Place of Birth: Actually a different country, I was born in California. B-) Hehe. Sorry, I’m terrible sometimes with my jokes, but compared to where I live now, California is a different country.

Worst School Subject: A popular answer amongst bloggers- math. I was good at everything else and on my last year of math I did end up enjoying it- once I figured it out. :)


Best Friend: Well the obvious answer is Jesus. That’s what I know we’re supposed to say, right? ;) Not that I don’t mean that! 
Second obvious answer- my siblings! 
Third answer- I’d have to say I’ve had some really, really wonderful friends my entire life, both real and fictional, so I don’t really have best friends. I have a couple of very close friends. But to choose a best friend… either Aichear or Jake, not sure! ;) Both fictional, of course, but both have taken very good care of me and made sure I didn’t die. Also by choosing fictional characters, I don't make anyone jealous so therefore a win-win situation!

Award: I have been nominated for a couple- I was nominated for a few positions in the Papa Bear Awards and several blogger awards. Also I got nominated- and won- best real friend by my imaginary characters. Probably the best award I ever got. ;) I won first place in the Circle C Writing contest a couple years back, and have award certificates for two different writing courses I took.

Sport: Horseback rider! Though I also do quite a bit of hiking and enjoy pitching in baseball a lot. I also love to ski, so much fun.

Real Holiday: What is a real holiday? We do a lot of camping in Idaho every year. If you’re talking about going to a different country or going somewhere as a tourist, that I have never done. Just camping and visiting family. :) Though I did spend a day with a family on the West Side last year that I had never met before… ;) :D I guess that counts!

Concert: I have been to two Rock and Worship Concerts and one Winter Jam concert. The musicians in the different groups included For King and Country, Matt Maher, Newsboys, Jamie Grace, Jeremy Camp and several others. I don’t remember everyone I’ve seen thus far at these concerts, but a LOT of musicians I hear on the Christian radio and respect. Really, really fun!


Film: This is like asking me who my best friend is. :P Seriously. Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2, Brave, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Hunt for Red October, Bridge of Spies, Fiddler on the Roof, The Lego Movie, Monster’s Inc. and The Emperor’s New Groove.

TV Show: I enjoy Big Valley, really like Hogan’s Heroes and I did like the first three seasons of White Collar and Person of Interest, Person of Interest by far being my favorite crime drama show. (Announcer voice- viewer discretion advised, I grew up watching things like Indiana Jones so I don't find these shows bad or anything but that all depends on your family! Respect thy parents wishes!) I have another show I REALLY like but some episodes are naughty (especially in the English version, I watch it in it’s original language because it’s wayyyy cleaner.) so because I have younger readers I’m not going to say what it is. ;) It’s one of those shows some families are fine with and others are not, so because I don’t know who is fine with it or not I’m not gonna sayyy! ;D

Color: Blue for my horse, purple, blue and red for myself. :)

Favorite Hymn: Be Thou My Vision and Awesome God.

Favorite Contemporary Christian Song: Greater or Held or What if Your Blessings Come Through Raindrops or When Everything Falls Apart or River or… you get the picture. ;) It all depends on my mood.

Favorite Foreign Song: Either Polyushka Polye or Katyusha. I also really love Levan Polka and Cossacks Never Say Die, and Kazachok and Kasatschok Loy Loy… Too many favorites. ;D Kalinka, too!

Restaurant: Don’t really go to restaurants very much. I do like Red Robin a lot.

Books: AUGHHH!
I read my Bible every day, and though I struggle to always get something out of it I will put it down as the book I read the most.

Favorite Fiction Book: My Secret War or Daughter of Grace.

Favorite Series: The Russians

Favorite Nonfiction book: The Persecutor or A Rose for Sergei

Favorite Textbook: (yes I LOVE textbooks. I pretty much only read textbooks these days!) Sweden guidebook by easyguides or CultureShock! Russia. Both were sooo good! I do really enjoy The World Today Series, I’m working on Nordic, Central and Southeastern Europe: 2015-2016.


Feeling: Sick. :P I am super achy and have been “banished” to the basement in case I’m coming down with something. I hope not!

Single or Taken? Oh taken, definitely. By Christ. ;) Otherwise no. But I have my Dad and lots of brothers and “adopted” brothers who will scrutinize anyone who is interested in me, so be warned! ;D

Eating: Ramen so my stomach won’t feel so bad. Still fill sick...

Watching: The computer screen while I type. ;) Uhmmm I just watched a really random video about a Dane who was trying to speak Italian and the Swede is really mad at him.

Wearing: My school clothes- I teach English to foreigners on Friday mornings so I am wearing my nice, blue jeans and a colorful sweater.


Want Children? Actually, I’m going to sound like a bad future Mom for this… but I’m sort of afraid of having children? I have enough struggles getting my horse to obey, I’m a bit wary of being a Mom because I’m nervous I won’t do a good job. So the answer is yes, I’d like children someday, but not sure I am quite qualified. :P

Want to be Married?  I agree with Rebekah Eddy, this should have been first. ;) Yes- and no. I would like to get married someday and in the last year felt myself more and more attracted to the idea (I used to hate the idea of being married because I thought it was sissy.), but I also carry a sense of fear and trepidation about it due to watching unfortunate relationships between close people in my life. Also I’m just afraid of relationships in general, never been in one so I’m afraid I’d be a total nitwit in such a situation. I would like to get married, though, someday. When it’s right. :) I guess whenever God deems me to be ready I will get married. :D Matchmaking, on the other hand, I find super fun and it’s fun to match up my friends! Be warned! ;D

Careers in Mind: Well I’m already getting very good at being a housekeeper and taking care of my little sister. :) I know the obvious answer is “being a Mom and wife someday”, which is true, I want to be really good at that. As far as other careers I haven’t decided if I’d like to be a full-time ESL (English Second Language) tutor in Sweden or Russia, be a Russian/Swedish interpreter, a graphic designer or an editor. Writer goes without saying- I already am that!

Where do you want to live?
Wellll I love where I live right now, Eastern Washington is BEAUTIFUL and so much fun! So many adventures to be had here. But as far as other places… either Sweden or Russia. ;)

>>Do You Believe In:

God: Da! Ja! Si! YES! Of course. :)

Miracles: Yes. I know they’re true.

Love at first sight: Don’t ask me this. I have no idea if it’s true or not, but in my Dad’s case he saw my Mom and knew she was the one, so I guess? :D They’ve been married for over thirty-five years.

Ghosts: Ghosts- yes. Because I think ghosts are demons. O_o Super scary.

Aliens: No.
Heaven? Yes! And it will have peaches! :D

Hell: Yes. A super scary place that we shouldn’t want anyone to go to.

Kissing on the first date: Uhm no. Nyet, no, nej, nein, NO. Grosssss. ;) (I’m joking about saying kissing is "gross", that’s specifically for Rose who I am going to tag in this.) Plus I think you should save your first kiss for marriage, though that’s my personal conviction. I have friends who kissed before they got married and they felt it was fine, so I don’t believe everyone has the same conviction, but kissing on the first date? No… Scary! ;)

Yourself: Oh yes, I believe in myself! I exist! Therefore I believe in myself! ;) Other than that? I think that we should have confidence in who we are in Christ but not take pride in our “wonderfulness” because our wonderfulness is all from Christ. We are saved by grace through faith and it’s not by ourselves, it is the gift of God. Don’t get me wrong, take pride in your work but don’t kid yourself into thinking it’s all you. My thoughts on that. :)

I tag

And other Most Excellent people who want to do this tag! Because I think everyone else got tagged!

Hope you enjoyed, I enjoyed answering these questions. Thanks so much, Rebekah, for nominating me, I enjoyed answering this. :)


  1. This was SO fun to read! :) Thanks for answering! Hopefully you'll be having another vacation in this direction. B-)
    I agree with your horse on his favorite color. ;)
    I love your last nickname. :P Sounds like something one of my younger brothers/cousins would say if my name were Emily. Instead I'm usually called "Deda" or "Beda". ;)
    Thanks for taking the time to do this tag! Told you it was fun. ;)

    1. Hehehe. You understand the struggle of having your nickname be something you didn't like. ;) I used to get so mad at my brother when he called me that. Though it was true. ;) Yes, the tag was fun! Thanks for tagging me in it :D

  2. She obviously likes me best.

    1. Aichear3/11/2016

      Obviously not.

    2. Guys. Seriously. Aichear this surprises me for you, you're the oldest. And Jake, since when did you even care?? You're supposed to be easy going!

    3. See? She likes me best!

    4. Aichear3/21/2016

      I beg to differ.

  3. I agree with Rebekah...I hope you visit this-a way soon too! B-)
    I had fun reading your answers!
    Ooo, I really like My Secret War too. That was a good one! :D
    I hope you feel better really soon Emily!

    1. Me too! :D AUGHHH YOU READ THAT BOOK? It's one of my favorites. Not that many people know it, I loved it growing up. Fun fact- the gal who wrote that wrote "The Magic School Bus" series. :D Not kidding! Thanks for reading and I do feel much better today. :)

  4. I loved all your answers!! I'm glad that Rebekah tagged you and you did it. ;) It's a super fun tag!!
    I read through your list of contemporary Christian songs and immediately every single one of them started playing in my head. Those ones are all so very good. :) Oh, and do you know the story behind "What if Your blessings come through Raindrops"?
    Awww, I do hope you feel better soon! <3
    And this is really random, but I loved how you said writing was already your career! ;)

    1. Oh, and I just realized that I call you "Em". A lot. So sorry; I totally didn't know you disliked the nickname!

    2. Hahahaha Jesseca don't worry about it. ;) I'm called that by a lot of people. It's a random pet peeve I have. I do actually know the story behind raindrops, we own the book. I'm going to read it soon. :)
      Thank you, I am feeling much better today! :D Thanks for reading!

  5. This was a fun read Emily! Is your middle name Beth? Or Bethany? Just a guess. I actually can't think of any other girl names that start with a "B".
    I hope you get to feeling better soon! I was sick last week and can completely sympathize. It's NO fun!
    Be Thou My Vision! Great choice! That is one of my favorite hymns as well. I can't sing it though sadly. It's always too low!
    Oh, and I agree with both you and Rebekah. The question about marriage should come before the question about children. I thought that too. After all, if I want children I would kind-of want to be married!

    1. Hmm actually no, it's not. But good guesses. :) My middle name is one that pretty much no one will ever guess, it's rather obscure and not what you'd expect. :D I am feeling better, thank you for the well wishes. :)

      HAHAHA, exactly, you need to be married to have kids! Funny thing, at the English school I teach at, one of the students asked me, "You have chillens?" (Children.)
      I told him, "No, I'm not married."
      And one of the other tutors heard this and responded, "I like your answer." When I asked him what he meant, he responded, "You don't have to be married to have kids, you know. And yet you said you weren't married. It means you want to be married to have kids. That's a good answer."
      Then the guy tutors at the English school started suggesting guys I could date. :P I declined their suggestions. ;)

      Thanks for commenting and reading!

  6. I had fun reading your answers, Emily!
    That's so fun that you guys usually go camping in Idaho each summer! :)

    1. Yep! We enjoy it. I love camping in general. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. I enjoyed reading your answers, Emily! You made me laugh. :P Haha, my little bro loves Hogans Heroes. If I can somehow over look how unrealistic it is then it's okay. ;)
    Ahh, getting banished or quarantined or whatever you wanna call it is never fun. My family was considering doing the same to me yesterday. :P

    1. Hogan's Heroes is soooo funny! I know it's unrealistic (sooo unrealistic) but that's why it's so humorous. :D Glad you enjoyed reading and thanks for commenting!

  8. Your answers were so funny!
    I loved your answer to your best friends. :) Although, I wouldn't be so sure nobody is jealous...what about Damhan and Ciaran? ;)
    I hope you feel better soon!

    1. I am feeling much better now and have recovered nicely, yay! Thank you, Lauren, for your well wishes. :) And I honestly don't think any of the Mornellys care who my favorite character/best friend is, (with the exception of Aileen), because they're all sort of "ehhh we could care less" anyways. ;) Thanks for reading and commenting!


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