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So for the last several weeks, I have been pining away over the fact that I cannot, in fact, draw people.

As a writer this is very frustrating. I have a very visual memory and I can construct perfect pictures of my characters in my mind, but I can't draw them out! This makes for a very irritated writer who would love to do art.

Thankfully I have sisters and friends who will draw my characters for me, but sometimes I get the urge to do a little art on my own. That's when the ponies begin to form, the only thing I can legitimately draw well.

 Random pony examples. Also as you can see I was writing down things to do while I was drawing. ;)

 The first idea of Ponygrad and the ponies. First sketches of uniforms.
 Official Ponygrad uniform sketches.

 Tsar Blizzard of Ponygrad, leader of the Kazak ponies and their defender!

White Flame of Ponygrad, Tsar Blizzard's right hand man and adviser. Don't let his smile fool you- he's got a temper. ;) 

Sea Storm of Stock Home, the best viking pony that ever lived and the leader of the ponies of Stock Home!

Lion Heart of Stock Home, adviser to Sea Storm and keeper of the law! He may have had Aichear influence... ;) But he isn't Aichear! See? He has green eyes, not blue. Like Berwald. B-) (Hahaha I'm just waiting for a couple readers in particular to catch onto that reference... ;D)

Tsar Blizzard, Calamity Pen and Fury Hooves. Calamity Pen and Fury Hooves are Tsar Blizzard's guards.

Tsar Blizzard, defender of the ponies of Ponygrad. I just had to have some fun with this. ;) This is what I mean, I want to draw things like this with people but I can't, so I just draw ponies being epic instead.

And finally, because I was thinking about the Mornellys the other day...

The Mornellys as ponies! Can you guess who is who by this picture? Leave a comment in the comment selection below and tell me from right to left who everyone is! B-)

I am so proud of my new ponies and designs that it has inspired me to make more. So once more I am offering to do art commissions on ponies! Here's how it works:

1. Fill out the form below and either a) email it to me or b) post it in the comment section below.

2. I will post your pony here on the blog and on pinterest, so you can choose from the blog size or the original size how you want to download it.

3. Nothing too dark, I had a request once that wanted the pony to be kinda red and black with a scar, which I feel is too dark. So let's keep it fun. :)

3. Commission requests are free (as in I am drawing these ponies for free.) and are open until February 19th. Ponies will be posted no later than February twenty-seventh.

That's it! Very simple. :) Here's an example of the four types of ponies:

I'm looking forward to drawing ponies for you wonderful blog readers! Since I can't draw anything else, this will be a fun project. :P Plus it gives me practice and inspiration.

Have a wonderful and blessed day, thanks for reading!


TYPE (Choose from alicorn, pegasus, unicorn or earth pony):
CUTIE MARK (mark on the pony's rump, like a book, hearts, etc.):
HORN COLOR (for unicorns and alicorns only):
WING COLOR (for pegasus and alicorns only):
ACCESSORIES (glasses, weapon, etc.):


  1. Wow! Those are great ponies.
    Let's see...Aichear, Aileen, Damhan, Breandan and Ciaran, and Bran?

    1. Very, very close! Last three are not right. :) Very close! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Oh, I love all the ponies! They're all so amazing! :)

    And you did one that was Aichear/Berwald. Oh my. I saw that and I must admit that I started laughing. He's such a cute little pony. ;) I think you had fun with him. B-)

    The Mornally's. . hmm, I think it's Aichear, Aileen, Damhan, Bran, Breandan and Ciaran.

    1. Haha, I knew you'd notice that! ;) That's the problem when Aichear happens to also look a lot like that other character. ;) I did have fun with that, I was very proud of it. ;)

      And you are right with the Mornelly order! :D Great job! You know the characters well. ;)

  3. Arghh! I have almost the SAME problem! But, I CAN sort of draw people... It's just, none of mine turn out like they should... :P ;)

    But you draw such adorable ponies! I love them! :D
    It's funny, I saw Lion Heart, and instantly saw an Aichear resemblance... :P

    Ooo, Mornelly Ponies! Lets see... I'm ]think it's Aichear first, then Aileen, Damhan, Bran, Breandan, then Ciaran.

    So fun! I think I'm going to email you a commission. I need a few ponies! ;)

    1. Haha, yes, Lion Heart looks a lot like Aichear but he isn't Aichear. He's based off of another character who actually looks like Aichear, too, but he's not my character. :)

      And you are right about the Mornelly order, you got it right! Great job! You know the Mornellys well! ;) :D Thanks for commenting! I got your form and will be working on it soon. :)

  4. Here's my form! (I have the one you made me several months ago hanging in my room. This one might be added to my collection. ;)

    PONY'S NAME: Lightning B-)
    BOY OR GIRL: Boy
    TYPE (Choose from alicorn, pegasus, unicorn or earth pony): Alicorn
    BODY COLOR: Black
    EYE COLOR: Dark blue
    CUTIE MARK (mark on the pony's rump, like a book, hearts, etc.): Lightening coming from a cloud
    HORN COLOR (for unicorns and alicorns only): same as eye(s)
    WING COLOR (for pegasus and alicorns only): Same as eye(s) and horn
    ACCESSORIES (glasses, weapon, etc.): Sword if you can ;)

    Special request: Could you also draw me a Breandan pony? ;)
    Thanks for this post, I LOVE pony drawings! Wish I could draw them as good as you. Sadly, drawing is most definitely NOT my forte. B-)

    1. Got both of them down and will get to work on them soon. I can't wait to get to work! :) Haha, you draw people really well, Rebekah, so be happy. ;) I cannot draw people... ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Anonymous2/12/2016


    Omigosh, the Mornelly Ponies are the best thing I've seen all day :3

    1. Thanks Felicity! :D <3 That's special coming from you because you draw such good people. :)

  6. I love your Mornelly ponies! Could I request a couple ponys from you? I would love it if you couuld do some sort of representation of my sister characters, Jasmine and Victoria!

    1. Oh, for sure! Just email me the form for both girls so I know what you'd like them to look like, okay? Thanks for commenting! :)

  7. RingNerd2/12/2016

    I understood that reference.

  8. PONY'S NAME: summer
    BOY OR GIRL: girl
    TYPE: unicorn
    MANE/TAIL COLOR(S): green
    BODY COLOR: blue
    EYE COLOR: green
    CUTIE MARK (mark on the pony's rump, like a book, hearts, etc.): hearts
    HORN COLOR (for unicorns and alicorns only): green
    WING COLOR (for pegasus and alicorns only):

    1. Thanks Emily! These are cute. ;)

  9. I love your drawings :) They are so cute and creative! I really enjoyed this post!

    1. Thank you so much, Shai! I appreciate it. :)

  10. Anonymous2/17/2016

    If you're not too busy to do another one, I would love to get one!:D
    BOY OR GIRL: Boy
    TYPE (Choose from alicorn, pegasus, unicorn or earth pony): Earth Pony
    MANE/TAIL COLOR(S): Orange
    BODY COLOR: Tan/Brown
    EYE COLOR: Brown
    CUTIE MARK (mark on the pony's rump, like a book, hearts, etc.): Eighth note
    HORN COLOR (for unicorns and alicorns only):
    WING COLOR (for pegasus and alicorns only):
    ACCESSORIES (glasses, weapon, etc.): Poncho or Sombrero, if you can draw either of those


    1. Added to the list, I will do my best! :D

    2. Anonymous2/17/2016

      Thanks! I really like your Mornelly ponies. That's a cool idea, drawing your characters in forms that you're better at. I can't draw people either, so I'll have to try that!


    3. Thanks, KF! :D I had fun making the Mornelly ponies. ;)

  11. Nice job, Emily! Thanks for doing this! Sorry to get this in so late. If something isn't clear, just let me know. :)

    PONY'S NAME: Anne
    BOY OR GIRL: girl
    TYPE (Choose from alicorn, pegasus, unicorn or earth pony): alicorn
    MANE/TAIL COLOR(S): light brown (slightly darker than tan if possible) with a few golden highlights (same golden as used for horn and wings)
    BODY COLOR: medium brown (not too dark please)
    EYE COLOR: whatever you think looks good with the other colors. I can't visualize a hazel color, but if that would look good, then maybe that.
    CUTIE MARK (mark on the pony's rump, like a book, hearts, etc.): golden horseshoe
    HORN COLOR (for unicorns and alicorns only): golden
    WING COLOR (for pegasus and alicorns only): golden
    ACCESSORIES (glasses, weapon, etc.): maybe a small tiara if you think that would look ok. I'm having trouble visualizing it. If you don't think it would look good, just go ahead and leave it off. :D

    1. No problem, adding it to the list!

    2. Thank you so much, Emily!


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