I-6: Legend of the Mornellys- Chapter One

Mornelly Siblings. Copyright © 2015 by Ana Mae.

I-6: Legend of the Mornellys
Emily McConnell

Chapter One
In which we meet a strange family

A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away-
“We’re not from a galaxy, Damhán.”
Damhán glared up at Breandan, who was staring at the computer screen from behind. “I know that! But the reader’s didn’t, and you just ruined it for me!”
“Lying to youths. Shame on you, Damhán,” Ciarán grunted, having walked into the room and hearing part of the conversation.
Damhán growled something under his breath and swung away from the laptop. He crossed his arms and leveled his eyes. “I’m not lying, I’m embellishing. What’s the difference between a galaxy and a parallel fantasy world, anyway?”
“You call Asieopia a fantasy world? Asieopia isn’t fantasy, it’s real!” Aileen popped up from behind a couch, a book in her hand. Her green eyes snapped. She glared at Damhán. “This is a fantasy world,” she said, waving a book titled The Animun Legacy around. “I mean come on, Animuns who can turn into people? Seriously? But Asieopia isn’t fantasy. It exists!”
“Yeah, well, when you write a book and it includes another world that’s not on a different planet, it’s called fantasy,” Damhán retorted. “What a bunch of critics. Can I get to writing here or what? And I think the beginning is fine. It’s mysterious.”
“I think the beginning is a line from Star Wars, isn’t it?” Bran appeared from around a corner, a cup of coffee in his hand. He leaned against the door-frame. “It’s not very original if you take a line from someone else’s work.”
“Let me write, you guys!” Damhán groaned and thunked his head against the keyboard. “Seriously! I write the first line of our great novel and you all are on me like a pack of dogs, correcting it! Critics! Naysayers! I won’t let you stand in my way and hinder me from writing the next New York Times best selling book! See how much you laugh when my name appears as one of the best selling authors ever!
Damhán howled and put his hands over the top of his head, shaking it. “Yowwww!” He spun the chair around and glared up at Aichear. “What did you do that for?”
Aichear shrugged, newspaper rolled up in his right hand. He adjusted his glasses, bent over and peered at the computer screen. Straightening, he unfolded his newspaper and nodded to the laptop. “Plagiarism is a crime. We’re not from another galaxy. And only one percent of authors ever make it big. Now, fix the first sentence.”
He headed for the living room.
Damhán rubbed his head and moaned. “Wow. You guys are awful, you know that?”
“Fix the sentence, Damhán.” Breandan smiled. “If you’re going to start a novel, be original. Write something that only you can write. I know you could write a great book, but you need to be yourself, not George Lucas or Steven Spielberg. Okay?”
“Fine.” Damhán turned back to the laptop. He backspaced over his first sentence and re-typed- Once upon a tim-
“Way too common. Everyone uses that,” Ciarán interjected.
Damhán slapped the laptop shut. “I give up. That’s it. Thus begins and ends the great career of Damhán Mornelly, would-be New York Times best selling author and world renowned novelist. His career was hindered by the meddling of his stupid siblings.”
“So sad,” Bran called from the kitchen.
“Yes, it is!” Damhán retorted. “You guys are the reason I’ll never be famous.”
“If you noticed, we’re already legends, so you really can’t say we aren’t famous,” Aileen pointed out. She appeared from behind the couch again. “We’ve been part of folklore since the 500s. Even before.”
“Yeah. That’s us. Not me. I want to be famous.” He rolled his eyes. “You can be so childish, Aileen.”
“What? Me, childish? You’re the one acting like a spoiled teen!”
“Yeah, well, you’re telling me what to do and pretending to be wise!” Damhán retorted.
“Wow. So mature.” Ciarán glanced at the two. “You two can be so dumb.”
“Ciarán!” Damhán and Aileen turned on their older brother. “Stay out of it!”
“It’s true.”
“Ciarán, don’t be so negative,” Breandan said, returning to the lounge room. “Can’t you ever say anything positive about anyone?”
“You stay out of it,” Ciarán warned.
“Why don’t you all be quiet and stop acting like kids?” Bran sipped from his mug. “Honestly. This is almost humorous.”
“Who made you in charge?” Breandan glared at him. “I’m trying to settle this honorably.”
“Yeah, by bossing everyone.”
“So are you!” Ciarán exploded.
“Okay, new rule. Everyone be quiet and I will give each person one minute to speak,” Damhán announced.
“No way! You’re not in charge of us! You’re only seventeen!” Bran snapped.
“Oh yeah, well…”
“Don’t you get started, you’re the youngest. You’re ten.”
“Why do you keep bossing everyone?”
“Yeah, you’re acting like you’re the oldest. You’re only the second to oldest!”
“Oh, be quiet! I’ll have you know that I’m over-”
“Age doesn’t matter in a boxing match. Come on, fight me!”
“Don’t be so dumb.”
“Who are you calling dumb? Is that a challenge? Come at me, bro!”
“Augh! Seriously, why does any of this matter?”
“Be quiet!”
From the living room, Aichear folded his newspaper. The argument grew louder and more heated. If it resorted to fists and teeth, he would go in there and stop it. For now, he decided he’d prefer to stay out of the dogfight and get some more important work done.
Amidst the chaos, arguing and yelling, Aichear pulled out a pen and notebook. He clicked the pen open and wrote down in perfect penmanship- It was so long ago that even they had forgotten what it was like to live as a mortal.

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  1. I can't wait to read more!

    1. Wow! I actually wrote a short comment! But I feel like that is one of the highest compliments anyway!

    2. Thanks, Indi! Haha, knowing you, a short comment means you're flabbergasted. So yes, I do take it as a compliment. ;) Thanks for commenting!

  2. So Animuns aren't real. B-) Even Aileen said they were a fantasy!
    I LOVE this chapter. I think it's because they sound so relatable, so "normal" ;) I could read it over and over again!

    1. Well, according to THAT book, they aren't... B-) You'll see...
      I'm glad you like it! It's one of my favorite chapters as well. Though the cliff chapter that comes up in chapter three was sooo much fun to write... Haha, I could read that one over and over again. ;)
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. *Thinks up a story with fantasy characters to send after you* Your characters can be so confusing!!
      Yes!! Cliffhangers are a ton of fun to write and then give to your readers. Their reactions are so fun! B-)

    3. Haha, yes, they are confusing. Why do you think I have such a hard time keeping them from hijacking the blog??? ;)

      Oh, I actually "literally" meant a "cliff" scene. Like, with a cliff in it. Not a cliffhanger. Haha, I was really talking about a scene with a cliff that comes up in chapter three. It was hilarious to write. :)

    4. It's a literal and figurative cliffhanger ;)

  3. Wow, Emily! Great start! :) I love it. I like the sibling...rivalry. ;) George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, too funny! :p
    I've never read any fantasy, sci-fi, contemporary,...none of that. I've always preferred historical fiction or modern times/present day fiction (preferably Christian!) But I'm really enjoying this! :) again, great job!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Faith! I LOVE writing about siblings, particularly brothers because I had two older and one younger brother, plus lots of "adopted" brothers that were at my house alllll the time. (My older brothers had friends over a lot and those guys basically adopted us as little sisters. So I had lots of "brothers". ;D)
      I actually am just like you, I love historical fiction and never read/wrote anything else but that for years. The first fantasy story I did I began about two years ago. I just prefer history- which is why even in this fantasy/sci-fi/history story, it still has a ton of history in it. ;)
      Thanks for commenting!

    2. Adopted brothers, haha! I have one younger brother.
      99% of what I read and/or write is historical fiction. Usually american history. Especially ww2!!

    3. YAY! WWII is fascinating to read about. So very, very sad, but it's so neat to read the positive stories of how people came together to fight the evil in the world. WWII and the Cold War are my favorite time periods to write/read about. :)

      You and I have a lot in common. I pretty much strictly read historical fiction, and that's just about all I write as well. This Mornelly series is a new venture for me. We'll see how it pans out. ;)

    4. I LOOOOOOVE reading WW2 fiction! :-)
      Like "My Secret War" (hehe). Another good WW2 fiction is "Laura's Victory". Laura's father isn't a soldier (like Maddie's) but her older brother and her sister's boyfriend are. And she has a lot of siblings! :)
      Also (have I mentioned this before?) I'm writing, err trying to write, a WW2 fiction. It's...sad...but good too! Haha:)

      We do have a lot in common, Emily! I love meeting people with the same interest as me! :)
      So far the Mornelly's are great! ;)

    5. Ah yes, you're the one I told about "My Secret War"! I LOVE that book! I actually read about the real story of those actual German spies landing on American ground. Really interesting story. I wonder if I can find the FBI file for you...

      Found it! https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/history/famous-cases/nazi-saboteurs

      I HIGHLY recommend reading this article. It is really fascinating.

      Y'know, since you liked "My Secret War", you may like "Shadows on the Sea." I've talked to the author of that book before and I really did enjoy the book. It's based off of another spy landing, led by Erich Gimpel in 1944. I may be able to find that article for you as well...

      Found that one as well: http://www.americainwwii.com/articles/nazi-spies-come-ashore/

      I am fascinated with both spy landings and the stories behind them. Actually, Erich Gimpel, the guy from the 1944 spy landing, wrote a book. It's called "Agent 146: A Nazi Spy in America". There's a couple swear words in the book but for the most part it's really clean. Very fascinating read.

      Oh, I read "Laura's Victory". That's a good book. I've read most of those books in that series. :)

      I would be really interested in reading your WWII story! If you ever want to email it to me, feel free! I like your stories. B-) And it's sad? Now I REALLY want to read it. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

    6. Okay, have either of you seen the movie "The Scarlet and the Black"? We watched it last night and it is amazing! I was like, "I have to tell Emily and Faith about it!"
      So I thought I'd hack into your conversation ;)
      Anyway, it's a WWII film about the SS occupation of Rome and an Irish priest who is the head of an secret network that hides thousands of Jews and POW. It's an amazing movie!!

    7. There's an evil SS Colonel in it too! :)

    8. MUST. SEE! :D Thanks for telling us about it!

    9. Emily: Yep, that was me. ;)
      I haven't read these articles yet, but I'll save them and let you know when I do. :)
      I think we've discussed "Shadows on the Sea" before. I'll add it and "Agent: 146" to my 'books to look for list'.
      I love "Laura's Victory"! That's one of my favorite books EVER!!! :) I've read most of the Sisters in Time books, too.
      I'll send you part of my WW2 story sometime. Right now it's just a jumble of handwritten notes. I tried to straighten it out some last night. Eventually I'll go through all of it and type it up! ;)

      Jesseca: Welcome to the conversation! Haha, lol! :) I looked up "The Scarlet and the Black", it looks really good! :) I really want to see it...soon! ;)

      I can't remember if we've discussed this before. Have either of y'all saw the movie "Beautiful Dreamer"? It's an AMAZING movie with a 'WW2 and right after' setting. :)
      The title sort of threw me off at first, but it's great! :D

    10. Okidoki! I found both articles to be very fascinating. I enjoy reading about the espionage side of WWII, it's quite interesting.

      Yay! Can't wait to read your story! I'm excited. :) I haven't seen that movie but I'll add it to my list! :)

    11. I haven't seen it either, but I looked it up and it sounds amazing!

    12. It's soo good. I could watch the ending over...and over...and over... ;)

  4. Wow, you've certainly got a knack for really great writing there Emily! ;D
    I could almost hear me and MY sisters kinda bantering like that... :P ;)
    I can't wait to read more!
    Gee, I kinda feel for you Damhan. I have the same problems with writing sometimes! Must be a 17 year-old thing... ;)

    1. Thank you, Megs! I think all of us who have siblings are familiar with arguments like this... I know we've had them in our house. ;)

      Oh yeah, that's right! I guess you and Damhan are the same age. :) Well, he is glad to have an ally on his side- he kinda feels like he's all alone, what with Aileen being so much younger than him and him being the youngest of the brothers. Maybe you can be his friend. ;)

      Thanks for commenting!

  5. Sure, I'll be his friend! ;D
    Besides, us poor picked on wanna-be writer peoples should stick together, huh Damhan? ;)
    Oh yeah, Emily! I got to meet Mrs. Marlow today at a homeschool conference! :D :D

    1. Damhán Mornelly6/19/2015

      FINALLY! Someone who truly appreciates and understands what it's like to be an unappreciated person. THANK YOU, Megs, for being so understanding. I will have to make sure I get you assigned as my charge so I can be your imaginary character. Hardly anyone seems to agree with me on anything...

    2. Oh, how cool is that! I'll bet you really enjoyed meeting Mrs. Marlow. Isn't she so great? I've met her several times now and I just love spending time with her. :) What did you two talk about? She probably remembered you from the blog, right? I'd assume she did. :) I'm so glad you got to meet her!

    3. *Just noticed Damhán's comment*
      *Aichear, standing over my shoulder, glances at comment* "I'm on it."
      (My IWST (Imaginary World Security Team) is having trouble keeping characters off my blog...)

    4. Damhan: Oh, that would be cool to have you as my imaginary character! Thanks! :D ;)

      Emily: Yeah, it was cool getting to finally meet her! She's lots of fun! (And Mr. Marlow is really nice too!) Well, sadly we didn't really get to talk to her much, (it was kinda crazy there!) But we (me and my sis Kai) got our picture taken with her, and she said that she'll post the pic on the Andi blog tomorrow! :D
      We got the next book Heartbreak Trail from her too! Can't wait to read it. :) (and we also finally got the Goldtown books too! Oh, and I LOVE your sister's illustrations.)

      Aichear: Hey, don't be too hard on Damhan! ;)

    5. Well, I guess it's okay if Damhán is your guardian... but just to warn you, he is very wild and he may get you in a lot of trouble. Particularly if he decides to watch over you when you're younger- he can be a bad influence. ;)

      Yay! I can't wait to see the picture! I'll bet it's so cool! I'm so glad you got to meet her. Yes, both she and Mr. Marlow are very nice. I am so blessed to have had her as my teacher several years ago when she was still teaching. It was a blast. :)

      I'll tell Missie you like her pictures! She'll be pleased to hear that. Isn't she wonderful at art? She just drew this really cool Aichear picture for me... I'll have to post it sometime. :)

      Aichear says he's not too hard on Damhán, he's doing what's good for him. ;)

  6. Wow. LOVE. IT!! Can't wait for more!

    MORE...MORE...MORE...MORE...*stumbles around like a statue turned alive by sunbeams*
    Oookay. I'm normal again...been watching too many sci-fi shows lately, lol!

    ~Lydia~ <3

    1. Glad you liked it so much, Lydia! If you didn't get a chance and if you want to know more about the Mornellys, I recommend the character spotlights that Aichear wrote. Only if you want to, though. I just thought they were fun. :)

      I think you're going to like where this story is headed... B-) Thanks for commenting!

    2. Just read them. Awesomeness!
      Aichear is good at describing people. He should do it more often.

      ~Lydia~ <3

    3. I think Aichear is a wonderful person with descriptions. He says thank you for your kind comment. :) He's so good with all things literary. We have some interesting conversations. ;)

    4. You are welcome, Aichear. ;)

      ~Lydia~ <3

  7. Wonderful first chapter! I can't wait to read the next one! Also, I really enjoyed the drawings! It is so fun to have a picture along side a character description. Great job!

    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying it thus far, Shai! Ana Mae did a fantastic job on the character art. It's fun having friends and family who can draw- my older sister, Melissa McConnell, is a illustrator so she does the realistic illustrations. Rachel Moran, a friend of mine, does beautiful portraits, so I use those for character spotlights. Ana Mae does tons of cartoon and Anime stuff and she can whip it up for me real fast, so I often use her when I need a drawing real quick. :) They're all soooo talented!

      Thanks for commenting! I think everyone is going to like this story... I know I had fun writing it! :D


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